Great case with enough room to fit everything.2/16/2020 9:30:46 PM

Pros: Computer Build: -Cooler Master 500M -Intel i9-9900K -Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi -GeForce RTX 2070 -Cooler Master Master Liquid 240 -WD Black 1TB M.2 (under the heat sink positioned below the radiator pump) -WD Black 2TB HDD (in upper sled) -4 each 1TB SSDs (2 mounted on the back and 2 in the lower sled mounted on a SSD bracket) -Kingston HyperX Fury 32GB (2x16GB) -EVGA 850 G3 Power Supply Pros: -Everything was easy enough to go in. -Nice options for different fan sizes to use on front and top of case. -The handle is a nice touch. If you hold the handle and the lip on the back where the IO shield is, then it makes it a little easier to carry around. -Screw mounted in glass are easy to tighten and loosen with just fingers.

Cons: Con: -(An egg came off for the con) The 2 sled trays for SSDs or HDDs has a very small opening in the back that is only big enough for access to the SATA Power and SATA DATA Plugs. The access cut out only gives the TOP sled position enough room for 1 HDD or 1 SSD and the BOTTOM sled can fit another HDD or install a SSD bracket into the sled so you can have 2 SSDs on each other. I really with there was the ability to move the sled tray box forward, but it is not possible because the back wall gets in the way. You can unscrew the sled box and remove it. -The fans are RGB and NOT ARGB. I bring this up since I've seen some newer products say RGB and have actually been ARGB, giving you more options with lights. Don't get me wrong, the lights do have some options with the MasterPlus program, but you can't get crazy with some of the options you can when the fans are ARGB. -There is no option for a 140mm fan in the back of the case, only 120mm. The case comes with a 120mm non-RGB fan in this spot.

Overall Review: Overall I've been able to fit everything I've wanted wanted to in this case, but the cutout for the front sled cage could REALLY be bigger to fit cables through and help some with cable management.

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Good Ram, Bad Fan7/20/2019 3:52:48 PM

Pros: -It's July 20, 2019 and my computer can still play any game out there. I'm not on Ultra settings or anything but they are still going strong for me. Although I am working on upgrading my whole system now just because I want to update everything.

Cons: -Fan died on me maybe 2 years after I got this kit. It starting making all kinds of noises. Whenever I got around to trying to send it back, I had been told it was outside a warranty time frame or it wasn't even covered....I don't remember. Main point, I wasn't given a replacement.

Overall Review: At the time these were good ram. I didn't really know anything about computers in 2007, but now I wonder why they did 3 sticks when everything is in singles or pairs....oh well.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great cage for some extra air flow.1/4/2014 12:17:53 PM

Pros: I bought this cage because I have a Cooler Master Haf-X XL-ATX (Blue fan light edition) and 3 of the front slots I don't use so I wanted to put a fan in the place of them and this worked out GREAT. I don't have any hard drives in this cage, even though I could. I just use it for more air flow. I love that it has a filter on it. The price isn't that bad either. It was a great buy.

Cons: Only real issues I had with this, if I had to say anything, was that you have to completely take the front section apart if you want to really clean the filter off thoroughly. Also, it would be nice if the fan was a little easier to replace since it's held on with plastic push-pins that could break. With there was a way to use screws. Maybe you can and I missed that. (I talk about how to swap out the fan in the "Other thoughts")

Overall Review: I've been looking around and have not seen ANYONE that has changed the fan on this cage so I just did it myself and I hope this helps anyone that needs it. I got in a Corsair AF120mm fan and just replaced the fan it comes with. I lost the light of the old fan, but got a LOT of air flow now. There are 2 screws on on both sides of the case that holds on the front black cover. Then there are plastic push-pins that are holding on the fan. You push the middle of the pin out from the back side allowing you to pull out the whole pin and releasing the fan. You just do everything in revers and you have a new fan in your cage. JUST MAKE SURE you take your time on the plastic pins so that you don't brake them. Sorry I didn't take pictures or do a video to help anyone that needs it. I thought I should have when I finished since I have NEVER seen anyone that has posted how to replace the fan.

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Beautiful Fan4/9/2012 10:20:20 AM

Pros: -Beautiful Fan. -Very Bright. -I love how the Intel logo lights up as well. -I put a COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20AC-GP 120mm Blue on the other side of the radiator to keep with the blue theme and to complete the push/pull configuration.

Cons: -Instructions were just pictures and not even very good pictures at that. If I was going to take away an egg it would be because of this since it could cause people that this was their first coolant fan installation to have problems.

Overall Review: -I was able to go online and find a YouTube video that Intel has put out SHOWING step-by-step directions on how to install this coolant fan, just in case I missed something. -Here is the link to the video to help anyone that might need it:

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3/28/2012 3:07:07 PM

Pros: -Big, bright fans. -Quiet

Cons: -Color says blue, but it could be taken as looking purple. I've seen this will all of my other Cool Master fans, of different sizes, as well. -Does NOT come with the longer screws that would be placed through both mounting holes. Only the smaller screws. I needed the longer screws when I was trying to mount this fan to the extra fan slot on my COOLER MASTER HAF X Blue Edition RC-942-KKN3 Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower. Luckily the case came with a few extra longer screws I needed,

Overall Review: -Only took away one egg because the fan did not come with longer screws as well that might be needed, like I needed them. Otherwise great fans.

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Mostly Great....Some Not So Great2/12/2012 8:18:49 PM

Pros: -It is a GREAT case!!!! -Lots of room to work. -Nice Big side fan w/ air duct to funnel air onto graphics cards. 1 or 2 people said it was a tight fit, but I have 2 EVGA GeForce GT580 cards and I have NO PROBLEM with some room between the funnel and the cards too. -Side panels are made out of really nice material. VERY strong. -When motherboard was on standard settings, fans run VERY quiet. -I liked how easy it is for the side panels to swing open. NOTE: The side panels are NOT attached like it may look like in the display pictures. They will MOST LIKELY fall off if you try just leaving it swung out like the picture they give. -Power supply cover is nice for cable maintenance to make case look cleaner at the bottom. -You can (I did) put a 120mm fan in the air duct that covers your graphics cards pulling more air from the front.

Cons: -All little items. Not enough to suggest any other case. -Cut out window for the back of motherboard only gives room to show half of where my processor back plate would be. If I needed to get to the back of my motherboard I would have to take it out. -If you buy a second fan for the top there is a tight fit for the wiring from the top ports. (It is do-able though. I did it.) It would be better if they move the position for the forward fan back a little or move the hole where the wires from the top ports come down forward some. -It would GREAT if the side bays had a daisy chain type set-up like the Thermaltake LvL 10 so you wouldn't have to worry about wiring your hard drives. -If you use the air duct to funnel air to your graphics cards it will only cover 3 cards so you know. -Both side panels are NOT the best fit at the bottom where you use thumb screws. Top ones go in easy. Bottom holes could be a little bigger and I don't think one of the holes is drilled straight.

Overall Review: -My rig in this case: -ASUS Rampage IV Extreme -Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Sandy Bridge-E 3.3GHz LGA2011 -2X EVGA GeForce GTX580 3GB 384-bit SLI Video Cards -Kingston HyperX 240GB SATA SSD (stand-alone drive) -Corsair Dominator GT 12BG w/ Air Fan Model -Extra Cooler Master megaflow 200mm Blue LED Case Fan -2X Cooler Master 120mm Blue LED Case Fan -Intel Liquid-Cooled Thermal Solution for the LGA2011 Socket -XFX ProSeries 1250w Power Supply

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Once Was Good1/7/2012 3:00:11 PM

Pros: I purchased this board in 2008 and it was once a great board. It went strong for about 2yrs and I never had any problems. With my set-up, I have been able to play basically every MMO and FPS I have come across.

Cons: I understand 2 yrs for some people with the same rig is a long time, but I'm just letting everyone know this....After 2 yrs my computer has continued to randomly freeze up or not even sense that certain hard drives are even connected. I know my hard drives were not infected with anything because I had wiped and reinstall everything and then while booting up, in the bios, it would show there was no hard drive. I am now on my 3rd drive because this continues. Also, when the computer is actually working, everything will start to, randomly, freeze up. 1st the screen and then the mouse and then the only way to turn off the computer to restart it is by manually pushing the power button. After about a year or so, on the bios screen when I turn on the computer, after it reads what hard drives I have connected it also does not continue to the next screen automatically. It will stop and say No Floppy Disk Detected (error 40). I have reinstalled the bios and nothing works to fix this.

Overall Review: For a while this board was great, but now it constantly freezes up at random times and it's cr*p. I'm currently working on putting together a whole new rig. The way my computer is constantly freezing up now and I have had to install new hard drives....the only reason I gave this board 1 egg is because I had to give it something. I wasn't even going to give it that.

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