Great for the price I got them...good for the 120-100 range12/27/2012 2:12:28 PM

Pros: Boot is fast. No way to complain about a 2 second to LightDM for login and 2 second for Kubuntu to fully load. My old WD Caviar Black from 2008 took 20 total in it's best time and mostly took 30+. No noise, less heat, less power usage. Most file movements don't even get to estimating time as they finish before that. 3 year warranty is great considering most HDDs are going 1 year or less.

Cons: Wondering what happened to the 503 firmware update as their site tells me there isn't one anymore so I'm hoping that the 502 firmware mine came with will be OK. Having to stick with SATA2 limits from my mobo holding this drive back. 3k rated life for their MLC (which as others point out is still for more than a consumer should worry about). Sandforce, I know they're past those dark early days...but I still worry about the controller being a problem. Worrying about alignments and TRIM. TRIM was easy to set in Linux but the whole alignment thing is still confusing and not easy to know if set up right or not in Linux. Wish they made their toolbox thing work with Linux but I can't expect too much can I? The mounting bracket doesn't work well with my HAF912 case and the screwless setup but with the case's included 2.5" to 3.5" bracket adapter things worked out. Just with I had another for my 2nd HyperX as it is sitting in the box until I find some way to get it in. Programs didn't seem to load too much faster...maybe 1-4 seconds tops but that might have to do more with Linux being better at preloading than I thought.

Overall Review: Even 3k MLC is fine since some are moving onto TLC (like in flash drives or Samsung's 840 non-pro models) it's not so much what the nand is rated for in P/Es as much as how well the controller can manage the writes/erases; whether the drive is aligned (helps with limiting writes WIN7/8 should do this for you IIRC), and TRIM (again WIN7/8 should do this for you). Well, I'll post back if things go south. Until then this was 64 (120 total for the 2 I got) bucks well spent.

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Some worries9/10/2012 6:08:36 PM

Pros: Fastest $400 laptop most people have ever encountered even in the pathetic OEM Windows image crippled with bloatware. Works really well with Gnu/Linux (dig around another reviewer on here posted how to get backlight controls working as that was the only minor issue) where it's even faster than with Windows. 4.5lbs is better than the 6.5/7lbs my old G50VT-X5 was.

Cons: Has the defective ports problem as it confirmed by Acer (on their website). Crossing my fingers that they didn't somehow use the effected ports (2-5 as mentioned on their website). Time will tell on that. Battery is going to wear out fast because you really can't remove it to avoid the two worse things for a battery...heat exposure and charging cycles. All of those don't worry me as much though as my left screen to chassis hinge bending slightly outwards all of the sudden. Not sure what is up with that (heat warping?) but I don't have the luxury of sending it in right now as I'm a student and this is my only school machine. Again crossing finger it will last at least until winter break or longer.

Overall Review: At $400 this thing is still excellent. There's just always risks when you purchase from "the bottom of the bin" so if you get this just make sure you've got some kind of back ups (that goes for any computer really). Shouldn't be a problem but it is there.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
It doesn't like me2/14/2011 8:13:10 PM

Pros: Good quality output and decent mic and webcam combo setup. For the basic skype user crowd I can't think of much that is in the price range that comes close but I didn't look to hard.

Cons: Thing seems to turn off every 5mins or less when I'm on skype and I don't know why or how to stop it. It was really frustrating but I'm kind of used to it now. I'm going to check and see if I missed something during the install but this should be noted as unacceptable performance.

Overall Review: Hoping that I'm the only suffering this little problem.

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For 20 bones it's tough to beat2/14/2011 8:07:46 PM

Pros: The size is almost a perfect balance all around. I'm rather pleased with how easy it is to type on this keyboard without too much problems or too much fatigue.

Cons: Like everyone else has stated this is one of the loudest keyboards I've encountered. But, I honestly don't care because it's not really all that loud anyway.

Overall Review: The only part of this thing that I question in build quality are the two legs for it. They seem so flimsy yet they don't flex when I'm typing. All in all, for $20 and even 25 this keyboard was tough to beat. Definitely a recommendation with one reminder. Every keyboard does take a little while to adjust to. For me it was one day with this thing.

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Why is Sony going against Fusion's purpose?2/8/2011 8:01:56 PM

Pros: Less than 4 pounds. Unlike the Acer model circulating it's actually in the intended form factor for Fusion APUs.

Cons: While the form size is proper unlike the Acer model being offered. Sony and other manufacturers seem to desire sabotaging AMD's Fusion launch. This example is done by giving this model both a measly 3500mAh battery and then feeling like they can just raise the price to where it is no longer competitive. Above 400USD the Fusion platform can not compete and it wasn't meant to. Why Sony feels like creating a flop is beyond comprehension.

Overall Review: So far no one has delivered on what Fusion should be and it's disappointing. Fusion was meant to compete with (and trounce) Intel's Atom line up. But, no manufacturer is giving it that chance. Fusion is not as slow as Atom; but compared to what else can be had at this price range within this size it will not compete.

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Why get a wifi card when you can use this.1/30/2011 8:19:08 PM

Pros: Great performance without needing a driver. Saved me the trouble of worrying about whether I'd have wifi in linux.

Cons: Do have to read the manual and follow the direction on setting it up or you'll suffer later. Did have to stop using my wireless mouse though since the old mouse bleeds into the 2.4GHz band. I liked the mouse but I guess I'll have to find another.

Overall Review: Read the manual and did the setup. Finished in 10 minutes or less. No problems so far.

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The best case I've ever had1/30/2011 8:15:02 PM

Pros: Size. Fan options. Removable HDD cages. Filters.

Cons: Didn't include all the fans I wanted?

Overall Review: Best I could find for the price. I have a decent amount of room even with having an oversized GTX275 in it.

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AMD is king of the sane price range.1/30/2011 8:11:33 PM

Pros: 3GHz quad core at 99USD. This chip really should make all dual cores obsolete.

Cons: Don't hold your breath on hitting 4GHz with this chip. 3.5-3.8 are about best to expect.

Overall Review: I remember spending 250 on a q6700 back 2 years ago. This thing is better. Only slightly regret not getting a 955 but that's simply because of OCing. For a general consumer there is no reason to look beyond this.

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Avoid like the plague1/4/2011 6:38:52 PM

Pros: Great SATA placement. Neat colors?

Cons: Well, after one week this board has magically started having problems when my bluray drive is connected to it. If connected through the eSATA port then I will have little if any internet functionality. If connected to the USB port it's a little better but still only half of without the drive connected in terms of speed. What good is a board if you can't connect anything without it screwing up like that? The audio from VIA is beyond lackluster to be kind.

Overall Review: Maybe I got bad luck but this makes me doubt Asus for mobos. I recommend staying away from this one if you can.

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LLC and RAM hating mobo12/30/2010 10:10:05 PM

Pros: Works out of the box, jumper free BIOS, excellent placement of the SATA connectors(why don't all boards put the SATA connectors away from the PCIE slots where your massive GPU will go?). If you don't overclock its good. When you plug in a GPU it automatically sets it to being the first display device (hurray for not having to change things manually for that). I'm tempted to give it a 1 but to be fair, it's failures to do things beyond what is stated aren't it's problem so it gets an OK 3 for being what it is and nothing more.

Cons: LLC this used to be just a problem with Intel boards but it's here and it's horrible. Further, this board has the worst voltage fluctuations ever if you set them yourself. RAM should be compatible but even at the RAM's rated speeds this board doesn't get along well. And there's billions of RAM settings for some reason. Plus it magically took 1MB from my RAM and decided not to give it back. Things that you don't know in the BIOS are either skipped or not explained in the manual. This is what LLC does (example when trying to OC to 3.6GHz with an x4 640): set 1.5 in BIOS for CPU voltage LLC at 100%: 1.5 idle voltage; 1.3 from p95 load and crash after one minute LLC at Auto/51%: 1.5 idle voltage; 1.41 under stress no crash after 10mins LLC at 0%/off: 1.5 idle voltage; 1.57 under stress no crash but canceled p95 because exceeding safe voltage occurred. With default settings my 1.33 default CPU Idles at 1.3 and hits 1.38 at load.

Overall Review: The voltage fluctuations and LLC make it impossible to recommend this as an OCing board. Also, it's a little much for something not capable of OCing and too much for a general user's needs unless they really want the onboard GPU.

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Concerned12/28/2010 8:07:38 PM

Pros: Decent OCing controls and good price.

Cons: Internal system time is going crazy. The time for POST is 30 seconds or longer. Rather unhappy with that. There seems to be a mouse lag issue as well that indicates an unstable system. I had that problem before I ever attempted to OC. If these problems don't go away soon I may just have to refund.

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Beats a Mac Air12/4/2010 5:27:27 PM

Pros: 4GB of RAM with a high cached CPU massive HDD and Bluray capable IGP inside a laptop that's almost as small as a netbook? And the battery life? What's not to like?

Cons: OEM Windows. Win7 is fine on this machine, but since I don't game on it I just put Kubuntu on it and have been free of paying for bloated OSs and expensive outdated software. The price of this machine does hurt but hey, it's pretty good stuff for the size of the machine.

Overall Review: For this type of computer why bother with windows?

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Not bad for the price7/10/2010 9:27:24 PM

Pros: 336 CUDA cores and decent clock frequencies will make it decent in the performance aspect. May actually perform better than even a 270 or GTX280/285 with less power requirements. Early leaked reviews put it beating the 5830 in certain games. DX11 for Nvidia cards at a lower price.

Cons: $200 is still more than it should be if it can't outperform all of the generation 1 GTX200s. Since the GTX465 loses to the 5830 in certain games, I expect this one will lose in those games as well.

Overall Review: EVGA has a solid reputation and generally good support, warranties, and policies to keep a base(trade up was a nice one). If you're coming from the GTX200s then this will not seem like a huge jump. Like the 465, the drivers are going to be under performing but usually pick up fast within the next two updates. Check which games you have/want to play and see how they do on this card so you truly get the best bang for the buck.

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Update5/5/2010 2:09:21 PM

Pros: 6-10hrs batt life, plenty fast for anything of non multimedia nature. Can make 2GHz stable(though it doesn't shut down well). Win7 Starter(I'll explain why in other thoughts). As a school only machine I can't see a fault with it. So parents looking to make sure their kid is only capable of doing papers or school work and save money on a machine; this is the ticket. It even has a program for website blocking. Overall, great as a work machine.

Cons: Preloaded junk is unbearable for the most part. You only need to keep the Super Hybrid Engine software, Live Update and a few other ASUS programs as they're useful and have a small footprint. No real way to back up the system for a default reboot if you needed too. Finally, there is the great slap to the face feeling when you buy this model and they release one with the Broadcom chip(For HD playback) a week later, but oh well.

Overall Review: Win7 Starter has turned out better than I thought, the reasons are simple, it is striped of A LOT of useless code that exist in the other versions. I don't know why anyone would want to put another version on here as Win7 Pro on my laptop with 4GBs of RAM uses between .8-1GB at idle with many services disabled. And on here, it was just to slow for me to bother keeping(idled at 50% CPU usage). So if you want something else besides starter, look at EEEbuntu, SLAX(this is an epic linux which can run entirely from RAM), UNR or something else.

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Eeexcellent-4/15/2010 11:28:48 PM

Pros: With the right settings this thing made 14hrs on a full charge. It's faster than my G50 out of sleep and cold start. Typing a paper, surfing, and listening to music at the same time is not a problem for the Atom to Tab between them. 4-6hrs depending on settings for constant high use on WIFI. Touchpad is similar to touch interfaces on tablets or phones and super easy to use. Overall fast and responsive if you remember that you can't do HD on it past 15FPS avg(at best). and won't do any gaming past 2D and some CS.

Cons: Half of the Asus software was corrupted and wouldn't work. Deleted most and may delete the others. The Hybrid engine drained more than the window's power options alone. This was dissapointing since the Power 4Gear on my G50 works extremely well at doubling battery life. Battery life when running music plummets IE 3hrs just typing or minor websurfing becomes 1.5hrs with music playing. Takes me almost 40mins on High Power settings to go from 10%-5% batt so I could recharge the thing. Also no recovery or backup partition data and the speakers seem to be set up backwards such that what should be the left speaker comes out the right one exct. Maybe a driver issue so I'm crossing fingers here.

Overall Review: Glad I waited a year for the tech to update from the old N200 Atoms. The batt life for those was good, but now I truly can go a day off a single charge without worrying if the thing will die. Finally going to try some Linux with this thing to see what that will do for it. Overall its a great buy. I just wish I could have all of my text books stored in this thing so I didn't have to carry them.

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Better than Vista but not perfect2/11/2010 12:04:07 AM

Pros: Less resource usage than Vista(DWM still haunts me). Slightly better looking and better layout with overall better GUI setups. Replaced Vista. Overall the best Microsoft has made post 95

Cons: They attempted to make it idiot proof and as a result made every idiot think it was killing their laptop battery(which it is definitely not, simply warning them about their batteries degrade progress). LOL, look it up its funny how stupid people are. The other example is the guy complaining about DX9(which I'm scratching my head about since 7 is DX10/11 based). If you have a GPU(video card) of either the HD3000 to 5000series or the Nvidia 8000 to 9000 and GT(S/X) series then you don't need a new card and 7 will work fine. And why the hell is UAC still on by default?

Overall Review: Outside of attempting to make it idiot proof and still being a little more of a hog than XP(remember the days when everyone whined about how XP ate their resources?), this is the Windows to get now. I just wish they gave the Alpha and Beta testers free copies.

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Excellent so far12/7/2009 12:30:37 AM

Pros: Was/still is cheap for the performance. The up convert thing was a nice surprise(wasn't sure if that is common in all drives) as it makes dvds better looking(though not enough to make bluray versions pointless). It's plenty fast for reading the data from cd/dvd/bd. Haven't tried writing yet(will change rating if it doesn't meet spec)

Cons: the included software needed to watch bluray(PDVD7) isn't as great as MPC but bearable. haven't tried all the included software out yet but some of it seems pointless/redundant.

Overall Review: Mine came with cables, software, manuals, and even screws. The only thing missing was the box. But I couldn't care about that missing. All in all a great buy.

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Format, Label Properly, Works wonders2/23/2009 4:21:09 PM

Pros: FAST, Silent, and more than enough space for me. Not much else can be said.

Cons: Wasn't Pre-formated?

Overall Review: You need to 1)Format the drive 2) Label it properly ie E: or G: exct. (trust me I messed this up and the blasted thing wouldn't show up until I gave it drive letters) 3) Then install an OS or put data on it. 4) Enjoy

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Updated Info2/18/2009 7:33:45 PM

Pros: When you get both sticks to work its worth the hassle of the rebate. Can OC up to 949MHz with stock timings. At 800MHz (400x2 as DDR2 stands for Data Double Rate 2 if I recall correctly) and stock voltage or even 1.8 you can cut the timings down to 4-4-4-13.

Cons: My first set was DOA. The rebate process is a little annoying.

Overall Review: 4GBs and all current OS's run like they were meant to. Curious about why the newer revisions run at 1.9volts but they still work at 1.8 just fine.

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One Dead stick and WTH shipping2/9/2009 8:44:11 PM

Pros: Modest RAM with a decent price after the rebate. Runs at 1.8 volts just fine. Lifetime warranty(trust me this will be a good thing for you).

Cons: First set was one good stick and one DOA, guess its the common thing with these sticks. The mail in rebate is for a debit card? Wow. And the shipping changed handlers three times?! I live in northern CA and this shipped from southern CA and spent three days changing shipping companies. Well, I guess that's the price of free shipping.

Overall Review: Best settings I've had and seen are 4-4-4-12 at rated speed and have made it up to 5-5-5-15 at around 970, which seems to be the limit for the chips. But hey, when they work they're pretty decent.

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With knowledge1/29/2009 10:57:07 AM

Pros: DIRT CHEAP! For an uATX board this thing is quite capable given you know what you're doing in OCing. I have a q6700 running at 3.1 with this thing and it is much faster than my 6400+ system. Its more than adequate for the average user and with its price I see no reason why more people wouldn't use it.

Cons: If you have a yorkfield or 1333(333) FSB cpu this board with not OC for you. I'm sorry to say that but 1333(333) is pretty much the limit with this board, though some say (342 or 352) is. This board lacks the voltage controls that I know are required for me to OC anymore than I have. Also, the IDE, front audio, and SATA ports are poorly placed. That's about it though. Maybe the flash of the BIOS for the cpus but that's not really a problem.

Overall Review: It has the right price for the performance.

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Excellent12/7/2008 4:24:13 AM

Pros: Fast at stock settings, OCing is good with a GO version. More than enough to meet today's everyday usage and gaming.

Cons: Still above 200

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In response to the idoit with Cosair 1066 RAM9/24/2008 5:00:23 PM

Pros: This mobo as far as the manufacturer claims, is compatible with any AM2/AM2+ CPU up to 140Watts which means that you can use it with the Phenom 9950 140W or 6400+ 125W(which is what I have, and have had a tough time finding a micro board capable of that). It only works with DDR2 1066 RAM if have a AM2+ CPU, which is stated here several times. Also you should research what chips for what speeds are ok, as Corsair Dominator 1066 are not on the list which is listed as QVL download on the manufacturer product page(hence the other guys problems). Overall, this is the board I'm banking on when I get the money since I don't need the onboard video.

Cons: Idiots who don't research the products they are buying and then complain about the company being at fault. Do your research first and then complain when its a justified reason. 8gig max RAM load, hybrid SLI only works with 9800GT, 9500GT, 9800GTX, 9800GX2 and not my 8800GT. Oh and with AM2 CPU's HT of 3200Mhz is the norm, not 5200 which is only with AM2+.

Overall Review: I just need to get some extra money and can finally have a MOBO that works with my 6400+ hopefully.

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Best Bang for Buck3/24/2008 8:51:10 AM

Pros: With a 512MB Vram and 256 bandwidth this thing delievered where the 8600 did not. So glad I went with E*GA because I was able to step up from the lacking 86 to this marvel. And where the 86 could only clock stable 50Mhz beyond normal(both core and memory) this thing gives me SSC settings no problem(700 core/1000 memory) and delievers amazing performance. Heck I might be able to get 720/1020 stable with some luck. Plus E*GA's Akimbo cooler add-on could even increase into high 700s core(I wonder if 800 would be hoping to much).

Cons: The default fan as countless people have said is below what it should be at(29% instead of 50%). The fan originaly also made a whining noise that I could not physically fix yet this strangely went away after updating the card BIOS from E*GA's website. At high speeds(80%+) it makes a noticable amount of noise and I worry that the fan may go before anything else.

Overall Review: Overall this is the best card for the price and paired with a decent cpu(2.4Ghz dual core or above) should give you amazing performance. I finally was able to play Crysis on all High settings(no AA though) with only shadows on meduim and particles on low. Which beats my friends 3*70 as it can't run at these settings.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Excellent Game, Horrific Bugs3/6/2008 10:12:46 PM

Pros: The game when it worked was better looking than its 360 conterpart and was quite entertaining. If it wasn't for the following issues then it would have earned a 5.

Cons: However, this version has been completely slaughtered with the 20+ different kinds of problems its had. First it won't instal if you have a samsung DVD/CD drive, there are over half the copies defective(I gave up after a third replacement wouldn't work), the three main bug fixes which are required for vista to work, windows live, poor/constant loading times(unless you have a raptor HD), just another example of bad porting.

Overall Review: Epic's own CEO made this comment about the game for the pc when asked about it "(Gears of War for the pc)...I didn't know we made it." I mean that should pretty much sum it up. An execellent game slaughtered on delivery. NOT WORTH IT!!!

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