I collect mechanical keyboards and own six now. This may be my favorite of the bunch.3/1/2016 4:47:34 PM

Pros: - Genuine Cherry MX switches - most other "bargain" brands have gone to knock-offs, including the folks at Das Keyboard and another popular brand for cheap mechanical keyboards with a "single price" - Great "minimalist" design with traditional-looking key caps. the new "single price brand" boards have this awful looking font as well as non-cherry switches - Braided cable - Beautify (and heavy) metal back plate - choice of all four major switches (the "single price brand" doesn't offer a "brown" version) - N-key rollover and 6-key rollover over USB - my old Model Ms are limited to 2-key rollover

Cons: - Detachable cable - would brefer a non-breakout cable with an adapter rather than separate cables. the connection looks sturdy but I've heard stories about broken connectors on the V1 version. I just don't see the need for a detachable cable, especially with an obsolete (mini-usb) connector - for some reason, I cannot get into the BIOS on my computer when this keyboard is connected via PS/2. it works fine when connected via USB, and my Model Ms with native PS/2 connectors also work. If anyone knows anything about this issue, let me know. It's a mystery, but I just leave the thing connected via USB. I don't need NKRO, i got by with 2KRO for a long time, so 6 is more than enough. - No blank option (like das keyboard ultimate) - no tenkeyless options

Overall Review: I collect mechanical keyboards. I like to snag old Model Ms off auction sites and from other folks who are "getting rid of old equipment". That's how I originally got bitten by the "mechanical" keyboard bug. These days I find I prefer keyboards with a Windows key, given that's the environment I spend most of my time. Originally I bought a Unicomp Model M, so I could have the best of both worlds. While the Unicomp was okay, the keys were really stiff (even compared to old model Ms) and it eventually died on me - no idea how it happened. So I decided to try some Cherry MX-based boards. My first one was a MX Blue from that "single price" brand, still have it and really like it. The click sound is a bit much, though, and more shrill than on Model Ms. Decided I wanted to try an MX brown board for home use, where I type and also game. I now have two MX blue boards (one in regular use) and this MX brown board, along with all my Model Ms. The Rosewill is my favorite keyboard of the bunch right now. It is just a joy to type on, great combination of features, genuine Cherry MX switches, fantastic minimalist design, and that red metal backplate is just one of the most satisfying, subtle detains I've ever seen. I'm tempted to buy more of these boards and put them on every computer I use regularly.

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After first bad stick, no complaints10/9/2008 9:36:53 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, functional, better timing than stock RAM in my MacBook. All four gigs recognized, and working.

Cons: First set ordered had a bad stick. These things happen, but I docked it a point as a result.

Overall Review: I had my first experience returning an item to NewEgg. Overall, I'm happy about with the quick and hassle-free process. Tip: If you own a MacBook, I recommend enabling hibernatemode 0 to enable the legacy sleep mode. The "Safe Sleep" mode which is the default will write the entire contents of RAM to the disk before sleeping, which takes a decent amount of time and eats 4 GB of hard disk space. If you rarely or never let your computer run out of power while it's asleep (like me), your system will sleep and wake much faster with the safe sleep disabled.

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Very Solid CPU8/24/2006 12:33:28 PM

Pros: Powerful, 64-bit, dual core, SSE4, relatively low heat, relatively low power consumption, surprisingly overclockable on stock air cooling alone, good price/performance ratio.

Cons: No major problems. Hopefully this will be more than enough CPU for me for a while.

Overall Review: I paired this guy with a Gigabyte DS3 P965 motherboard for my system, and things have been working very well so far. For some reason I've always been more of an Intel fan. I'm not a hardcore enthusiast by any means, but I've had good luck with a P3 system, various P4 systems, and recently with an Intel iMac, and now the C2D. The latest CD and C2D chips have impressed me greatly. I'm just glad there's finally a next-gen dual-core upgrade path for Intel users. I suspect there's going to be quite a few more Intel believers/customers in the coming months.

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