Not As Described1/18/2020 5:42:16 PM

Pros: - Was The Proper Length. - The Part Number Matches Up. - Fair for the price you pay.

Cons: - Does Not have a Gold Plated Shield As Described in the photos. - Saw a loss of 150-300mbs on a wired Gigabit Connection. With the shorter shielded cable I see the full 940mbs that Cox offers. Now I see between 590-790mbs which is still fast but not what I was looking for.

Overall Review: I do not recommend this cable for someone who is trying to achieve maximum speeds. We can argue all day about cable speeds. Many factors do influence your overall speed but when I use the shielded cable I see better performance and less noise. For now it allows me to place my modem where I want to. I will purchase a better product later.

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Never use anything else8/24/2019 7:53:11 PM

Pros: -Thick compound -Great heat transfer -Easy to apply

Cons: Really is only one and that's USER ERROR and that is if you mess up and apply too much or have to remove some during the CPU heat sync installation and that is this stuff is THIIIIIIICK! so you will need alcohol and q tips to get it off. As for getting it anywhere else unwanted, if this is your first build I recommend having an experienced builder with you because some components on the motherboard cannot be cleaned that way.

Overall Review: Keeps my PC running cool. Never use anything else and it is easy to apply with the built in plunger, use caution though as this can be you're undoing.

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