You get what you pay for1/19/2021 3:09:46 AM

Pros: Cheap Adjustable Padding keeps case from getting scratched

Cons: - flimsy - comes apart into two pieces with even the lightest load. - wheels are not good. Doesn't roll well. - not for heavy or big rigs

Overall Review: I have a Thermaltake mid-tower. I'd say it's a modest tower. Not too big or small. Right in the middle. This thing barely works with it. Once I got it set, it was OK, I suppose, but I have no plans on moving it even though it has wheels. Very wobbly. I'd opt for something more expensive and stable.

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It's a poop mobile1/9/2021 8:17:45 PM

Pros: - Big. Carries a lot of poop. Big enough even for larger dumps

Cons: - lots of parts. I mean a lot. I know most of the components are important, but that's a lot of extra parts to lose AND hard to transport. It's the best out there though.

Overall Review: I would recommend it. The best in its class.

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Marginal/Passable device1/9/2021 8:13:35 PM

Pros: - It does what it's supposed to do, with a couple of notable flaws - Quiet-ish - Fan works OK, but like others said, make sure it's installed correctly. - Both SATA AND USB ports

Cons: - When on SATA, it won't wake up from sleep. It's fine on USB, which is a smidge slower than SATA. What happens is, if I shut my computer off, when I restart it, the drive doesn't spin up when connected via SATA. I had to toggle the on/off switch and then restart. No problem when using USB.

Overall Review: Would look for another enclosure.

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Everything you need without breaking the bank12/30/2020 8:32:32 AM

Pros: I was able to get my 10700K to 5.1Ghz on all cores with an AIO 360mm cooler. Temps under 80C on full load. However (see cons) you have to know how to tweak your BIOS. - Has all of the features you need for an LGA 1200 board - Has latest 160Mhz WiFi > 500Mbs - Has ARBG for all of your weird lighting needs - 2 NVMe slots - Excellent Power delivery for overclocking (see cons) - Plenty of fan headers - great price

Cons: Not really a con, but Gigabyte boards seem to have overvoltage and associated heat issues. This seems to be due to the default voltage and VRM settings being WAY too aggressive. So not only would I recommend tweaking (reducing) the voltages across all settings to get the temps down (google how to do that), but most certainly if you plan on overclocking.

Overall Review: Most of the Z490 boards are overbuilt IMHO. You can get a lot of mileage out of this board if you plan and tweak accordingly. This board has everything you might need. The power delivery seems solid too.

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Not as good as the WD Black by any stretch of the imagination12/10/2020 9:12:11 AM

Pros: Relatively inexpensive, but pretty typical. 256MB cache, as advertised. Runs very cool even under load. Very light and power-efficient. Quiet even in RAID 0.

Cons: - Slow (see images) - Very Slow, even in RAID 0. [sad face] - the 256MB cache doesn't seem to impact the performance like I thought it would. Maybe I got a couple of Lemons?

Overall Review: I've bought several iterations of this 1.8TB Seagate drive over the years and I never have been let down by their performance of reliability. I bought two (3.6TB) of these to put in a volatile RAID 0 drive for a local "cache" drive for my cloud-based backups. Earlier in the week, I had purchased a single 4TB WD Black drive for the same purpose, but grew unhappy with the amount of noise it was producing (a lot, rumble, head noise, a lot). So I thought I'd try something different: 2, 2TB drives in RAID 0. I wasn't expecting these Seagates individually to perform at the level of the WD Black, but I certainly thought in RAID 0, they'd run circles around it. Answer: nope. In fact, with a RAID 0 configuration, I was seeing shockingly lower speeds, especially on write operations (~64MB/sec READ!) on Crystal's 1GB testbench) compared with 160MB/sec on the WD Black, non RAID 0. Yes, I checked for shared resources (I have a Z270 platform), and I even made sure my test bench was on the same SATA buses. One place this did well was on cloning operations between disks. I saw 250MB/sec in my RAID 0 for both READ and Write operations. But cloning operations are not normal operating scenarios. They were also considerably quieter than my singular WD Black, even in RAID 0 (2 vs 1)

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Excellent value. Great performance11/30/2019 6:13:18 AM

Pros: Fast Inexpensive Great form factor Reliable

Cons: none.

Overall Review: I've bought two of these now, and it has been one of my best purchases in the past few years. The performance numbers match the specs, and it hits the sweet spot in terms of performance to value. Sure, there are faster ones, but they are also much more expensive. And for me, and many others I assume, 1800 MBps is more than fast enough. Remember when you got your first 600-ish MBps SSD? It feels like that at 3X faster.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
N300, not N600 but still great2/15/2014 5:20:15 AM

Pros: - A good solution for those who are out of internal PCI slots. - Can be mounted anywhere (I mounted mine with double-back tape to my window) - Because it's USB, you can get an extension cord to move it further away from your computer - Performs well and is stable after one month. - Grabs 2.4 and 5Ghz signals well. No drops even under stress (speedtests, bittorrents)

Cons: not an N600 (300+ 300) adapter. It will only do 300mbs at one time. Not that you'll ever see that kind of theoretical throughput, but it wouild be nice to be able to bond the channels for a little more "umph."

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Own 2 of them, both as Repeaters/Client Bridges2/26/2013 5:27:00 AM

Pros: I am somewhat of a WiFi junky, having played with every open source firmware under the Sun, not to mention various consumer router platforms. And I have to say, this N300RT is a little beastie. It's solid, has a strong signal and is quite stable. To top it off, it has plenty of memory and 5dBi antennas.

Cons: None really for the price. Don't go comparing this to more muscular routers like the RT-N16.

Overall Review: Repeater notes for those who are complaining that this device can not be used as a Repeater. It *can* be used as a repeater, but the Atheros chipset is different than Broadcom ones. Simply install the most stable DD-WRT firmware, and configure the Wireless Mode as a Client Bridge, and then configure a separate (and different) virtual interface for remote clients to connect to. Done. Also note that the Channel Width MUST be set to 20Mhz if using Client Bridge Mode, else the router will poop out and require a reset.

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Not too shabby. Amost a 5 EGG.1/28/2013 6:40:42 PM

Pros: Typing this review right now on the CM Storm, FYI. A long time ago, longer than I'd care to admit, I used to use a mechanical keyboard on my trusty Mac IIsi. Since then, I've used a variety of bubble/membrane ones and never really complained. Anyhow, I decided to take the jump and get a mechanical keyboard and the Cool Master seemed like a good deal. I am glad I purchased it, however it's not 100% everything I was looking for. First off the keys are great. The Browns are simply perfect for those looking for a great typing experience. I spend a lot of my day typing, so this product is perfect. The "action" is literally perfect for someone who does a lot of writing. The layout is fine, although the geeky keyboard font was a little unconventional. I am extremely pleased with this product.

Cons: It's not "big" enough. The keys are standard size, and the full layout is fine, but the actual keyboard could be a little bigger. Specifically, I would have loved to see a larger wrist wrest area. Also, the back lighting is useless, even for a gamer. I just leave it off even when I play games, which is admittedly rare. When hooking up the supplied USB cable (which is great), one must force the cable into the mini USB slot with a force that I would deem more than comfortable. also the location is a tad weird under the keyboard.

Overall Review: Would recommend to others. If Cooler master added a wrist pad and made the entire keyboard light up, it would be a 5. I purchased an aftermarket foam wrist pad.

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Fine with latest DD-WRT firmware11/2/2012 7:07:37 AM

Pros: I was reluctant to purchase this given some of the low reviews I've read. But Newegg gave me a 30 day return on it if it didn't work. * After installing the latest DD-WRT firmware (19154) from the Buffalo support site *AND* choosing a mid-band Wi-fi channel (6), I'm able to get a steady 22.5 dBm (EIRP av.) / 29.7 dBm (Peak) signal on 2.4 Ghz and a little less on the 5Ghz band. I think with some fiddling I can get it to go higher, but right now, this is more than enough for me, and more than enough to annoy my neighbors. * Gigabit LAN. Excellent. * Dual Band (2.4/5Ghz) is really a plus. I had some devices that had a 5Ghz radio that I didn't know had it. Neat. * If the DD-WRT interface is too intimidating for you, you can use Buffalo's "User Friendly" firmware * Mounting a USB drive and printer was simple (you can only do one at a time) * Plenty (not gobs, but plenty) of RAM vs my old WRT-54GL. * stable for 3 weeks now. No reboots or lost connections.

Cons: * A little too "plasticky" for my tastes. Be gentle with it. * fixed/permanent antennas. Bummer. * wireless throughput is not as fast as I was expecting. It's fast enough for most applications, but I was expecting more than a moderate boost over my WRT-54GL. I need to do some more testing and tweaking (DD-WRT is perfect for that). *USB seemed a bit slow, although I was able to stream a movie off a 64GB SD Card in a USB to SD card adapter.

Overall Review: I've been a long time Linksys WRT-54GL guy. I have 3 of them in in my house all running variations of DD-WRT. But I needed the Gigabit LAN and a little more power both nicely provided by the WZR-HP-AG300H

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Works with Blackberry Torch (9800) and AT&T12/19/2011 1:50:34 PM

Pros: If you are familiar with home internet routers from Cisco, D-Link, etc., setting up this router up is a snap. The real trick is getting your phone/mobile modem device to communicate with it, which usually takes some typing and research. Search the Cradlepoint knowledgebase for instructions on how to configure the router to communicate properly with your device. What surprised me was how configurable the Cradlepoint was. Lots of options including network filtering and power saver modes (to increase battery life).

Cons: None really other than the extra effort it took me to get it talking with my Blackberry Torch 9800. It would have been nice to have some pre-configured settings for my phone and mobile provider.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Not as good as the all copper/heatpipe version, but good enough12/11/2008 10:24:57 PM

Pros: - inexpensive Zalman - immediately dropped my temps by 3 degrees C over the stock AMD heat sink - Silent when running < 1600RPM or so - Clips right into an AM2+ socket without having to take the motherboard out.

Cons: - no heat pipes - "old school" fan-on-CPU heatsink - not 100% copper (which makes it lighter) - a tad noisy @ full speed.

Overall Review: I've owned several Zalmans and this one is "good enough". It gets a 4 rating instead of a 3 because of the price/value ration. I expect the temps to lower another 2-5C after the Artic 5 sets in.

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Cheap 790GX Board12/11/2008 10:15:53 PM

Pros: - Inexpensive ATI/AMD 790GX board - Easy board layout - Excellent Video performance - Stable out of the box - Newegg's speedy shipping and wide product selection.

Cons: - The BIOS is a little funky and un-featured. - Except for the CPU, there is no fan speed control which is really required these days. Even the fan control for the CPU is a bit weird. - Not really an overclocking board. It's a basic board with a rocket-speed video chipset. Good enough for the casual gamer.

Overall Review: Not regretting my purchase as it works fine for a basic system (I build this for my wife with a Athlon 64 X2 and 4GBs of GSkill RAM). Even with significant voltage tweaks I was unable to get this board to to run my 2.7Ghz Athlon to 3.0Ghz with my Zalman fan. Stable @ 2.85 Ghz. (13.5 X 210). Got my DDR2 Ram to run @ 1000Hz (500Mhz X2) @ 2.1V.

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The Second one I've bought10/14/2008 4:57:05 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, fast. A great option for RAID 1.

Cons: Nothing really

Overall Review: I needed another drive to complete my RAID 1 configuration for all my storage/files. The piece of mind is well worth the money. On my boot volume, I use 2 SE16 WD3200AAKSs in a RAID 0 configuration.

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Works Well, no complaints9/23/2008 5:30:38 PM

Pros: Very Small. Powerful transmitter/Receiver Works great with BlueSoleil for Vista 64

Cons: none really.

Overall Review: Is it worth a 5? I dunno. Seems like people give out too many 5's on this site. Would I buy this product again if I were to lose it? Definitely.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
9/12/2008 5:39:36 PM

Pros: - Excellent sound quality. - Locks Wifi signal even at distances (>50m). - Great looks and a solid build - Sangeans are quality radios - Built in Clock with adjustable dimmer - simple to setup - works like a champ with this product (please have a look at the site before purchasing)

Cons: I little wacky in terms of "tuning" in radio stations. The display is on the small side and scrolling through the stations despite the categories (there's 6000 stations!) can be tedious.

Overall Review: If you like radio, you'll love this product. It's expensive, but worth the price

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Poor radio, poor frequency response9/12/2008 5:34:08 PM

Pros: ipod dock charges ipod when cradled. Newegg continues to provide great service.

Cons: not very impressed with the sound quality. As pointed elsewhere on the Internet, the sound is very box and the mid-bottom end is quite "scooped" out and the top end was quite brittle. Also, the radio reception is poor even with attached antennas. And lastly, you have very little control over the ipod with the supplied remote.

Overall Review: For this price (newegg has the best deal around), I would have expected better performance. I bought this for my wife and neither of us could listen to it for very long.

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Nice Budget+ Case12/12/2007 1:41:09 PM

Pros: Inexpensive solution, with lots of features one would see in a more expensive case. The dual fans are a nice edition. Easy to work with. Smart Design.

Cons: nothing really. It's a good value.

Overall Review: I'm beginning to like Rosewill's products. Nice blend of price and quality, which is what I'm always looking for.

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Delivers as promised11/13/2007 7:42:10 PM

Pros: Stable. Overclocks to 3.0Ghz (12 X 250FSB) without any trouble. Goes to 3.1Ghz, but not worth the heat and extra voltage. Great Value.

Cons: Nothing really. Not as fast as a Core 2, then again, it's not as expensive. Runs a little warm @ 3.0Ghz (40C idle/49C full load)

Overall Review: I'm running this on an M2N-SLI Deluxe Wireless with an Arctic Cooler Pro 64 /w Arctic Silver 5. I keep the CPU Fan @ 1400RPMs and the 120mm Case Fan @ 1100 RPMs. Put in 4 GB of G.Skill PC2 8000 RAM. Running Vista 64bit.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works as Advertised10/25/2007 4:31:09 PM

Pros: Does a pretty good job. Ideally you'll want high gain antennas on both sides of this wireless equation. Increased my coverage by about 50-100ft, which is exactly what I was looking for. Looks neato. Smart design.

Cons: A little expensive, but it's a quality product.

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Works Great10/25/2007 4:27:49 PM

Pros: Installed DD-WRT v23 SP2 onto this gem. Works like a champ. Do yourself a favor and use the DD-WRT firmware. If you're not interested in flashing this with

Cons: None really. It could a little cheaper.

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Does exactly what it says3/30/2007 2:12:58 PM

Pros: Cheap. Works as advertised. surprisingly solid. Wasn't expecting that.

Cons: lousy wood screws. Don't even think of using them as they strip and then you have to use some Vise-grips get get them out of the wall. Really a stupid oversight because the rest of the product is excellent. Make sure you get decent wood screws.

Overall Review: I would have given this product 5 stars, but the screw issue was VERY frustrating.

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Hey, not too shabby!3/30/2007 2:08:01 PM

Pros: Not as good as my 46" 1080p Samsung LCD TV, but heck, it's only $400.00. This is perfect for a guest room if you have a DirecTV or Cable tuner. No dead pixels. Box arrived undamaged. Newegg always does a great job with fast shipping.

Cons: nothing. It's a great buy.

Overall Review: Glad I bought this. I was worried about the brand and reliability, but it works just fine.

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Good job, but hard to install7/15/2006 12:32:08 PM

Pros: cools efficiently.

Cons: Big and can interfere with other motherboard components. A little planning can save you a lot of headaches.

Overall Review: I used arctic silver 5 instead of the supplied heat sink grease. My temps are lower than my stock Asus A8N SLI Deluxe fan. I bought this as a pre-emptive measure because I heard than the stock fan goes out quickly. AND it was really really loud. I also purchased 2 Silverstone 120mm case fans to silently move air out of the case.

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Good buy, but hard to put together7/15/2006 12:28:21 PM

Pros: Does the job. Keeps the video card cool even under stress.

Cons: cumbersome to put together (that's why it gets 4 stars). Please put aside 1-2 hours to install this thing. Also, it takes up a lot of space, so plan carefully.

Overall Review: I'm very happy I bought this. Newegg, you guys do a great job.

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