Mis-rated; need to try editing it in the future10/13/2021 2:01:09 PM

Overall Review: I ended up NOT getting an S21. The original order took forever. When the phone was finally delivered, it was the incorrect model. A lesser version was labeled and packaged in a refurb box that was labeled S21 Ultra. The merchant was apologetic and took the return without issues, but had no S21 Ultra to ship. Ended in a refund. Disappointing experience.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
It's a radiator; hard to really describe anything past that10/13/2021 1:58:25 PM

Overall Review: It's a radiator Fin density seems fine No bent or disformed fins along the array. My 420 supporting case somehow DOESN'T support fitting it where it should. My rubber mallet disagreed and the frame of the radiator is sturdy enough for a few LIGHT taps. 5/5 - if I need a 420 in the future, I will be getting this one again.

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Amazing kit10/13/2021 1:55:53 PM

Pros: Lots of variable sizes Decent quantity of each selection 2 months of relatively constant load and no issues noted after the initial size mixup in the packaging.

Cons: It would be nice if the case the sinks come in were labeled with the measurements / sizes of each one. The originally picked ones should have been the correct size, but were .1 mm off making me think maybe the two sizes were accidentally swapped at the factory. I had to disassemble my project to swap out the bits because the measurement was just ever so slightly off enough to cause heating issues on the main die

Overall Review: 5/5 - Will definitely order more of these kits next time I have a similar project in the future. LOTS of sizes and plenty of each one for each point I needed a copper shim. The size mix-up mentioned above was inconvenient, but thankfully didn't break anything.

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FINALLY a transaction on Newegg that impresses10/13/2021 1:49:42 PM

Pros: The heatsinks are massive. When they arrived, there's not much to say about packaging. Foam sheeting kept them well cushioned and protected. The description was accurate, but there's no real words to how heavy they really feel.

Cons: Delivered on-time; the shipping delay from China was expected and another cooling option presented itself after the order was placed. Not necessarily a con on the merchant's behalf; if they were in stock I'd order more without hesitation for any medium scale passive cooling applications.

Overall Review: Just repeats the before Pros and Cons sections. Although the original project is concluded, I will DEFINITELY find a use for these on a future cooling solution. I'd ordered them some time ago and forgot about them as I moved on to other projects. 5/5

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Awesome service!8/24/2021 4:38:18 PM

Pros: Quick service Return was processed when the merchant found the object was damaged. No replacements were available and return processed without issue.

Overall Review: 5/5 Would do business with this merchant again

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Fast service8/13/2021 12:44:31 PM

Pros: It's transparent PVC tubing It's reasonably priced compared to brand names Arrived ahead of expectation Painless transaction

Overall Review: Not much to talk up PVC tubing about. Will take time to tell how long or well the tubing will hold up, but good first impressions. If you just need some clear tubing for the short term or even first time use this could serve as a good alternative to the premium priced brands while you work out and prototype loops.

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Great little card8/5/2021 4:20:14 PM

Pros: Aesthetic, Availability

Cons: RGB 5V Jumper not included

Overall Review: No regrets, love the card. First Sapphire product I've purchased and no real complaints about the hardware

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