Worked for a while, plugged in 6 fans and it died, got more, they messed up too.7/2/2018 3:22:46 PM

Pros: It spins the fans except that one time.

Cons: The lighting appears to be rather prone to breaking.

Overall Review: Okay, so I had 3 of these, I currently have two plugged in with 12 of those LL series fans. The first one blew up (well it popped and then stopped working, not really a hand grenade or anything). It damaged nothing else. The second one had channel 6 for the lighting stop working like a boss. Frustrating, but everything for fan controlling still works. Oh it's also reporting it's 3.3v as .32v give or take. I'm guessing it is bugging out a bit or just broke slightly, rather than immensely like the first one. The third one now has lost channel 5 and channel 6 on lighting. The fan control still works but I bought these things to entertain my primitive brain with shiny lights. Though it can suffice with 3 of the 12 channels, it is still extremely frustrating that 3 of my fans have no LED support. Currently, of 3 of them, there is a 100% partial failure rate and a 33% complete failure rate. I would RMA them but oh look there is only one way I'm going to have fan control on all 12 of my fans. Corsair, I currently dislike you more than Comcast and I have to spend a two hour call yearly with them to fix problems on their end only after they force me to troubleshoot all of my equipment. For my next PC build I'm getting fan controllers and fans by a different company. I honestly wish extreme ill fortune upon your corporation. If you cannot make a fan controller work, I expect something more complicated, like a PSU would be a massive disaster.

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Be careful of motion sickness in some games, check Oculus website for comfort levels, also beware of cats.2/1/2018 6:18:56 PM

Pros: Works well. Comfortable. Tracking works well. Touch system is pretty good. Horror games + this = a really good way to mess with dates. Overall very fun and very good. Trying to find a way to get space for full room play working is excellent motivation to clean and throw out useless items.

Cons: The resolution is a bit off-putting. You can see some black lines (screen door effect) in some cases (mostly VR videos, it's hard to notice in games with things moving around a lot). You have to be pretty far from the input sensors for the touch controls to very good. If you're too close they change only to somewhere between tolerable and good. Some games cause me motion sickness (It's technically called virtual reality sickness but I'm gonna keep calling it motion sickness). I've never gotten motion sickness in my life but 'Subnautica' and 'Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul' give me motion sickness after about a half hour or longer of gameplay. Using this with a larger headset heats my head up a lot. This is partially negated by the sound on the headset (the sound uses head tracking as well in most games I've played so far so it's very similar to surround sound). The problem is mostly just me being stubborn and wanting my, tbh very likely placebo, 7.1 surround sound while using the rift. If I play for like 3 hours without a break I start getting eye strain. If you are playing roomscale (I called it full room before) and you have a cat, you will trip over the cat. Make sure the cat cannot get in the room you are playing in. If it is possible for the cat to get in the room, the cat will enter the room and trip you. There is no solution to this problem other than limiting the cat's access to the room you are using. Cat's are, for some strange reason, genetically programmed to trip people wearing VR headsets.

Overall Review: If you want to play a game with the Rift you might want to take a look at the Oculus website and check out experiences (that's their software sale area) and click something that interests you. Scroll down past the video and just below the price you'll see a comfort level (comfortable, moderate, and intense). You can check the Oculus support site for a rundown but if you're new to VR you might want to start with things that are 'comfortable' or 'moderate.' This won't necessarily translate the same to anyone else reading this but games in the 'intense' category seem to give me motion sickness after around 30 mins to an hour of play. I don't seem to have the same problem with comfortable or moderate games. I'm not prone to motion sickness and it still happens to me. It may take time to get used to. Just a heads up and something to keep in mind if you purchase any VR headset. This isn't only a rift problem it is a VR headset problem. If you want more information on VR sickness you can try Googling information on 'virtual reality sickness.'

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Mediocre8/8/2009 12:23:51 AM

Pros: Works very well on my Phenom II. Faster than 800mhz on a 780i.

Cons: On my EVGA 780i this ram does not run as specified. with the 1.8-1.9 voltage window I'm only able to pull off ~1000 mhz 5-5-5-15 no matter what settings I try.

Overall Review: Even if the ram speed issue is due to a memory controller issue on the 780i chipset as stated in other reviews G.Skill does nothing to warn potential buyers about this issue. My EVGA board supports a maximum tRC of 32 while this memory SPD tRC is 48. Check to be sure your motherboard can set the tRC to 48 prior to purchasing this memory and you might be able to avoid the stability issues other people report.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer You may need to raise the memory voltage up to 2.0V to operate above 1000MHz. The actual memory voltage provided by the motherboard may be slightly too low which is why you may be having issues running at 1100MHz. Northbridge/MCH Core also needs to be raised to 1.4V in order to stabilize the memory controller. Many motherboards can handle the full slots, it simply takes some configuring in your BIOS. We do warn people in our reviews, which is the main purpose for them. But like I said, by increasing the Northbridge voltage to 1.4V, it will stabilize the memory controller and as a result you should not have the "memory controller issue" anymore. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.SKILL Forum: