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be quiet! stop whining!

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Orange rev.2
be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Orange rev.2

Pros: I'm reviewing a little early. The rest of my components won't be in for a couple days but I had some minor anxiety about the case based on recurring review themes. However, I've spent some time playing with it, pulling the various components out and plopping them back in, etc, and I'm a little annoyed at the fussing. = Legit Yay-points that are likely to grow as I build this thing out with no big negatives assuming no electrical shenanigans: * They've been taking notes. Lots of minor old complaints addressed. * My first case (corsair carbide 400R) was an excellent mid-tower for cable management and ease of assembly. This one is mostly better in that regard from what I'm seeing. * No quality complaints so far. If people weren't just reaching, be quiet! has attended to any/all things I was looking out for based on fairly old negative reviews. * Build quality is very solid. * Unholy doo-doo-butter (this was once a much simpler non-expletive) can you stuff a lot of parts and then even more super-quiet fans if you need the cooling into this thing. If my review convinces you, wait about 3 days from the publish date, just in case I try to build and faceplant on all manner of bovine sacroth.

Cons: = Now for the Unreasonable Complaints of Other Reviewers section * Thumb screws are too tight and there's stripping! - Some were a little tight. Applying gentle pressure with a Phillips head to the phillips head slot on the occasional over-tightened thumbscrew resulted in no jolting or grinding. It just unscrewed with just a touch more torque than I could achieve with my thumb and forefinger alone. The screws and rubber washer thingies are quite nice. I've seen no thread stripping, heard no grinding whatsoever. * It's hard! - This is a 250+ freaking dollar custom computer case. It's for nerds. That said, semi-patient geeks capable of using a screwdriver with access to both kinds, with some forethought, as-in, thinking before doing, totally qualify. The difference between nerd and geek, fyi, is not smarts. It's patience, dedication, and interest. If you have none of the three, or maybe just one and a half of the three, avoid. If somebody else is building the PC for you, kindly !@#$ off and do not review anything that went into the not-you-building-it of your custom PC. Review the builder in that case if you have strong feelings either way. * The dreaded PSU shroud of terror! - It takes 4 screws. Seriously. I hit 5 total because I realized at screw #4 (which was wrong) that, no, this is an expensive case. No way would they charge this much and expect people to try and unscrew at a 45 degree angle twice (not even once, actually). All 4 screws are super-accessible with the side panels off. It's a 2-minute job if you already know how. I didn't spend enough minutes figuring it out to even try looking at the manual so many have complained about. There's two screw heads facing out on the glass side, one facing out on the not-glass side (double-hint: which you should remove in addition to the glass panel before removing the shroud). And one on the not-glass side that actually has its head facing the back of the case towards the left. = Unavoidable-Comes-With-the-Territory-Negatives * It's built for quiet, not for best-possible airflow. I got the huge one hoping to off-set the heat penalty but I'm just running a 3700X and a 2070 Super so probably overkill but I plan on piecemeal upgrading every couple of years on this build with an eye towards discovering whether the absolute top of the line is actually worth it in the end. I suspect I won't run out of fan-space before the case itself is too obsolete to use but for optimal airflow, this is probably not the one. * It really is big and heavy - It has to be. Three reasons. 1. It's about 25% bigger/roomier than a mid-size on every dimension. 2. It cancels noise. Thickness is helpful there. 3. It's modular as !@#$. That's a lot more screws/brackets, etc. * It's a lot on many levels. If you just want a case that's just good enough for the parts you bought just now, it's too many $, too much space, and too much features for just-want-my-things-to-work-now-custom-PCer, which is where I was at on my first build. Agreed on other reviews saying don't get this if you're not sure if you need/want it. I almost got that fractal mesh case. * I've never LAN-partied but this case is a horrible choice if that sort of thing is even still going on (it really is rather heavy - do people still LAN party?). * It's a really silly brand name. But we're all good and bad at specific things. Germany... included.

Overall Review: I wanted it for the big-case-factor, quiet/quality fans, flexibility. No disappointments to date.

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Avoid This Publisher

Guild Wars 2 PC Game
Guild Wars 2 PC Game

Pros: Great game by many accounts.

Cons: How well is it doing though? Because they might just kill it with only 3 months notice regardless of whether it's actually firmly in the black. At the very least, pay very close to attention to how they burned the City of Heroes community before considering a micro transaction in this game. We're mostly laid back, grownup kids in COH. This isn't SWG fans' failure to recognize the obvious issue of having two Star Wars MMO properties up at the same time. In my personal case I just had some micro transactions I made suddenly and unexpectedly get an unexpected three month expiration date and I think consumers considering a Guild Wars purchase ought to investigate how that played out for a lot of us before committing time/money to Guild Wars 2.

Overall Review: Yes, I know. "You're not really reviewing the game content." Until there is a space where I can review the MMO publisher, I feel completely justified in reviewing their other MMOs negatively based on bizarre, irrational behavior, leading to the pointless dismissal of a studio with 80 employees and a 7-years-running community that was anxiously awaiting a highly-anticipated content expansion. Having once written for Game Informer I've probably spent more time thinking about review ethics than you have and the important thing is that bad publisher behavior can absolutely ruin an MMO experience. I no longer enjoy COH knowing that it's not going to receive the graceful retirement both it and its fans should of gotten when the time finally came that a superior hero game finally came along and I don't think I could comfortably relax and enjoy any NCSoft game unless I was certain it would stay obscenely popular in Korea.

I think it's my favorite part

Corsair Carbide Series 400R Graphite Grey and Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case
Corsair Carbide Series 400R Graphite Grey and Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case

Pros: Nice clean non-circus aesthetic. Excellent cable management. Very well thought-out layout. Plenty of room to expand. It definitely made life a lot easier for a first-timer. Worth every penny. I wouldn't hesitate to order another one of these if I were planning a second computer.

Cons: These are more intended as recommendations to Corsair on how it could be even better than serious cons but here goes: Manual is a bit sparse and isn't clear on how to pop out the covers for the drive bays. Prying out with a flat-head screwdriver works fine but I gritted my teeth when I tried it the first time, afraid of breaking something. There are screw-holes for 2.5 SSDs (a life-saver in my case) but it was still a bit of an awkward fit as they're a little too far to the side, resulting in the SSD jamming up against the rubber stopper for regular 3.5 HDs. I suppose I could have just put the SSD underneath since it's the only drive I have ATM.

Overall Review: Contrary to another review there were plenty of screws with my case. Mine were in a little white box crammed into the bottom hard drive bay. Plenty of extra for new fans.