Satisfied9/9/2012 3:42:44 PM

Pros: The clarity and sharpness is spot on and while they aren't used the built-in speakers aren't terrible if it came to that.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I bought this for my father's work computer and he has no complaints...and I would know if he did.

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Excellent Buy!9/9/2012 3:38:37 PM

Pros: This monitor has fantastic clarity and the color depth is great. The size is a nice step up from the 20" widescreen I had before for web/graphic design projects and spreadsheets(or spreadsheet games like EvE).

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The monitor did arrive with one dead pixel but nothing is perfect and if it bothered me enough I would have sent it back for a replacement.

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Fantastic Product7/22/2009 11:04:13 AM

Pros: Immediately after removing the case from the box the build quality was apparent. All aluminum construction with black brushed aluminum side and top panels with an aluminum front bezel, not seen very often. The top panel has 4 screws holding it in instead of rivets for easy removal. The front bezel is held on by 4 spring loaded mechanisms at all 4 corners making for extremely easy removal. The interior of the case was awkward at first with the PSU at the front but is ingenious in how it uses that almost always empty spot in larger case for it. For a small case I expected interior space to suffer but it being so deep and backwards atx it actually succeeds in being very roomy fitting all of my components with room for more.

Cons: There are only two fans in this case from the get-go. The rear intakes cool air and the front exhaust warm air but most of the fans efficiency is lost due to the limited ventilation on the front bezel. This leaves a heat pocket right where your video cards, etc., will be.

Overall Review: The heat pocket can be solved by modding in some fans on the top panel or ordering a seperate pc-6x top panel from somewhere that has two holes already drilled and filtered for the less hardware inclined.

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Eggcellent Purchase6/29/2009 10:38:11 PM

Pros: So far this motherboard has been a breeze to work with. The BIOS is packed with options for overclocking and personalization. Accepts all AM3 cpus. My Corsair XMS memory was detected at factory settings at first boot. There are LEDs on the board to simulate power load to various parts of the board. MSI support is fantastic when you need them but for most the VERY THICK manual will suffice for any Q&A.

Cons: The blue LEDs that dot the board are extremely bright BUT there is an option in the BIOS under Green Power to turn them off. My X2 550 wasn't recognized right off but that is to be expected since it was released after this board. A quick BIOS update fixed that.

Overall Review: Accepted a mild overclock on my X2 550 with no voltage changes, only a multiplier tweak. (THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!)

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