Unfortunately this drive just died one day (less than a year)2/3/2021 10:19:28 AM

Pros: - was fast and good value, did the job

Cons: - died one day - in hindsight the signs were that Windows boot kept hanging going into disk checks and rebooting constantly - only by bypassing the disk check on boot I could get Windows to boot. After a couple of weeks of that, the drive just died and the computer wouldn't boot at all until I removed this drive out. Thankfully i was using this drive as an app drive, not data drive. This served as a loud reminder to myself to do good backup practice (if I were using a drive for data).

Overall Review: Shortly before this drive failed miserably, I did purchase another XPG NVMe drive thinking of using as system drive on my Plex / NAS server... Now I'm thinking twice over and likely will end up getting a WD or Samsung NVMe to use as the system drive for my server. Can't risk it on a server used as data repository.

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It works (well, not anymore *EDIT*)7/7/2020 7:46:27 PM

Pros: - it's fast - 3466mhz / CAS 16 = pretty decent real latency, especially with the price coming down - it's pretty - haven't tried overclocking it past the rated speed of 3466 / CAS 16 yet, but at least at the rated speed I have no issues.

Cons: - can't really think of any... *EDIT - Well, it failed after 1 year... I didn't even run this overclocked beyond the rated speed / timing / voltage. one day, the computer wouldn't boot no matter what I tried - the only thing that worked is taking these sticks out and putting in other spare memory. I tried these sticks on other computers and those computers couldn't boot either. - I'm gonna give Corsair benefit of the doubt here (given the current situation with covid), but the customer support has been too slow - no response yet. I need to RMA these sticks, but nothing yet.

Overall Review: - have had no issues with the memory kit running it on Z390 Aorus Master and 9900k *EDIT - see above addition to the Cons.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Andrew, Sorry to hear about that. Please reach out to us via the phone number listed under support.corsair.com and give us your Ticket ID when calling; we'll do our best to get this sorted out. -Art
Great fans10/28/2019 6:58:57 PM

Pros: - can move a lot of air - can be very quiet - reasonable price - no RGB, but because it is white, it sort of reflects the subtle RGB i have going in the chassis and actually looks pretty good mounted in the front.

Cons: - mayyyybe the cable could be a little bit longer.. I have 3 of these in my main build - 2 in front, and 1 on bottom behind the shroud, and the bottom one's cable couldn't reach the fan controller towards the top in the cable chamber if I wanted to route the cable neatly around the corners... so it's sort of visible on the bottom corner.. but oh well.. at least the cable is black on a black case.

Overall Review: - have 3 of these as intake in front / bottom vs 4x Corsair LL120s on top / rear as exhausts and based on my fan curves, it's always positive pressure in the chassis. plenty of cool air for the top mounted 360 rad for 9900k @ 5.1ghz + air cooled 2080 ti, and coolant temp never goes above 40.5 celcius and 2080 ti maxes around 68 degrees.

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Great Monitor Mount / Stand for the Price9/27/2019 8:52:54 AM

Pros: - Sturdy - Price - Simple - Enough Adjustability

Cons: - Not as much adjustable range (but enough) - can't adjust height without pulling out a hex, but at the same time, the set height won't change unless intended.. so this can be pro or con depending on how you look at it..

Overall Review: Love it - for the price, I don't think it can get better than this.

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Good value NVMe drive6/20/2019 12:10:04 PM

Pros: - decent speed for budget priced pcie 3.0 x2 NVMe drive - price. - not that this matters for performance or value, but this thing is tiny (only ~1/3rd the PCB is actually chips, rest is just empty pcb to make it 2280 form factor

Cons: - the only con is the PCB color for me, but since this sits under a m.2 drive heat sink on the motherboard this was installed on, not enough to take off an egg... but if this is installed on a motherboard without a heatsink covering it, the blue pcb will stick out like a sore thumb.

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Good board - for Z390 Gigabyte did the best job (this review for the Aorus Master)5/17/2019 2:53:49 PM

Pros: -*edit* now it's running my 9900k at 5.1Ghz@1.310v with LLC on Turbo, no AVX Offset - which ends up running at 1.320v +/-. VRM still stays cool through hours of gaming and AIDA 64 around 45~50 celcius. - Runs my 9900k at a lower voltage than Aorus Pro. I'm upgrading from Z390 Aorus Pro to the Aorus Master for my 9900k, and the Aorus Pro will go back to running my 9600k that I had laying around. I was running the 9900k at 5.0Ghz @1.290v no AVX Offset just fine with the Aorus Pro. After transplanting the 9900k to the Aorus Master, I set the same parameters to run at 1.290v, and the Aorus Master seems to be able to run it at a much lower actual vCore voltage. The Aorus Pro, when set at 1.290v with LLC on "High", it ended up really doing ~1.305 1.315v vCore on load. With the Aorus Master, when set at 1.290v with LLC on "High", it's actually doing - 1.245 ~ 1.275v vCore on load and stable through all tests. This is not to say the Aorus Pro is worse or anything, just an observation. Lower voltage meant the 9900k was running a bit cooler too. - VRM stays pretty cool too - through extreme IBT test and AIDA64, and other benchmark / stress tests, VRM mostly hovered around 40~50 degrees range - not sure how effective the backplate is in helping dissipate heat (there are actually heat pads on the backside of the VRMs and the back plate) since it's just still stuck between the MB and the motherboard tray of the case, but still it's... cool to have one? - I thought I wasn't gonna like the brushed metal silvery look, but I like it now. - very subtle RGB

Cons: - kinda with that the power button and the clrcmos button on the rear I/O panel are farther apart - I haven't had to use them yet, but easy to confuse the buttons when you're just reaching behind without looking to press the buttons.. - there's a orange LED between the chipset heasink and SATA connectors that sticks out and not sure if I can / how to change its color or turn it off..

Overall Review: - According to Buildzoid analysis, the individual MOSFETs are actually lower Amp rating than the MOSFETs used in the Aorus Pro (40A vs 50A if I'm not mistaken), so I was a bit skeptical... but in practice, at least my Aorus Master board seems to be able to run the same 9900k on a lower voltage at 5.0Ghz than the Pro.. and the VRM is running pretty darn cool for my use.. Z390 Aorus Master 9900k, 5.0Ghz 1.290v no AVX Offset LLC "high" EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro @3466Mhz CL16

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It works!5/13/2019 9:48:57 AM

Pros: - can do 10 fans (4-pin and 3-pin) - it's cheap - it works

Cons: - the only thing I wish were different is the power connection - sata power connector needs to connect directly on the board, but I wish it was rather a power cable out from this fan controller so I can make the actual sata power connection somewhere else in the case. where I needed to place the fan controller based on space, fans cables being able to reach the controller from the front / top / bottom / rear of the case, it was pretty difficult to run a sata power cable - I actually ended up having to run a separate sata power connection from the PSU, as I couldn't get a multi-sata power cable to route to my SSD, pump, then to the fan controller..

Overall Review: - i replaced the stock fan controller that comes with Fractal Design R6 because, while that controller worked just fine, it only had 3 4-pin PWM connections available. but that stock controller had a extended power connector rather than the sata power connection being on the board..

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Best value of the 9th gen K sku Intel CPUs5/2/2019 7:58:58 AM

Pros: - plenty for most games for most GPUs - my 9600k @4.9Ghz all cores with RTX 2080 ran PUBG at 144fps+ on 1080Pp ultra, AC Odyssey at ~80-90fps ultra. on higher resolution any gap between 9600k and 9700k or 9900k will only shrink. - beats my old 4770k @4.6ghz on cinebench (~850ish to ~1150ish) at 4.9ghz. -

Cons: - not the best for things like video editing encoding / transcoding... but for just gaming and daily use, still a great value (within Intel's offering) - may not be too future proof as more and more games start looking for more cores / threads for optimization - mine wasn't the best overclocker - 4.9ghz requires 1.34v w/ LLC on "Turbo" or 6 of 8. and heat becomes an issue past that. I could get it to pass Cinebench at 5.0ghz but nothing else.

Overall Review: - was running this on Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro board. The Aorus Pro board is a beast for its price - switched out to 9900k on the same board and the 9900k is running 5.0ghz @1.290v no avx offset no issues. just saying this so you know it wasn't the board that was limiting the 9600k's OC.

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Great but with a flaw5/2/2019 6:41:52 AM

Pros: - works great for my spare 2.5" HDDs, 3.5" HDDs, and SSDs - the power / activity indicator lights - release button

Cons: - this is a single flaw, but a big one for me - it only seems to work when plugged in to a USB 3.1 gen 2 port. I can't get it to work using USB 3.0 on any of my machines. this is a big con for me as I have older file server and older computers that I wanna attach this to (or to my router with USB connection to use as a "NAS") I can't figure out why..

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So far Great! *knock on wood)5/2/2019 6:19:40 AM

Pros: - Fast, quiet, cool - 6 HDDs (4x these WD Red Pros and 2x WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm) + SSD in the back chamber of Fractal Design Node 804 so the space is pretty crammed, and monitoring shows drive temps in low to mid 30s even during a large transfer of data. - 256MB cache - so far, no issues (*knock on wood) for 4 of these I got. 4 of these in RAID10 with a budget RAID controller (Startech / Marvell), as I run another set of raid 0 drives on the same server and ran out of onboard SATA ports. 4x 4TB in RAID 10 game me ~7.25TB usable space...I think the budget Marvell RAID controller is limiting performance a tiny bit, but eitherway, through my 1Gbit network I can only do ~120MB/s transfers anyway... local SSD to the RAID10 array transfers anywhere between 350MB/s to 400MB/s depending on what I'm transferring.

Cons: - not the cheapest 4TB 7200rpm on the market? but that's about it... please last a long time and don't give me a reason to come back and add a con here

Overall Review: - I originally got Toshiba N300 4TB 7200rpm drives because they were $109 each at the time (vs $169 each for the WD Red Pro) which are "NAS grade" drives that are supposed to be reliable / dependable like the WD Reds are... but 3 out of 4 of the Toshiba units started getting bad sectors within 2 weeks of service 2 of which had over 400~500 bad sectors by the time I RMA'ed them.I since them got the WD Red Pros, and these have been rock solid for a little over 3 months or so now. Aside from the quality difference, the Toshibas ran pretty loud and clicky - maybe that was a sign from the getgo that those were bad drives.. and the toshiba drives ran a bit warmer too. so in my book, you do get what you pay for with the more expensive WD Reds.. - WD is the most reliable / dependable HDD I've used...

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Pretty good, but just keep in mind - this is NOT a card with a binned chip...5/2/2019 6:00:31 AM

Pros: - Cooler is beefy AF for an aircooler. Runs fairly cool with +25% power limit, max limit voltage, +1000mhz memory, +75hz core, it runs anyware between 65~69 degrees typically - on occasion on certain games it seems to spike sometimes to ~72 73 degrees. all this is with the fans on auto. I tried running the fans steady at 75 or 80 percent, but the fans get pretty loud anything past 60%. - Precision X1 software for monitoring / overclocking - I got Samsung memory that's stable with 1000mhz overclock (to 8000mhz effective). But I hear Samsung / Micron wasn't really the issue anyway? Either way, plugging in and seeing in GPU-z that my unit had Samsung memory gave me a bit of piece of mind

Cons: - what's the point of such a beefy cooler if the chip is still not binned and lottery for this insane price? Mine only overclocks +75hz and peaks at around 2025~2040mhz occassionally, but averages around 1980Mhz most of the time. - RGB is only single color - in the images, it looked like it could do a bit of a rainbow wave type effect, but noooooo. I typically keep my system with just a mild single or dual color RGB with all black backdrop, but wanted this hardware to be rainbow wave so it's the centerpiece... oh well.. - the OSD feature of precision X1 doesn't work well with certain games - for certain games (the left ~1" of the screen starts flashing like disco ball instead of displaying the on screen display... I couldn't tell if this started after a driver update or a precision x1 software update, but when I turn OSD off, it's back to normal...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I would like to thank you for your feedback about your EVGA GTX 2080TI graphics card. If you have not done so please download our Precision X1 software which will allow full control over the RGB LEDs unfortunately it does not have addressable RGB LEDs. Should you or any potential EVGA customer ever have any questions or concerns with any EVGA product, then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Presales Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 3 or by email: Newegg@EVGA.com so that we can further assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Great Z390 at the price bracket3/15/2019 6:47:47 AM

Pros: - OC'ed my 9900k to 5.0Ghz at 1.290v with no AVX offset and keeps it stable through stress tests / stability tests like AIDA64. VRM stays relatively cool (as I'm writing this, I'm running AIDA64 stability test after OC'ing my memory a bit more, and VRM temp is staying around 54 degrees after 1hr. - Previous to my 9900k, I had a 9600k OC'ed to 5.0Ghz at 1.345v stable (not really a lottery winner), but this board had no issues with that either. - stealthy look with tasteful (not overdone) RGB - a good value. Plus I think this Pro board is a bit stealthier looking than the higher end Aorus boards with less brushed aluminum color sticking out, since I like to keep things black to contrast nicely with whatever color I set with RGB.

Cons: - I wish the board had one more USB 2.0 header (or USB 3.0). I have Corsair H150i and the Corsair lighting node pro hub thing for Corsair RGB fan control, and I didn't have enough USB 2.0 header on the board to plug in the front panel USB 2.0. Not that big a deal since I can just use USB 3 on the front panel and split it if needed. but it would've been nice...

Overall Review: - many people say Gigabytes bios interface is bad, but I really don't think it's bad... sure you may need to dig through one extra layer of menu here and there, but it still has all the settings that you could possibly think of tinkering with...

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Cools 9900K 5.0ghz well3/3/2019 9:19:14 AM

Pros: - It's keeping cool my 9900K 5.0ghz all cores @1.300v with no AVX offset (with LLC on 5 of 8, vcore voltage goes between 1.285 - 1.325 from what I've seen). Running AIDA64 stability test, occasional peaks up to ~83 degrees, but mostly stays in the 50s to low 70s. The cooler fluid temp stays around 36.5-37 degrees with my LL120 RGB fans spinning at around 1250rpm - on full load with the GPU, in benchmarks and actual gaming, the CPU temp is kept under ~71 degrees peak, and mostly around 50s. with the OC'ed GPU peaking at 68 degrees

Cons: - this is a bit picky, but I wish the AIOs have options to get them without the included fans for those that will want to use their own choice of fans. Not that the included ML fans are bad.. - I wish the RGB on the pump had more options - like a rainbow wave (not just shifting through the spectrum one color at a time)

Overall Review: - I did switch out the fans to LL120 for RGB - my 9900k is delidded with liquid metal under the IHS - 3x 140mm intake front / bottom, 4x120mm exhaust top / rear, with the H150i as top exhaust. GPU is Gigabyte RTX2080 Gaming OC, running at 2055mhz. Case is Fractal Design Define R6. - the included ML fans are pretty nice fans - just will use those in my other machines.

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Been serving me well for 5 years1/31/2019 8:44:19 AM

Pros: - silent - price (for 80 Plus Gold / semi-modular!) - reliable: had the 450M since 2014, and still working fine - had it running with i5 4670k with mild OC and GTX 770 back in the day and it was fine. Had this PSU run a hyper-v server for a couple of years, and it had no issues.

Cons: - i do have one complaint that would've counted as a con, but great support from Rosewill that I didn't really expect nullified that (see note below)

Overall Review: - one gripe I had this with PSU is that the peripheral power cable is 8-pin... up to now I was fine with the included 4x sata power cable and the 2x sata / 2x molex power cables, Since I had 2 HDDs, 1 SSD, fan controller, AIO CPU cooler running on SATA power... I'm converting the server to have 8x HDDs and I couldn't find a SATA power cable with the 8-pin at the PSU end anywhere... I called Rosewill to see if they can guide me on where I can buy an extra one of the 4x sata power cable, and they just said they will ship one out to me! I'm very grateful as the unit I have was purchased way back in 2014, and they still wanted to provide great support / customer care.

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Grrrrrrr Really wanted to give this a good review1/25/2019 7:49:27 AM

Pros: - price: considering capacity / 7200rpm / cache size, a really really good price (and supposedly NAS grade for better reliability) - pretty darn fast! In RAID 10 with 4x the 4TB units, data transfer from an SSD on the same file server easily averaged and maintained 200MB+ /sec over 200GB file transfer (big files like movies). For smaller files like photos, the speed of course fluctuates a bit more. Over the network (my slow 1Gbit home network) of course, transfer (write onto the disks) was limited to ~120MB/sec since it was the network that's the bottleneck..

Cons: - 3 of the 4 showing reallocated sectors already after 2 weeks into use.. over the 2 weeks, I slowly copied my data and had the RAID10 array ~45-50% filled which would be about 3.5TBs written. Everything was fine with no errors / bad sectors, until one morning I restarted the file server, and boom reallocated sectors started showing on 1, then another, then another.

Overall Review: If I had these drives for a long while already and it showed a couple of reallocated sectors, but the number wasn't growing, I'd keep using the drives and just have spares in hand to switch them out if one fails.. but to have 3 of 4 start showing bad sectors within 2 weeks of use, I had to return them... I must've just had a bad luck - 3 of the 4 drives had SN very very close to each other (like 1 letter different each), so maybe they were from the same production batch that happened to be bad? Kudos to Newegg for easy RMA!

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Great card! glad I got this over gtx 106012/31/2018 8:36:23 PM

Pros: - price at the time of sale $209 - performance. great performance for the price. some examples: PUBG on very high goes around ~95-105fps. Project Cars 2 on very high ~85+fps, paired with my old 4770k on mild OC to 4.2Ghz - was able to overclock it just a tiny bit futher to 1450Mhz stable for my card, and kept max temp around 74 degrees under full gaming load / benchmarking. At ~1480Mhz, the card became unstable, even though the temp topped around 74~75 degrees.. (using MSI afterburner, which didn't allow me to adjust voltage for some reason) *EDIT: using Sapphire's own software, I was able to overclock to 1500mhz on 130% power limit and +138mV and keep it very stable.. And with this setting the max temp through benchmarking and 1hr of full gaming load, the temp maxed out at 74 degrees.

Cons: - not much overclocking headroom, as most of the performance has already been squeezed. in fact, many people undervolt the cards to run cooler, from what I'm reading in reviews / forums. - this is a very small / minor quirk i found, but the card is pretty wide, especially with the squared off cooler shroud.. because of the squared off and wider than expected card width (or height - from the MB PCI connector to how far it sticks out towards the case side panel), it was very difficult to get to and put in the expansion slot thumbscrew to tighten it down to the case... with my thicker stubby fingers, I had to use a combination of a needlenose plier to hold the screw and a screwdriver to put the thumbscrew in.

Overall Review: - the backplate design is cool on its own, but definitely is polarizing if you're going for a specific aesthetics for your build.. *EDIT the 1500mhz overclock was achieved using Sapphire's own software which did allow me to change power limit / GPU voltage (MSI afterburner did not for some reason). With the Sapphire software, I started testing with the base clock of 1411 and +0mv to baseline, and the temp topped out around 65 degrees through benchmarking / gaming load - this was very different from when running without any software like MSI afterburner or Sapphire's software running when the card topped out at 72-73 degrees on stock settings - which likely means the card overvolts / over-powers itself in stock form...

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Yup it's fast12/10/2018 12:37:04 PM

Pros: - faster than fast would have you think - disk test matches the advertised read / write speeds, so no fluff in advertised speeds - looks cooler than the typical green pcb look, even though this gets buried underneath a heat spreader on my MB anyway - you do get what you pay for in quality. for example, my gaming laptop that came with an "NVMe" ssd posts less half the disk benchmarking read / write numbers of this 970 Pro...

Cons: - none that I could think of...

Overall Review: - I see some reviews that this tends to run hot, but with a heatspreader included in my MB (like most mid to high end MBs nowadays) it maxes out at 50~52 degrees based on hwinfo... and that's with this drive sitting right below the heatsink fins of my video card dump all it's air cooled heat onto it.. - I shoulda waited a month before buying this... bought it at ~$220, and now it's going at ~$170-180... darn it..

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Great performance12/10/2018 12:25:44 PM

Pros: - Performance - my budget didn't allow for a 4k monitor (yet, but will later), but on 1080p it's allowing me to use my 144hz panels to its full capacity. All games I have average at the least 110~120fps on ultra everything. PUBG runs at ~145~155fps on ultra for example. - Stock boost goes to 1950mhz on my card - during benchmark tests and intensive gaming, I see boost clock hitting 1950 regularly while still maintaining good temps - Runs pretty cool - even when hitting 1900mhz+ boost clock speeds, the highest temp I've seem was 68-69 celcius - room for overclocking further - *edit* overclocked to 2050mhz without breaking sweat, and max temp still is around 69 degrees - I haven't seen max go over 70 yet.. (I did add an extra intake fan so may have helped)..

Cons: - i wish the RGB lighting included the "RTX 2080" part... preferrably with "RTX 2080" in the center... not that displaying "Gigabyte" is shameful or anything, but the RTX 2080 name is the show piece... - Gigabyte software is meh... and RGB fusion just looks like some developer / UI designer got together and put something together just for the sake of having some app to control RGB on Gigabyte products.

Overall Review: My two cents in buying an RTX card against all reviewers saying it's a disappointment was that if RTX 2080 performs at least as good as or better in most cases than 1080Ti with the early drivers for around the same price, why not RTX over 1080Ti? Unless I already was on 1080Ti, it is still a huge upgrade and "future proof" over the 1080Ti. I get that for the same price bracket, the new gen cards should "outperform" the previous gen, but that doesn't mean you should buy the previous gen for the same money...

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Great bang for the buck drive11/13/2018 11:59:14 AM

Pros: - I believe I have 7 of these drives running right now in different computers, all of them at least 3yrs old I believe.. None of them has failed yet, with the oldest one that's almost 5yrs old in constant use finally showing a few bad sectors... - usually can get this drive for $49.

Cons: none for me so far..

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Does its job11/13/2018 11:49:59 AM

Pros: - lasted almost 5 years now - does what its supposed to, especially considering the price I got it for - It's blue

Cons: - maybe I could list some, but really for the price I shouldn't be complaining when it's still going strong after almost 5 yrs.

Overall Review: I originally bought this for use as a hypervisor for my lab with a i7 4770k and 32GB memory with SSD as boot and multiple HDDs in RAID 10. with extra NIC. It handled that work just fine for 4.5yrs. I decom'ed it as the hypervisor and decided to play with it just for fun see if I can overclock the CPU much... It looked like it wouldn't let me even try to go beyond 3.9Ghz on the 4770k... I'm assuming it's because it's only got a 4-pin CPU power connector and going beyond 3.9Ghz may be too much on just 4-pin? but this being a H87 board on a budget, I can't complain. I'm sure I can sell this board for at least what I bought it for haha to someone who needs this gen of MBs for something...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Good AIO11/13/2018 7:23:57 AM

Pros: - Keeps my 9600k (not yet overclocked) really cool - on CPU benchmark tests, package test never went over 65C, and H100i fluid temp over 36~37 degrees. Of course I'll start OC'ing and see how this holds up, but until then not bad! - the tubes are fairly flexible and a lot easier to position than previous Corsair AIO I had.. this may be due to the rotation joint on the pump side, but I appreciate that. - RGB on the pump is a plus

Cons: - on the flip side, the rotating joint could be a potential failure / leak points? - I wish the RGB programmability was better - for example, the "pulse" setting isn't smooth pulsating... it feels more like flipping it on / off.. - I wish there was an option to buy this without the included fans for cheaper. The corsair fans that come included with these AIOs in my experience have been fairly loud and I wanted to put in RGB fans anyway...

Overall Review: - I could say there are a lot of wires to manage coming out of the pump, but what can you do - usb connection for controlling the AIO, fan connections, pump to board PWM connection, power - I don't really think you can get away with having fewer cables, but I may be wrong

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Going strong after almost 5 years11/8/2018 10:57:16 AM

Pros: - Just a good PSU, good quality, no issues in almost 5 yrs. - I don't think I've ever heard any fan noise coming from this PSU in 5 years.. whisper quiet

Cons: - none

Overall Review: *knock on wood* hopefully this PSU stays strong for years to come still, not go kaplunk after me writing a very positive review like life goes sometimes.. This PSU was running a desktop with: Intel Core i5 4670K overclocked to 4.3Ghz AsRock Z87 Fatal1ty Killer 16GB DDR3 memory Gigabyte Windforce GTX770 2GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD 2x 1TB HDD in RAID 0 I was building a new gaming computer, and was upgrading the above rig with a spare 4770k and more HDDs to use as a media server and thought of the PSU, so writing a review on it 5 yrs after this rig was built :)

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Awesome Case5/31/2014 8:43:17 PM

Pros: - Looks - Space / volume efficiency - Cooling options - lots of space for disks, especially for the size of the case - just cool - fun case to build in (albeit a bit tight for managing cables in certain places, but what do you expect on a mATX case that fits so much)

Cons: - cable management options could be a bit better... - my specific case's fan controller doesn't work. In the low speed setting the fans run (not sure if it's running on what's supposed to be "low" or "medium" or "high"). Once I switch the fan control to medium or high, the fans... just stop. I really want to RMA the case, but I realized this only after I completed the build... Would be too much trouble to undo the build :( I wonder if Fractal can send me just the fan controller replacement... (please???) One egg off for the faulty fan controller; otherwise this would've been easy 5 eggs from me.

Overall Review: Just a great case overall. I built a Hyper-V server for home lab and I will be able to fit plenty of disks along with fans to cool.

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Very good board; just one minor issue during first install3/11/2014 12:01:28 PM

Pros: - Great board with pretty much everything you'll need. - Easy to use BIOS, easy to OC - Great price for what it provides

Cons: Had one minor issue that cost me 2~3 hrs figuring out. When I installed my video card, the board simply did not recognize something being plugged into the PCI-E slot #2.. After hrs of trying to get the board to recognize the video card in the PCI-E slot #2, I found one forum entry somewhere that someone restored the BIOS from the second BIOS setting that this board comes with and fixed the issue. I did the same, and walla~ the video card was instantly recognized.

Overall Review: The board looks great aesthetically. The board is a bit narrower than regular ATX sized boards, and require fewer motherboard standoffs.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
I don't know about this...10/1/2011 7:13:48 PM

Pros: Simple inexpensive NAS solution

Cons: Speed.... If you have a lot of data to migrate over, it will take you a while...

Overall Review: I was really excited to get this because I didn't wanna pay 4-500 for a full blown NAS box. All I was looking for was a simple way to share all my files and media from any machine in the house. Well, I'm sure it's gonna be great.... once I have everything on this My Book Live.... The write speed is awfully slow. Video files I have on it now can be played quickly, no problem.

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