Awesome PSU1/27/2011 8:58:25 AM

Pros: Powerful Efficient Cool Quiet MODULAR (not 100%, but you're probably using every cable that's permanent on there anyway) Warranty... 7 years?! Very well packaged, case for extra cords... zip ties... screws...rebate... buy one!

Cons: I'll let you know in 7 years.

Overall Review: Overkill for my current setup, but plan on going SLI in a year or so and can always retain the PSU for future builds. It is a bit more expensive than other options in this range, but I definitely feel you get what you pay for here; it's worth it.

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Best overall performance upgrade in new system1/27/2011 8:47:28 AM

Pros: I have better than advertised speeds (360mb/s reads). This thing is well worth the money if you are looking to upgrade. Boot times from completely off to opening programs in 20-30 seconds (Windows logo doesn't even finish it's animation!) Silent... cool...

Cons: It won't let me mark it 6 eggs!

Overall Review: New generation SSDs w/ windows 7 that pretty much take care of themselves? Yes, please! I absolutely love this thing. I was a bit worried about jumping to SSD, but I'm glad I did. I made a few tweaks and have been running smoothly. Fresh install of windows 7 home premium on my new 2600k build and have had 0 problems. They are pricey and relatively new... but if you've been on the fence, hop off and buy one. Amazing performance. With HDD storage as cheap as it is, you can back up your data for next to nothing nowadays anyway if anything goes wrong.

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Great RAM1/27/2011 8:34:53 AM

Pros: Fast, good price... no problems! BIOS automatically detected correct timings... set voltage and frequency and have been working perfectly since.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Works well... using it w/ p8p67 pro & 2600k... had to clear RTC (cmos) on the p8p67 to stop double booting after setting to 1600mhz, but not the RAM's fault. It works and works fast.

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Great hard drive.1/27/2011 8:29:22 AM

Pros: Read the specs... very good hard drive and performs as such. Good price, good cache, SATA III, 5y warranty and free shipping (currently). Need more storage? Buy one!

Cons: None.

Overall Review: As title says... great hard drive. Some were complaining about noise? It sounds like a hard drive! Don't like it, get an SSD.

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Overall, good board1/27/2011 8:14:19 AM

Pros: -UEFI BIOS... finally... very refreshing, easy to use (updated to 1053 on first boot; have not updated to 1253 yet). -4x SATA III 6gb/s ports (other options in this range seem to mostly only have 2 ports... ) I'm not going to just list off specs that you can read in the description, but this was one I thought worth mentioning since I was doing a new build with 2 SATA III devices right off the bat, I didn't want to max out my ports immediately. -Asus support... love it or hate it, they do release regular updates and they will replace your board if you happened to get one with problems.

Cons: -Some bugs... trying to boot after setting RAM frequency to it's rated 1600mhz would cause double boot initially. Fixed by performing the CLRTC process as described in the manual. No longer have any issues with this board, however. Others have posted different things as well; usually cleared up by the cmos reset or by updating BIOS. What do you expect from a new BIOS, new socket, new chipset?

Overall Review: I bought this the day Sandy Bridge was released to pair with my 2600k. It has overclocked and been stable with 0 issues since performing the CLRTC (cmos clear). There have been complaints and I don't deny that there are possibly some bad boards out there, but I'm here to tell you that mine works very well. It provides a good amount of features for the price.

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Great value cooling1/27/2011 7:49:10 AM

Pros: -Great cooling for the price... anything better than this will require almost 2x the price. -Well constructed, high build quality. Everything looks and feels solid. -Great fan w/ PWM... very quiet even at 100% and cools quite well. -Highly polished & very flat base. -Decent thermal compound included.

Cons: -Mounting... as mentioned previously. This was the only thing holding it back from 5 eggs in my opinion. Fortunately, I was putting this on a new build, so it was easier, but if you're trying to put this on an existing build, you might save yourself some time / remounting if you have someone there to help. It is not overly difficult to mount, by any means, but when you're trying to get a nice firm seating without letting the sink wiggle around a whole lot, it could be akward for sure.

Overall Review: I spent a lot of time roaming around sites & reviews trying to find "the best" cooler. There is no "the best" cooler. It will be different for everyone depending on what you deem important. Noise level, cooling performance, price, size... this is a very good compromise of all of those. I decided to go with this based on price vs. performance. This will allow at least a moderate-high overclock and for anything better that is worth paying for, you're looking at double the price. Although, if you're going extreme overclock on air, this is not the cooler for you. Fits in my corsair 600t on a p8p67 pro. Fan hangs right on top of the g.skill ripjaws... anything taller than those might run into mounting issues.

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Price + Performance... can't beat this1/27/2011 7:28:31 AM

Pros: Lives up to the hype... this will not out-perform a 980x except for in a few scenarios, but if you want to spend 1/3 the price for near that level, I can't imagine why you wouldn't go this route! Hard to put anything in here that you probably don't already know with as much info / reviews / forums as there is about this chip. If you're on the fence, just buy it.

Cons: Hmm.... junk stock cooler unless you plan on running your "unlocked" -K model at stock speeds (durr?)

Overall Review: Hard to go wrong with this or a 2500k! An superb level of performace for very moderate prices. You'd be fine with a 2500k if you're just gaming (unless you want the 2600k 'just because') otherwise, for multi-threaded apps or encoding / rendering or whatever else you need the 2600k for, it does extremely well.

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Good fan1/27/2011 7:08:16 AM

Pros: It's a fan... it moves air... it's very quiet... without measuring equipment and simply basing it's performance off of other fans and their "rated" performance, I'd say this one does as it is described. Fairly inexpensive

Cons: Depending on what you intend to use the fan for, you may need to drill holes in the frame since the manufacturer only has holes on the face side of the fan plate.

Overall Review: This is not "black" but rather a dark / clear plastic as shown in the picture in case there is any confusion. Didn't matter to me, but might to some.

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New build with 600t1/13/2011 8:25:46 AM

Pros: - Very sturdy; no flimsy feeling parts. - Very easy to build in (first build in 5+ years) with no notable problems or difficulties. - Well thought out design; cable management was a breeze with minimal effort / experience.

Cons: - Top 5.25" bay cover was INSIDE the case when I first opened the box. One peice of styrofoam was broken, but no major damage on the box (or case) could be found. Although it would have been removed for my DVD drive anyway, the metal mesh of the bay cover was bent & the plastic frame was broken on the back side and is unusable. All other covers were intact and inplace with nothing noticable. Makes you wonder what exactly happened, but nothing else could be found damaged and everything is currently working. - Price... it is more expensive than other options in this category.

Overall Review: As I mentioned before, this was my first build in a quite a while and I really enjoyed the process using this case. I removed the modular HD bay and placed another 120mm fan in it's place. The stock fans and the one I added are very quiet and cool well enough for my purposes; the fan controller is a nice touch, but I usually leave it 100% anyway (the DVD drive spinning up is louder than the entire rest of the build put together). I enjoy the look of the case... not flashy and yet still looks nice. I would definitely recommend this case for anyone that's weighing it as an option. This case is housing my new: Intel i7-2600k w/ Scythe Mugen 2 rev B Asus P8P67 Pro G. Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb 1600mhz EVGA SC GTX 570 Crucial C300 128gb SSD WD Caviar Black 1tb SATA III Asus DVD burner Corsair 850HX

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