It works as advertised!1/6/2019 10:42:08 AM

Pros: - I checked the g.skill website for this specific model of ram before ordering, and clicked the QVL tab which lists the known compatible XMP option motherboards. Then installed the ram into my MSI Z97 Mpower motherboard, got a new hardware detected screen on boot, then continued to my UEFI bios screen to see the ram running at 1600 mhz. All I had to do is click/enable the XMP button, save settings, and reboot the pc to see the ram running at 2133 mhz in the bios. Yup it was that easy!! - I recommend running a ram intensive application to see if the ram is stable at the set speed, and no blue screens happen while gaming. If you do get a blue screen turn off XMP setting, and try manually adjusting the ram timings.

Cons: -none

Overall Review: - I bought this kit to upgrade from my old 8GB 1600 mhz (2GB x 4) ram kit from corsair that only ran at 1333 mhz. Anything higher and it would constantly crash. I also bought this kit to continue using my intel i7 4790k on a MSI Z97 Mpower motherboard with DDR4 comparable speeds, and to be able to have 16GB of ram for Battlefield 5 as well as other work related purposes. - I didn't feel like upgrading my cpu, and motherboard for switching over to the DDR4 standard. I will wait another 2 or 3 years for the next generation of cpu's from Intel or AMD. I will keep g.skill ram in mind for future purposes.

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Fantastic card12/10/2018 2:10:35 PM

Pros: -I'm coming from a MSI 670 GTX, and this card is beast! Makes my old card look like a poor quality small toy. This card runs cool on most of my games I usually get 50 to 55 Celsius (My pc case is a coolermaster H500 with mesh panel installed, and my room temp is about 70 to 80 Fahrenheit year round). Compared to my old card which got 68-72 C. - Card is extra thick, two 100 mm fans with big fins, runs quiet even at full load, no gpu sag, and has a nice build quality! -I haven't overclocked my card yet but the boost clock on my card gets up to 1950 or 1980 mhz on average. -Definitely spending my money with EVGA for future purchases. - I recommend downloading the EVGA X1 precision software to control, and monitor/control the cards temps, fans, and RGB functions. I set the fan curve to quiet mode for my card which runs the fans at a constant 30% speed I got annoyed with my fans constantly switching on at 55 c and off at 54 c.

Cons: none so far................... ray tracing exists in BF5 , and the setting is called DXR. Still waiting for DLSS to come out, and it's the feature I care about the most!

Overall Review: I will be further testing this card out, and will update my review with more information. I got this card on Thanksgiving for $550,free shipping, and came with BF5. Normally I would only spend at max $500 for a video card, but this year i decided to treat myself nice to a higher model trim card. It was also time to replace my 7 year old MSI 670 GTX so I can finally play most games at ultra settings. Now I'm looking into buying a 144 or 165 hz 1080p gaming monitor to take full advantage of this card. I'm currently using a i7 4790k, and it works well with this card.

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Superior Airflow, and great HAF Revision !12/10/2018 1:26:35 PM

Pros: -200 mm fans, great airflow, good looks, case layout is good too! The fans on my build run at 400 rpm idle (ok airflow and quiet), and during gaming they spin up a little further (great airflow, and still quiet). Lol the noisy-est fan in my whole build is actually my air cooled cpu heatsink, and the rest is quiet.

Cons: -Cable management in the back panel could have had more room, then again I'm coming from the corsair 540 air (plenty of space). Not a huge deal breaker. -Exhaust fan looks really cheap, but I don't mind that its not RGB.

Overall Review: I always wanted to own a cooler master HAF back in 2010, and I finally got a chance once again to own one. As for the people in the reviews that say they wished the RGB controller had a dedicated button on the front panel. This can be solved with taking your motherboards reset pins, and plugging them into the switch port for the little remote. The only down side is that now your cases reset button will change the case fan colors, instead of having reset functionality. This is the reveiw for the $100 H500 model with the mesh panel installed. Inside the box you also get the plastic front panel if you choose to install that instead of the mesh panel.

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Recommended keyboard12/10/2018 12:32:36 PM

Pros: Best mechanical keyboard I have ever used. I love the simplistic design, and brushed aluminum build. I use it for gaming, school, and work.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I wish more gaming companies made more keyboard like this, and some adding all the un-necessary side keys with silly designs. I have noticed Logitech now makes a keyboard similar to this one.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
great usb 3.0 drive12/10/2018 12:28:43 PM

Pros: It works

Cons: none

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Great for me!12/10/2018 12:27:37 PM

Pros: Not sure why people are down voting this headset, but for me it works awesome and I still am using it till this day! Bought it in 2013.

Cons: Replaced the ear pads because the leather started cracking off the headset this year. I ordered a pair of replacement cloth pads they work better, and make the headset look better than when I bought it new!

Overall Review: I'm going to assume people treat their headsets like s***, and toss them around because with normal use this headset won't break.

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Amazing card12/10/2018 12:22:40 PM

Pros: 7 years later and this bad boy still runs, and most games are still playable except for triple A titles. Best $400 I spent at the time.

Cons: Had to order new fans at the 6 year mark for the video card to replace because one of them completely failed while the other was slowly dieing.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Great power supply12/10/2018 12:19:19 PM

Pros: So 6 years later this thing still works great, and I have not had any issues with it yet. Glad i bough it 6 years ago for around $70. Mine looks different the what's on the picture, I'm going to assume this product got re branded. Runs cool, and decently quiet, and provides enough power for all my components.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Eventually it will die, and I will replace it with another 750 or 850 watt psu.

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Happy mom12/10/2018 12:14:45 PM

Pros: nuff said

Cons: none

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awesome fan12/10/2018 12:12:24 PM

Pros: Quality fan, quiet, and pushes lots of air. Can be used as a case fan or a heatsink fan for the coolermaster hyper 212 evo.

Cons: The led lights on the fan aren't super spectacular like on other brand name fans, but hey I don't mind the less brightness.

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Does what it was intended to do!!!!!!!!5/10/2017 7:26:14 PM

Pros: I needed this cable to clone my laptop HDD to my new ADATA SU800 (256GB) SSD, and It worked.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I noticed that the cable has a dim indicator light to let you know that the drive has power, and another indicator light that lets you know when data is running through the cable.

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Amazing buy!! Totally worth it!!!5/10/2017 7:19:11 PM

Pros: -I bought this product to breath life into my old Toshiba satellite P50-A laptop, and it did just as I expected! Now this laptop is blazing fast like my desktop that has a samsung 840 EVO SSD :) -Battery life has improved on the laptop as well, not really a big surprise to me, considering SSD are energy efficent, and have no mechanically moving parts. -Now my laptop boots up in 8-10 seconds with everything fully loaded on windows 10 (64-bit). I have been suffering with a slow 1 TB 5400 rpm HDD, and the infamous 100% disk issue, but after installing this SSD all of my problems got solved!! Ever since buying my first SSD drive I cannot go back to HDD'S, because they are so slow.

Cons: The acronis true image program did not work in my situation, so I ended up using Macrium Reflect off of ADATA'S website, and that cloned my drive flawlessly for me. I was using a USB 3.0 to SATA power/data connector cable to transfer everything off the HDD that I despise to my beloved SSD XD.

Overall Review: -This is my first time buying a SSD from ADATA, and I am impressed with this brand now. I would repeat this purchase sometime later in the future. -Yes I am aware that you can tweak some settings in windows 7,8, or 10 to make the 100% disk issue disappear, but it was not a permanent fix in my situation. Tweaking those settings only mitigated the issue, and then I would suffer from that issue again.

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Simply Amazing :)12/2/2015 8:21:02 PM

Pros: -Easy to use, and to navigate through. -Uses very little system resources - You can carryout a full system scan while playing a intensive game, and not lag. -Plenty of features you can customize to suite your uses.

Cons: -None

Overall Review: I have used quite a few security suites in the past, but this one keeps me coming back for more. From personal experience Panda, eset, and kaspersky are the best choices. Anything else does not provide enough protection, ease of use, or just bog's down your system.

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Beastly Board :)11/12/2014 2:28:30 PM

Pros: My 5-6 year old gigatbye 770t board was starting to die out on me. So i decided its time to upgrade, and paired a intel 4790k with this board. Everything works seamlessly with this board. The Bios has a very attractive and informative interface. Construction design and quality is great on this board. This board looks great with my Msi 670gtx power edition, and corsair carbide air 540 artic white case.

Cons: Wish the M power words would glow yellow and the yellow M chipset logo too :)

Overall Review: Newegg and MSI fail to metion this board comes with these little awesome front panel connectors called M connectors. You basically connect all those tiny front panel connectors onto a labeled little block, then you easily plug it into the front panel connector on your motherboard. Save time and effort looking into the manual where things need to be connected. Also the debug LED show your Cpu's temperature in real time accurately.

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Never going back to AMD anytime soon :)11/12/2014 2:03:49 PM

Pros: I'm coming from a Amd phenom 2 945 3.0 ghz quad core processor, and this intel chip blows me and it away! I'm running this chip at stock speeds for now. It idles 28-31 Celsius and 60-65 Celsius at full load. This processor runs much cooler, uses significantly less energy, and has hyper threading compared to my old chip.

Cons: Came with Intels mediocre heat sinks.

Overall Review: I have the corsair Carbide air 540 in white, and a cool-master hyper 212 EVO (1 fan in push config). I'm using arctic MX-4 thermal compound. I also have the z97 M Power motherboard from MSI, i will plan to overclock latter down the road when i need it.

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Revolutionary Case! :)11/12/2014 1:37:44 PM

Pros: Best designed case for airflow, and easy cable management. I love the 2 hot swap trays on the bottom that you can fit either a HDD or SSD. They remind me of the HDD slot trays that server chassis have. I also love how corsair separated the case into two parts. (All the components that generate heat are on the windowed side, and all the components that practically generate little to none heat go on the back half of the case.) The optical drive mounting, hot swap trays, and psu mounting is screw/tool less.

Cons: Didn't know the fans on the front glow in a white color instead of blue like on the pictures, but I don't mind. They also could have made the exhaust fan glow white too, instead of a boring unlit grey color.

Overall Review: I will probably never give up this awesome spacious cube design. This is truly a one of a kind case for a average person or modding enthusiast to show off their work.

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Amazing!!!!!!!11/12/2014 12:51:49 PM

Pros: Got it for $6 on sale. It's thermal compound, and it does it job well. Easy to spread, non-curing, and keeps temps down efficiently.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Better than arctic silver 5, and that has been my long time favorite.

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amazing processor9/10/2014 2:21:36 PM

Pros: 5 years later, and it still works like a boss. Ripping and tearing though most of the newest games i play.

Cons: If you do buy this for gaming take the oem head sink, and set it aside for backup use. The oem heat sink is noisy like a jet engine, even across the house. I recommend buying a aftermarket 120mm heat sink to keep it cool, and quiet. For example I have a coolmaster hyper 212 evo. Keeps temps at 27-32 C idle and 50-55 C on full load. Using prime 95.

Overall Review: This processor is slowly showing its age in some of the newest titles today like battlefield 4 on ultra. So it about time i make an upgrade with a new mobo.

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Still working9/10/2014 2:11:52 PM

Pros: 5 years down the road, and still kicking. No problems what so ever. It's a DVD drive what do you expect. it's cheap,efficient, and gets the job done.

Cons: none

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Panda Rocks!!!!11/24/2013 5:24:11 PM

Pros: Best internet security suite I have ever used, much better than Norton. All of Norton's products bog your pc down. It eliminates everything that even Norton couldn't.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This new IS suite, hasn't given me any problems yet. Intuitive design.

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SEXY BEAST!12/10/2011 12:11:25 AM

Pros: Ok their is a diference between the plus and the evo heatsink, the fan is more updated,quiter,and more airflow. The copper heat pipes are flat on the bottom, and tighly spaced spaced next to each other. I fit this heat sink on a gigabye 770t Mobo, my case is a thermaltake v3 black edition, and i have a few mm's left, before the top of the heatsink touches the side of my case. My system temps were (stock amd phenom x4 945 cooler)41 C at idle, and 60 C at load. Now i run at 27 C idle and 44 load . This was tested using prime 95 and speedfan. I love how quiet this heatsink is compaired to my stock jet engine noise cpu cooler, when gaming. This CM EVO literaly makes the load noise sounds exactly the same as idle noise.

Cons: Not really a con, but cool master should lower the price a bit on this one if they want to make loads of money on it.

Overall Review: Best CPU cooler for the money, I'm new to the whole putting on custom heatsinks world. First time in my life i did it, and im extremely satisfied how quiet my whole system is now. Although coolmaster could have came up with a better design for the instalation process, and you definatly will need a second person to help you install this heatsink. Forget about the hyper 212 plus pick up the EVO instead.

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Best ram for the money11/24/2011 9:13:43 PM

Pros: I got my order in 2-3 days, Corsair has never let me down after 10 years perfect quality ram. Just plug and chung, and your on your way with cheap DDRR3 ram that has 1600mhz, and low timings. This is the second time i bought this ram now i have 8 gigs total in my system.

Cons: This really isnt a con, but my motherboard recoginzed the ram as 1333 mhz. Nothing like a quick trip to the bio's screen to fix that.

Overall Review: Definatly reccomend this awesome ram. I also think by todays standards everyone should have 8 gigs of ramif you have a 64 bit OS. BF3 loves to eat ram up.

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Amazing budget case!4/4/2011 6:28:39 PM

Pros: Great air flow, cheap, nice black case with a 17-18 decibel 120mm blue led exhaust fan. Plenty of space, and a great first time build case. When I ordered the case I was more impressed with it that what the website says about it when it arrived at my house. Oh and this case barly has any plastic on it. It's all mainly metal mesh even thought the description says plastic atx tower.

Cons: Well I knew that the top 120mm mount wouldn't work due to the tight clearing space, because of the ram being put in the slots. But that not that big of a problem. That's really the only bad part about the case.

Overall Review: I due recommend buying at least one 120mm intake fan from the front. From coolmaster it has 19 decibels and the air flow is 69.3 CMF The fan runs at 2000 rpm Only costs 8.99 + 1.99 shipping they come in blue, red and green leds.. Well worth the upgrade to cool down my Evga 460 GTX 758mb super clocked. I did it to keep my 460gtx's fan quiet since it likes to ramp up loudly sometimes from the heat. I live in arizona

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