Perfect for 13" 2.53 Macbook Pro8/20/2011 7:20:40 PM

Pros: Amazing RAM for the low price. At first I was really skeptical about having G.Skill RAM in my Macbook Pro since there are so few reviews on these sticks for Mac users. Let me tell you all...they work like a dream! I realize most people just say "Amazing" or "Great Price" but those kind of ratings are fairly useless to me. I used to have the basic 2 x 4GB of RAM that came standard with my Mac - but I would constantly get that evil little spinning color wheel when running CS4 Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Firefox, Safari, and iTunes at the same time. With these new sticks I haven't seen that little evil wheel once. Also my Mac isn't running hot at all which was one of my first concerns. These G.Skill sticks are a fantastic upgrade and with the sale I made out like a bandit by only having to spend 39.99 + tax.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: For your tech people I'm running a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M with 256 MB of VRAM on a 2.53 ghz Core 2 Duo processor...I only mention this since most of the reviews are fairly vague when it comes to model specs that these G.Skill 2 x 4GB sticks are running on.

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Works Great7/15/2009 6:42:21 PM

Pros: It works well right out of the box. I bought it for my Compaq Presario V6000 Laptop. One day the Orange Light of Death showed up on my wireless card and never left. This sucker picks up signals all across my apartment complex!! For less than $20.00 its well worth it!!

Cons: A bit bulky. It looks like an oversized USB thumb drive. I can deal with it though.

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