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Excellent Case, Even Better Service9/25/2014 2:03:29 PM

Pros: -Cable management -Its deep/long, it can accomodate the longest of graphics cards -Face and Top can be removed without opening the case to access the fans or foam screens for cleaning -Can accomodate a radiator and fan setup without being visible/ruining the aesthetic of the case -Removable bottom screen for cleaning the PSU intake -4 removable front facing 5.25 bays -Cubby/tray on top to hold usb flash drives and other knicknacks -Weight, its very light and fully loaded with all my parts still weighed less than my gutted previous computer that was missing half its parts.

Cons: Functionally, none that I've seen so far. My window-less door came with a slightly bent bracket but it took 5 seconds with needle nose pliers to bend back. Aesthetically, my only complaint is the front blue bezels arent actually low power futuristic LEDs, theyre just blue plastic. Similarily the front fan does not have any LEDs either, though this isnt much concern as most of the light would be blocked by the foam and front face.

Overall Review: About 2 weeks after buying the case the front fan started grinding and making noise as if the bearing was wearing out. Flexing the front of the case would change how the fan sounded. I contacted thermaltake and received a response after getting through the automated system about 9 hours later the next day. From there the email support was extremely fast and quick to respond. I told them of my problem and they instantly believed me with no hassle or overly complicated process for proof of purchase. I applied for an advance RMA and was greeted with the nice surprise that the fan will be free, and they won't need to get the old one back either. From the time I sent my RMA details, to my fan being in a box and shipped by UPS, the total time was about 2 hours. Now THAT is service. They are based in southern california, and the customer service rep was extremely helpful and articulate.

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