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Great headset!11/28/2014 5:09:13 AM

Pros: Works with every app that I needed it for. My Skype and Facetime calls are always crystal clear. This headset has a really long USB cable, so if you need to move around while you're on a call, you wont' feel tied down. This is a very comfortable headset. I can keep it on for hours if needed.

Cons: None

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They don't hold their charge11/9/2014 4:19:55 PM

Pros: None. They're horrible.

Cons: They lose their charge quickly and they don't keep their charge while being stored.

Overall Review: I bought 16 of these batteries recently, and all of them have failed to keep their charge for long. The only thing that's good about them is that they charge up really fast.

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Broke within 3 months8/17/2014 6:35:12 AM

Pros: Very fast data rate.

Cons: Bad construction resulted in this thing breaking after only 3 months. I keep this thing in my pocket all day. The rubber exterior should give the internal parts enough protection against day to day use. When I pulled the drive off of my computer, the outer case came off, and left the internal part in the USB port. I noticed that a plastic gasket that holds the internal part in the outer case had broken. I noticed that some other people who have reviewed this product have said the same thing. Clearly, this is a manufacturing defect.

Overall Review: I was surprised that a product made by Patriot would be this poor in build quality. This doesn't mean I won't buy this brand again, but I definitely will not buy their thumb drives that are made this way.

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Failed within one day!7/10/2014 12:34:01 PM

Pros: Nice outer construction. Easy to insert hard drives.

Cons: This unit is very noisy with the fan turned on. As a result, it's totally useless as a desktop drive. It failed less than one day after I received it. The included instructions are written in very bad English.


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FAILED within just 2 months!8/23/2013 1:33:12 PM

Pros: Great transfer speeds (when it works)

Cons: Thunderbolt port FAILED after just 2 months!

Overall Review: After only 2 months, the Thunderbolt port failed. I bought this drive specifically to use as a Thunderbolt drive with a MacBook Pro late 2011, so USB 3 is not an option. When I contacted Buffalo support about the problem, they told me that the policy is for me to return the drive AT MY EXPENSE, wait 3-5 days, and then they would send a replacement. The whole process would take about 7-10 business days. That is not acceptable. I have had a couple of Seagate drives fail, and on both occasions, they offered me an advance replacement option, and they did not charge me for shipping the product back to them. I will NEVER buy another product made by Buffalo again.

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Really sped up my older Mac mini4/7/2013 7:55:38 AM

Pros: Fast boot times, fast application launches

Cons: None so far, but I wish this drive was a 7200RPM.

Overall Review: I bought this drive to revive an older Mac mini mid-2007. I expected a bit of a speed boost from the SSD and 64MB cache, but I didn't expect it to work almost as fast as my late 2012 Mac mini. I plan to use this system mostly as a testing platform, but I might even take it down to my office to use as a workstation for when I don't feel like taking my laptop out of the bag. I definitely recommend this drive for anyone who has an older system that they want to continue using. I wouldn't use this system as a graphics or video workstation, but for all of the basic computing tasks, it works great with this drive.

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Great monitor!3/11/2013 4:28:08 AM

Pros: Very bright, great color, a choice of 3 inputs (HDMI, DVI, VGA), looks great next to my Mac mini.

Cons: This isn't a deal killer in any way, but I hate how this monitor insists upon telling me it's about to go to sleep instead of just going to sleep. Also, it's not necessary for me to see a message on the screen telling me what input is in use. That's only necessary if I have more than one device connected to the monitor. This is not really characteristic of just this monitor, but of just about any brand. I used an Apple Cinema Display for 7 years before buying this monitor, so I'm not used to being constantly notified of stupidly obvious things. It's as if HP, Samsung, ASUS, etc. all think we have to be constantly reminded of unnecessary things. I'm going to call HP tech support to find out if I can turn off these dumb notifications. I couldn't find anyplace in the menus that would allow me to do this. It's not a total deal breaker, but it's annoying. I didn't take anything off my rating because of it, but I don't like dumb stuff like this.

Overall Review: I don't like using adapters, so I'm glad I can plug this monitor into my late 2012 Mac mini directly using an HDMI cable. I have some great speakers already, so I don't mind that this monitor doesn't have speakers. They wouldn't have been as good as my external speakers anyway. I'm glad that I bought this monitor when I did. It was priced at $169.99 at the time, now it's up to $229. My only problem initially was not anything with the monitor itself. It was that Newegg listed this monitor as having a 3 year warranty. I found out later (after placing my order) that HP actually only offers a 1 year warranty. I'm glad to see that they corrected the error after I complained. I'm very happy with my purchase, but I don't appreciate that Newegg posted erroneous information. I compared this monitor to several others, and one of the reasons why I bought it was because of the alleged three 3 warranty. Fortunately (after some arm twisting), Newegg made this right by giving me a gift certificate for buying an extra 2 year warranty to make the warranty 3 years total.

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Works great but I hate the menu3/3/2013 4:44:27 AM

Pros: Very bright, great color, very sharp

Cons: No DVI cable in the box. A lot of other brands bundle DVI cables in the box. What's wrong with Samsung? Viewsonic stiffs us on cables too! Newegg's though police won't let me say exactly what I think about this, so I had to delete it before posting.

Overall Review: I bought this monitor to connect my MacBook Pro to when I'm in the office. It has worked well for that. I was really annoyed when I opened the box, and there was no DVI cable. I guess I should have read the product description better before I made my purchase. The on screen menu is a pain to work with. We can't blame Samsung for this completely since just about every other display on the market is like this. I guess if you want better controls, get an Apple display :) You you're looking for a great display, and you don't need anything really large, this will work great for you. Samsung makes great displays even if they are lacking in easy to use controls, and they refuse to package a DVI cable with a DVI monitor.

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Very bright and sharp!3/3/2013 4:36:22 AM

Pros: Bright and sharp display. Easy to use menus

Cons: This display (and all displays with DVI) should have been packaged with a DVI cable. It would also have been nice to have HDMI with this display.

Overall Review: I bought this for my mom as a Christmas gift. It replaced a 19inch ASUS display that only ran at 1440x900. This display has been a huge improvement.

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Awesome upgrade!2/16/2013 7:14:41 AM

Pros: Easy installation. Super fast boot times. My MacBook Pro boots in about 8-10 seconds from a cold boot. I also added a 16GB RAM upgrade from Crucial. My laptop flys through every task. VMs in Parallels Desktop are a lot faster. Photoshop launches blazing fast. Everything runs super fast. I highly recommend this upgrade.

Cons: None. This SSD has been great!

Overall Review: For reference, the MacBook Pro that I installed this SSD into is a late 2011 MacBook Pro, 2.2GHz quad-core i7. It was very fast and capable before this upgrade, but after, it was like having a whole new computer. Adding the SSD and the 16GB RAM upgrade mean that I can hold onto this system much longer, and get a much beter resale value.

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Great camera!10/19/2009 4:28:13 AM

Pros: My first outing with this camera was to take it with me for a whole day at the State Fair Of Texas. After spending the whole day taking pictures, the batteries were barely used. Every picture came out perfect except one or two when I was zoomed in really close. This camera is very easy to grip and take pictures with one hand. Zoom is very fast.

Cons: For really high zoom, you'll need a very steady hand, or a tripod. I don't think this is really a con, but it's something to keep in mind.

Overall Review: This is a replacement for my Olympus C765. I was initially worried about having a camera that used AA batteries instead of an included rechargeable lithium ion battery, but I was very impressed with the battery life. I will buy some rechargeable AA batteries and a charging unit to avoid having to buy AA batteries all the time. Nonetheless, I have yet to see the included batteries run down after having this camera for several days.

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Great printer. Great price!10/6/2009 4:28:53 PM

Pros: Very fast printer. Easy to setup. I plugged it into my network, and within a few seconds, this printer showed up ready to be setup on my Mac. It works great over Bonjour, and also shows up easily on Windows workgroups.

Cons: Wireless networking included in this printer only supports WEP. If you want to use it on a wireless network, you'll need to lower your security which is unacceptable to me. I don't consider this to be too much of a problem since I prefer connecting directly to a wired network.

Overall Review: This is a great printer for a small office, or for individuals who need their own printer.

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Great printer. Great price!10/6/2009 4:25:43 PM

Pros: Fast and easy setup. Fast printing, great quality.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is a great printer for someone who needs a fast, simple black and white laser printer. It works great with my Macs.

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Great Product!4/17/2009 4:17:35 AM

Pros: I have had other brands of GPS units, and this one is the best. The touch screen is very sensitive. It doesn't require much pressure -- unlike the Magellan GPS units. The voices are great, and very clear. Garmin is offering a free maps upgrade for this unit on their website.

Cons: If powered off for a long period of time, it takes this unit a while to scan for satellites.

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Love it!1/16/2009 5:14:43 AM

Pros: Beautiful aluminum design, small desktop footprint, easy to use controls, USB 2.0 and FireWire ports on the back, bright and vivid display. If you're using a Mac, brightness, color calibration and, other controls are easily adjusted in the display preferences pane.

Cons: Despite the competition from other manufacturers, Apple has failed to bring the price down.

Overall Review: Despite the price, I believe that this has been the best LCD monitor that I have ever had. I have had this monitor for just now 3 years and it has performed extremely well with zero problems.

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Really wakes me up in the morning!!!11/14/2008 10:06:44 PM

Pros: I love this coffee! The flavor is very robust -- just like coffee should be.

Cons: Be warned though... If you have problems with caffeine, this isn't for you.

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I love love love it!11/13/2008 6:58:08 PM

Pros: Easy to setup for the first time (read the instructions), easy to use. It makes a great cup of coffee! It's very convenient if you're someone like me who only wants one and only one cup of coffee in the morning. It's also great to have a the spur of the moment when you just want to make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea.

Cons: None!

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Great headset11/13/2008 6:56:16 PM

Pros: Great battery life, very comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Works great with the iPhone, excellent sound quality.

Cons: Initially was not fully functional with my iPhone but, the iPhone 2.0 firmware update fixed that.

Overall Review: This headset out performs more expensive headsets on the market such as the Jawbone. I had a Jawbone and it was pathetically fragile for its price. The earloops would get bent out of shape and then break. The company that makes the Jawbone (Aliph) "conveniently" sells replacement sets for ten dollars proving that they know that the Jawbone is shoddy and poor quality. This Plantronics headset is the best I've ever had.

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Great printer11/5/2008 9:04:01 PM

Pros: It scans well and works well with Photoshop import function. This printer prints very fast even on high quality setting. Copy function is easy to use.

Cons: The darn thing jammed up on me the first time I tried to print with it but, it was easy to clear the jam. There's a door in the back for easy access. I was likely feeding the paper wrong.

Overall Review: For this price, this is a great printer/scanner/copier.

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