Worked flawlessly before and after upgrades12/29/2017 8:30:58 AM

Pros: -Cheap -Surprisingly fast CPU. Might just be luck because after testing mine ranks in the upper 20% of all i5-2400. -Standard fittings for motherboard and PSU including 4pin and 24 pin connections -Had a free fan header -Installed a new PSU and dropped an HD4850 into the x16 slot. Computer never missed a step when switching from onboard to the card. -Did a fresh install of Win10 on a 128GB SSD. The code on the sticker was accepted by the Microsoft store without a blink. Now It boots to windows in under 3 seconds. -With the install of the GPU it runs Minecraft, Overwatch, Rocketleague, and Fortnight stable at 1080p60fps. Admittedly not at 100% Max settings, but not at minimum either. -Randomly came with an eSATA port installed

Cons: -RAM in 4x2GB -Only 4 SATA ports. Port 0 and 1 (the important ones) are completely covered by my GPU. I am still connected to port 0 thanks to a 90degree cable, but that was a tight fit. -Cable management is almost non-existent. If it wasn't for the empty CD bays my cords would have nowhere to go. -Only one HDD bay. Bought an $8 adapter to mount my SSD in the lower CD-drive bay -The HDD is 1TB, but it is a Seagate (yuck) -Only has one real fan installed facing out the back. The CPU cooler has a fan facing down, but that doesn't really move much air out of the case. Temps were a bit high due to the anemic airflow. Luckily I had an 80mm fan laying around, the front grill is perfect for mounting, AND there is an extra fan header handy. -Also, the installed fans, especially the CPU fan, are very loud. My older computer (RIP) had seven fans moving air and they weren't half as loud as the two installed in this one

Overall Review: -The CD turned out to be an external drive. This worked our way better for me personally, but if you are looking for an internal drive -PSU was only 240W, not that it mattered to me because I just replaced it with the one recovered from my older machine, but it might matter to you. I know this sounds like a lot of negatives, but if you are a tinkerer like me it is not such a big deal. This little machine took all I could throw at it and never missed a step.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works1/4/2010 7:13:09 PM

Pros: Functional

Cons: A bit stiff

Overall Review: Too Stiff = Can't route properly Too Limp = Could kink this cord leans toward "too Stiff" but not far enough to take off an egg

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works1/4/2010 7:08:18 PM

Pros: It is functional

Cons: the plastic cover is a mirror image of the one that Canon ships with theirs. This means that you cannot carry one cover and mark both batteries as "charged" properly.

Overall Review: ...

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Excellent Camera with the right settings1/4/2010 7:02:29 PM

Pros: +Portability/Size +Large LCD +Versatile settings +Battery Life +720P Video +HDMI port

Cons: -Have to remove battery to charge -Grainy at higher ISO -Switching between two custom or predefined settings requires your attention for too long

Overall Review: Overall a fantastic camera. I expected it to be small but was shocked when it arrived. It is roughly the size of 12 credit card stacked together! The LCD takes up about 2/3 of the back and looks great. Zero dead pixels. The setting cover a wide range of subjects, but it you want to switch from "Kids & Pets" to "Snow" in less than 30 seconds you're in trouble. The "Auto" setting is good for sunlight or with the flash; however, if you don't want to use the flash in a moderately lit room it will choose exceedingly high ISO (640+.) Furthermore, At any ISO above ~400 the pictures become rather grainy. But what can you honestly expect from a camera that is smaller than your wallet? Anyway, with the proper setting tweaks and maybe a mini-tripod you should be good. If are looking for absolutely perfect pictures then spend a couple hundred more and get a good DSLR. If you are looking for an versatile camera that you can carry anywhere, get great pictures, and shoot HD video wit

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Works5/11/2009 9:49:59 AM

Pros: Does what it says. Adapter is very nice. Holds the microcard very securely but it is also easy to remove when you want to.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Works perfectly in my phone (Shadow)

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Works5/11/2009 9:47:11 AM

Pros: Does what it says.

Cons: none

Overall Review: holds over 700 10 megapixel pictures

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Awesome Adapter5/11/2009 9:45:34 AM

Pros: Card does what it should. The Adapter is pretty slick looking and holds the card very securely. I don't know much about measuring transfer rates but it seems just as fast as any jump drive.

Cons: Wish the LED in the Adapter wasn't dirty yellow. A green or blue would look much nicer. Not really a Con, but with the way the card is held, I couldn't plug it into the front of my 360. Luckily I had a USB extender laying around.

Overall Review: Just wanted a card adapter. Figured why not get 4gigs of storage at the same time?

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Does what it says5/11/2009 9:35:55 AM

Pros: Works like it should. Came with a MicroSD to SD adapter that I wasn't expecting.

Cons: Reads as 3.89gigs but every card reads low.

Overall Review: MicroSD cards are so little I'm pretty sure I'll lose it at some point (possibly by inhaling it)

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Easy Fix8/20/2008 7:52:10 AM

Pros: I used my old Logiteck Cordless Click+ until it's dpi became to low for gaming. (also I was sick of changing batteries) Form wise the G5 is amazing. I like a slightly large mouse, so that I can hold it between my thumb and second to last finger to stabilize clicking. I'd read that the side buttons were hard to press but I found them perfect. The on-the-fly DPI changing is incredible. Switching from WoW at 1680×1050 to Dota at 800x600 used to be a pain of reflex adjustment, now One click and my settings are perfect.

Cons: Even with all the big weights the mouse is too light sometimes, but then again I am very heavy-handed.

Overall Review: When I first loaded up WoW after getting this mouse I was rather ticked off. It would NOT let me bind the side buttons to anything with shift, ctrl, or alt. However one quick look at the control options (that logitech symbol next to your clock) and I had it fixed. Just changed button 4/5 from back/forward to "generic button"/"generic button and all was fixed. They still function as back/forward in firefox!

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