(update) review for 2nd card purchased10/22/2011 3:59:40 PM

Pros: works when it works

Cons: defective. random no signal black screen crashes multiple times a day, usually when opening CCC to reconfigure desktops between eyefinity and extended desktops. This didn't happen with my first card. I tried motherboard bios update and windows 7 reinstall but nothing will fix this issue. Hopefully the replacement will not be defective.

Overall Review: having to pay shipping charges to get my video card replaced :( although replacing it through newegg is faster than going through xfx

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review for 2nd card purchased10/19/2011 8:46:29 PM

Pros: Easy to install as this was my second xfx 6850. I now have 2 of these running 8 monitors (4x22 inch and 4x24 inch). I have not had any blue/white/red/black/striped screens like the other reviewer, but i'm also not playing games other than Dirt 3 (included with purchase). These are great for multiple monitor setups.

Cons: When I tried to arrange my 8 monitor desktop right after installing the card I got a blank screen after clicking apply to my changed settings and had to restart. After the restart I had to reconfigure the monitor arrangement again and the CCC applied the settings without freezing. No freezing since then and this was the only time it crashed; however, i am removing 1 egg because it crashed.

Overall Review: I continue to think this is a great value if you need more monitors. I may even purchase another one to support a 12 monitor setup. I can't confirm anything game related as I am not a PC gamer (I have an xbox). still waiting for that rebate on the first monitor! hurry up XFX

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pleasantly surprised10/16/2011 4:45:37 PM

Pros: 2 mini display port 1.2 (using both) 2 dvi, 1 single link and 1 dual link (using both) So, I arrived back in the US and my laptop died, leaving me 1 day to build my new rig from the parts I ordered from newegg and a.mazon, including this xfx 6580 card i got from newegg. I was very scared as I had reliability issues with AMD in the past and have stuck with nvidia ever since, and just as a precaution I had ordered 3 nvidia cards. My machine booted up with no issues on the video card and after a couple days of stable performance i returned the backup nvidia cards. I have a total of 8 monitors, so i purchased 1 more today in order to power the other 4. I have 4 Accell B087B-006B adapters (2 in use right now). Use them to convert your mini-dp 1.2 ports to single link DVI for a 4 monitor/card setup. buy two of these http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/Displays/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&cs=19&sku=330-9118 for a 6 monitor setup.

Cons: ummm, as far as the card, can't really think of any. i do have gripes about the dirt3 promotion, catalyst control center eyefinity configurations, and the rebate: The dirt 3 promotion is a pain in the neck. I had to message AMD 5 times over 4 days in order to get my steam download code; I read that they have had over 3 million Dirt 3 coupon codes stolen so they are making customers do extra work to make sure they have legitimate requests. eyefinity setup has limited configurations for 4 monitors... does not support 4 portrait mode monitors in 1 row :'( rebate: only 1 rebate per address per product per promotion period. Reason I waited for the second video card purchase was because of this in the rebate. So if you want to buy 2 I would recommend buying 1, waiting until the promotion ends and buying another one when the next promotion begins. even if there is not another promotion you have not lost any money.

Overall Review: I can't hear the card, although I use my card more for multitasking and less for gaming. When I do use it for gaming (used it for dirt 3 and canyon) I have headphones in or a powerful sound system running, so it is not noticeable even when running on a full load. Eyefinity... this is honestly the COOLEST thing I have experienced in a long time. Unfortunately the eyefinity is limited in terms of monitor configuration. the four monitors i have connected to the card are rotated 90 degrees, and there is no eyefinity setup for 4 monitors in 1 row in portrait mode :'( So, I set up eyefinity on 3 of the monitors with an extended desktop on the 4th. Dirt 3 is epic with eyefinity! everything seems so real if you have a nice subwoofer connected to your sound system. the catalyst center allows you to have presets for monitor configurations too, so i can easily switch between "work mode" and "game mode" (my 2 presets right now). Great work AMD!

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forgot to mention, buy dual link dvi cables10/5/2011 5:05:41 PM

Pros: supports 1-6 monitors

Cons: have not installed my 6850, so no cons yet

Overall Review: forgot to mention that you need to buy dual link dvi cables. dual link dvi cables are backwards compatible with single link dvi ports. i don't think you can use a single link dvi cable with dual link dvi port. if your monitor has a dvi cable fixed to it then it may be a single link dvi cable. If this is the case, and you are already using the single link dvi port for your other monitor, then maybe a hdmi to dvi single link adapter will work.

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Just thought i'd share some info10/5/2011 4:28:08 PM

Pros: supports 1-6 monitors

Cons: have not installed card yet, so no cons found so far lol.

Overall Review: to the people who are having issues, go here http://www.power-color.com/Manual/090106/Radeon_HD_6800_Series_ENG.pdf it is a manual for this radeon series card (2 dvi (one single, one dual-link), 2 mini-DP, hdmi) Skip to page 12-13 where the instructions show examples on how to set up multiple displays (1-6 monitors). read this line: "Two connections between the single-link DVI-D, dual-link DVI-I, and HDMI connections." This says you can't use all three at the same time. Dual link is supposed to be backwards compatible with single link dvi, so I think if you are having issues hooking up 2 displays to the 2 dvi ports you might have something plugged into the hdmi port. if this is not the case, try purchasing an hdmi to dvi adapter, and use 1 dvi port plus 1 hdmi port to power your 2 monitors. Also, if you are using a dvi to vga adapter, put this in the single link dvi port (the dvi port to the right of the vent, not the dvi port to the right of the hdmi port)

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works like a charm4/20/2011 9:49:33 AM

Pros: high capacity durable and sturdy many battery supplied outlets on back

Cons: large, but i suppose all UPS battery backups are

Overall Review: I have been using this for 6 months in an area where the power cuts in and out for split seconds randomly. I have a backup generator outside but that always turns on about 5 seconds after the power cuts out. This UPS has allowed me to continue working during these temporary blackouts. Before I bought this I was losing work, time, and patience. I have 1 computer connected to it and 1 monitor. I have 5 other monitors but I keep these off of the unit so that the battery supplied power lasts longer.

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Much faster than the WD Raptor 10,000 RPM drives10/17/2010 2:49:34 PM

Pros: I bought this to replace my busted WD raptor 10,000RPM drive, and I am very satisfied with the purchase. On a core2quad at 2.4GHz, Windows XP 64-bit install took 10 minutes flat, from creating the partition/formatting to seeing the windows desktop/ activating windows. computer boots up in 7-10 seconds, from pressing the power button to opening firefox. Programs open and close super fast. I am blown away. Also, this drive is light and SILENT! I think I will replace my CPU heatsink fan with the corsair watercooling block to make my computer even more quiet.

Cons: This drive comes with firmware 1.22. However the most recent firmware available on OCZ's website is 1.11. Do not download the 1.11 firmware update, as the tool will try to "upgrade" you to 1.11 and then fail (because the drive comes with the newest firmware that is not available to the public). If you do this, as I did, your drive will operate at a snails pace until you reformat the drive. A full reformat brought my drive back up to speed. OCZ recommends using HDDerase to restore performance, but i didn't have the patience for that. Also, 2 days after I purchased this drive newegg dropped $20 bucks off the price. Annoyed at newegg for that, but it just means this awesome drive is $20 less for anyone looking to upgrade their system.

Overall Review: For even faster boot up times, if you are not using a RAID array go into your MB's bios and turn off the RAID check. Also, I read that running the drive in AHCI mode yields better performance. so enable that in your MB bios before windows install. If you are using windows xp you need to put the AHCI drivers on a floppy disk and press F6 when the windows install CD begins to load the setup files (you'll see a notification at the bottom of your monitor to press F6 if you have additional RAID/AHCI drivers). I forgot to do this and will be reinstalling windows as soon as I get a functioning floppy disk drive.

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