Wonderful experience9/9/2021 8:07:29 AM

Pros: Great sound! Strong battery. Light and easy to wear.

Cons: Sound fades when you turn your head, this is an engineering problem.

Overall Review: This was a solution for the wife. She has been enjoying the ability to listen to her music and still be able to hear everyone at work. As a CNA it is critical that she hears alarms, calls for help and general conversations. These bone conducting headphones are amazing!

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From Zero to Hero!9/9/2021 8:05:40 AM

Overall Review: Slotted this in a HP rig my brother in law bought. It was supposed to be a gaming rig with DDR3 legacy memory in the box. I suggested this upgrade and it turned that LoooL box into a real pew pew factory. Overall performance was exponentially better than the OEM and far better than expected. Another great lesson for play stupid games and win stupid prizes!

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Works great and on time9/9/2021 8:00:36 AM

Pros: Card was delivered on time and without damage. I have been enjoying the new technology for my multimedia and gaming needs.

Cons: I would have liked a review card sent with the product to register with the store for deals and customer service response. Yet I would think part of that is satisfied here. Guess I am just old. ;)

Overall Review: The product is rock solid, tested well and works great. If you need blazing fast speed, high wireless fidelity and peace of mind security, this is the card for you.

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On Point12/24/2020 10:24:37 AM

Pros: The package was delivered in a timely manner. The package was sealed and protected well. The unit arrived undamaged and without defect.

Cons: I asked for signature drop off to prevent theft. It was not properly delivered to my specifications. DHL is still a risky delivery platform. Our last shipment from them was stolen from our porch when it was left. I will require Fed Ex or USPS for future delivery platforms.

Overall Review: The units were as advertised. The items are clean and unused. The software was not recycled either. Great new product as advertised. I am impressed that this company's integrity shows in it's work. I will not let the slack performance of DHL mar this review.

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Plug and Play!11/4/2018 12:07:14 PM

Pros: No drivers needed. Works on all Winnet/PC's with generic USB drivers.

Cons: Lacks documentation. No online support. Device does not come with instructions for operation, upkeep and repair.

Overall Review: Great for kids when you need something that works but do not want to spend a lot on the device. Comparable to branded market controllers and latency is under 3ms.

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Fire in the hole!10/15/2012 9:32:47 AM

Pros: Blazing fast and good fault tolerance for OC's, memory has been stable in my gaming rig since I put it in.

Cons: Product shipped with a dead stick on delivery, no manufacturing warranty and no replacements made it hard to eat the cost.

Overall Review: This set was one of the best finds for budget/build constraints and continued to deliver.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. We are sorry to hear a module was dead on arrival. You are certainly backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty, so you can send them in to exchange for new memory. For G.Skill users, there's no such thing as eating the cost. Once you purchase G.Skill, we will make sure you have good working memory for life. Please visit the Official G.Skill website for complete RMA procedures. The G.Skill RMA process is quick and hassle free so you will have the full 16GB in no time. For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: ustech@gskillusa.com RMA Dept Email: rma@gskillusa.com G.Skill Forum: http://www.gskill.us/forum/