Does it's job well.8/23/2016 3:21:23 PM

Pros: After receiving this beast, after 30 minutes of gaming, I went back to desktop and the breaker tripped. Everything remained on without any interruption. Features are great, the best is checking overall PC power consumption, along with monitor, printer etc.

Cons: You can fell the quality by it's weight. Not a con, but not for those looking to store this off the floor without make sure it will not topple over.

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Does what it was meant to do6/1/2013 3:49:05 PM

Pros: It reads and burns DVDs.

Cons: I had buy this against my will. Clients still hand me CDs/DVDs with their pictures and videos on them. I tried to go without a ODD forever but failed.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Fine Art6/1/2013 3:41:55 PM

Pros: Sleek and Stylish, and understated. The perfect case for the gentleman enthusiast. Can house any motherboard in a small package. Besides what you see in the photos, all of the I/O and fan cables are black, not the rainbow stuff. Multiple fan options and hotswap HDD bays. One of the best cases I've ever owned, and I went through quite a few over the last two years. Going to stick with this one for a while.

Cons: There could have been two cable management holes in the motherboard tray. PSU Install can be a bit tricky, so be careful not to scratch the finish. Window came a bit foggy due to the plastic covering it, but I guess that was from it sitting in the warehouse too long (see the price). Don't buy the 240/280 rad coolers, they won't fit.

Overall Review: One of the best V-Series cases LL has made. The Case of Gentlemen.

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Awesome1/24/2013 6:38:52 PM

Pros: Best OC board for the money. This board managed to OC my i7 3770 (non-K) to a peak 4.5Ghz!!! 4.3GHz stable at load on all cores. Sexy matte black PCB makes the board disappear inside my black interior PC case.

Cons: Bright blue lights at the top of the board. These can be turned off, but I would rather have the board stick to the yellow theme, so yellow LEDs would have been a better design choice.

Overall Review: Great OC board. No need to spend $300+ for features you'll never use. You get everything here with $100 extra to spend on a SSD or better video card.

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Awesome1/24/2013 6:31:58 PM

Pros: Flat modular cables makes cable management so much easier. Enough power to handle a mid/high end setup using today's energy efficient Intel and Nvidia components.

Cons: SATA power cable is a little short. Could have used another power connection to make the cable longer.

Overall Review: Got it on sale!!!

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Awesome4/30/2012 9:58:15 AM

Pros: Works @ 2133 10-11-10-27 1.6V on the Maximus V Gene Z77. Heatsinks not too tall. Price, speed and looks sold me. Has XMP 1.3 and works on X79 and Z68/Z77 motherboards. 7.9 WEI if that means anything to you.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I paired this with the new Maximus V Gene Z77 motherboard. If you're running the factory bios, 0602, you will need to manually set the RAM speed in the bios, XMP will not work. If you flash to the new bios that is now on Asus site, bios version 0701, you can use the XMP setting.

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Awesome4/12/2012 9:23:27 PM

Pros: Great onboard sound, feature packed and OC settings. Best mATX motherboard on the market.

Cons: Make sure you install the video driver asap. I got boot loops because of overlapping video drivers, had to boot into safe mode to solve the issue.

Overall Review: These days, a board like this is all you need sort of building a 3-4 GPU monster PC.

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60fps+ Maxed Out3/29/2012 9:00:35 AM

Pros: Fantastic performance, temps, noise levels and experience. Best card I've owned to date. I only have one 1200p monitor and it's more than enough for any game. BF3 avg. 80fps+ OC - Ultra/4xMSAA. Very impressed.

Cons: Tends to downclock the boost clock if the fan speed isn't kept above card temp. Didn't get free High Air Flow bracket, wished EVGA offered it to more of their buyers.

Overall Review: If your running two GTX 480s and 570s, don't think twice about switching to a single GTX 680. Will will gain everything and lose nothing.

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Awesome12/20/2011 4:32:40 PM

Pros: Simple installation and retrieved the drivers from their site and it installed without any issues. No slow downs switching from my Cat5e cable. Gaming also produced very low pings in Battlefield 3.

Cons: Not 300mbps, but most home users don't need it anyways. Antenna can be a little tall for some users, but it produces better communication between the modem/router and your PC.

Overall Review: Should have bought two during the ShellShocker. I was only thinking that I'll toss this into my pending HTPC build, but now I want another for my desktop too. Win some, lose some.

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Awesome12/9/2011 4:24:26 PM

Pros: Can fit any motherboard from mATX to HPTX. 11 PCI Slots for Quad SLI/CF video cards. Nine Hot-Swap bays Ability to hold two radiators without modding. Removable fan filters that "twist" off from the fans, leaving the screws in place. Semi-modular design, all black panels are attached with screws so they can be removed easily. Can install the longest video cards on the market with room to spare (about 16" deep). Video card holder to keep heavy video cards from drooping. Excellent cable management. Removable 3x120 fan bracket that can be mounted anywhere to direct airflow. A blank canvas, which allows infinite customization options.

Cons: No case is perfect, especially when talking about Lian Li, but a few issues could have been easily addressed. Corsair H series coolers are very popular but the 120mm models can't be installed with the top video card brace installed. One end is attached with screws but the other end is riveted into the case. In order to remove the bar, the rivets has to be removed, but the bar should've been fastened with screws on both ends. Removing the bar also takes away the ability to use the video card holder. I got around this by using a traditional cooler tower cooler. The HDD rack has screws at the top and bottom but once again has rivets on the front of the case. The HDD rack should have been fastened with screws only. I removed the rivets but it shouldn't have been necessary. The side panels could be tricky to put back on so be patient. Should have included a stealth bay cover for DVD burners. Hot swap backplates are not SATA 6.0.

Overall Review: I've completely customized the case for my needs so I can overlook some of the cons of the case. But if someone is using it out of the box as is, the cons listed could cause some incompatibility with certain components. None of the Corsair H coolers can be installed as is, the case con fit the tallest aircoolers. It's the best case I've worked with to date and I consider it a perfect case for customization and traditional water cooling. Looking at it from the perspective of a normal consumer the case gets 4 eggs, but since this is my opinion and how the case addressed my needs, I give it 5 eggs.

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Super6/24/2011 11:17:53 PM

Pros: Work great, just like my last set.

Cons: None

Overall Review: 16GB for much less than the price of my 6GB set last year.

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