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Well built, but needs some fine tuning.

Triple Monitor Mount Stand for up to 32 inch Monitors. Also ideal for 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 32 inch monitors.
Triple Monitor Mount Stand for up to 32 inch Monitors. Also ideal for 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 32 inch monitors.

Pros: The stand came with all the hardware, including all the hardware you need for the monitors as well. It's not too heavy for one person to lift with the monitors installed (I have 3x27" ASUS VE278Qs) which is great, but it's heavy enough that I know it's not cheaply made... it's very sturdy. It was very easy to put together, and I did so with my roomate's help in about 30 minutes, and that was taking our time. The posts come with flexible cable management sleeves so that you don't have wires running rampant below the monitors, if you want to use them make sure you have cables long enough for some extra slack. I'm very pleased with the stand altogether!

Cons: The height of the arms is not adjustable in contrast to the center mount. You can move all three up and down if you adjust the stops for the arms, but you cannot adjust the height of of the arms without changing the height of the center monitor as well. Normally this would not be cause for concern since you want them aligned anyhow, but there's an issue. The two side monitors sit about a 1/2 inch above the center monitor, which is quite annoying when you're trying to use NVidia surround or something of the like, and want one seamless display. My guess is they tried to compensate for sagging with heavier monitors and overdid it a bit... In my case, my monitors have large bezels anyways, so it's not the end of the world. If you're looking for a stand that will provide a seamless 5760x1080 display with no bezels, this stand is not for you I'm afraid. Thankfully, this is the only issue I have with the stand, and it's a small issue for me personally.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this stand for people looking to use a 5760x1080 display that are on a budget. The price is right for mounting large monitors, and it can fit on a normal sized desk (though the monitors will hang off the sides). Again, if you're trying to create a seamless monitor transition across the three, you're going to have issues.

Fantastic Case!

Thermaltake Chaser A71 VP400M1W2N Black SECC ATX Full Tower Case
Thermaltake Chaser A71 VP400M1W2N Black SECC ATX Full Tower Case

Pros: This is a GREAT case for the price! I built a computer for my roommate on a budget and we were VERY pleased with this case (I was more than him since I was the one doing the labor). Thermaltake thankfully stopped trying to make the large side fan wireless (they had contacts on the bottom of the side panel that connected as you closed the case), as the last two cases I bought from them broke within the first three times I opened them... so thumbs up on that! There are ports for external liquid cooling, or wire running in the back. It includes a dust-protected hot-swap station for hard drives right on the front of the case that's compatible with both 2.5" and 3.5" HDDs and SSDs! There are multiple chafe-resistant rubber-lined ports that go to and fro near the motherboard. When I went to install the motherboard, I noticed something amazing... they already had spacer posts mounted for me in an ATX configuration! I simply opened the case, and mounted the motherboard. No spacer mapping necessary! The hard drive bays are light, small plastic trays that are well secured, but remove with ease. Thermaltake thankfully didn't put the latches on this case's side panel either, they went with the slide-in system with a few thumbwheel screws, and I thank them for it! Again I had two ThermalTake cases that had latches, and they all broke within three openings. This case is outstanding!

Cons: No cons discovered yet!

Overall Review: I would encourage anyone to buy this case, it's a great value and it's going to last.

Great combo for the money!

Devastator II  LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle with Red LED Edition by Cooler Master
Devastator II LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle with Red LED Edition by Cooler Master

Pros: I ordered this combo for my roommate, I was building a PC for him on a budget. The keyboard works, and the keys light up (you must use the "scroll lock" key to light the keys up, they do not do so automatically). I was surprised to find that it comes with media controls on the top! For the price, you're just not going to beat this keyboard. For the mouse, that goes double. If I was in the market I'd be satisfied just paying $30 for the mouse alone! for under $15 you get a gaming mouse with adjustable DPi and two thumb buttons!

Cons: Note that these are cons, but considering the price.... they're more than acceptable. This is not a $150 keyboard we're talking about here. The keyboard is cheaply made, and feels as such. The keys feel... odd... as far as the action is concerned. They don't seem to click anywhere, they just kind of squish down and you can't feel a defined spot where the input is going to take place, you just know it eventually is going to happen. We're talking about fractions of seconds here, so unless you're a professional gamer with thousands of dollars riding on milliseconds of response time, it'll be okay. The keys are impossible to read without the back-lighting on, and even when it is they're still very hard to make out. If you're not experienced with typing, I would get something else if you can afford it. No complaints on the mouse... it's a pretty standard two thumb button gaming mouse with adjustable DPi setting.

Overall Review: I can't say it enough, for the price this is the best deal for a gaming KB/mouse combo out there. If you're looking for high tech equipment with a good feel to it however, move on and spend the extra cash.