Decent little package12/26/2017 2:23:29 PM

Pros: Build quality is very good and easy to use bios. The small form factor fits nicely inside my coolermaster 110 itx case with plenty of room to spare. My wifi works flawlessly and also hooked up a set of bluetooth headphones for silent gaming sessions when the roomates are home. It has everything you could need for a micro build or htcp system. Came with latest bios so did not have to update to install 7th gen intel.

Cons: Installation was relatively easy only thing that slowed me down was the wifi card that many others had mentioned before, ended up taking the card out and installing the antenna connectors first then reinstalled the card and connected the antenna to the back plate.

Overall Review: Other components include an intel g4600, ballistix sport 8gb kit, amd 560 4gb, 240gb ssd(win10), and logysis 480w. This power combo works wonderfully as a budget gamer and gets decent frames in most aaa titles and max frames on older/lower end games. I use vertical sync so anything over 60 fps is a moot point for me.

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Very Nice3/28/2011 9:58:36 AM

Pros: Strong connection and sleek design. Connected to a netflix enabled tv for streaming and works wonderfully.

Cons: My only complaint is the set up took almost 1/2 hour due to hidden choices when running the unit in client mode. Such as where u input the passkey and in my case forgot it and had to try a few diffirent options rebooting each time and also needing to enable the dhcp option as well, not covered in the "quick install manuel."

Overall Review: Over all i'm impressed however the firmware could have been designed a little more user friendly, however any techminded person can work their way through it.

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Awesome1/14/2011 10:38:08 PM

Pros: It has revolutionized my case experiance. I usually by the cheapest things i can find and got this at $35 with free shipping heck yes. Wonderful layout came with everything needed and overall design keeps a 470 and 430 cool as well as 8gb of ram and a phenom II quad nice and cool.

Cons: The mesh does need to be cleaned once in a while but would rather have it on the outside than on the inside.

Overall Review: If you can get a deal on this case pick it up and u won't be disapointed. I did transplant a few fans from previous case but only because i like the ones that show speed and temp outputs better, that and they are green instead of blue.

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Woot physx card1/14/2011 10:30:33 PM

Pros: Wonderful physx card. Have not game'd to much on it as i have 470 running the graphics but it holds its own againts the cards of yester year particularly the 8x00 and mid 9x00 gpu's. Fan is near silent and not noticable with the 470 in there.

Cons: Not the best for gaming. Replaced a 240 1gb and has significantly less memory bandwidth due to slower gddr however is countered with faster cores, so kinda balances itself out but not really.

Overall Review: If for example you currently have a 8600 or equivilent get this level of card especially if you are on a budget this will give acces to Dx11 and surpass those cards abilities by far. I would be so bold as to say it comes close to the 8800gt series in "general" performance. The most usefull feature for me would be running physx; so unless you are on a budget and need to upgrade or just have an old or original power supply, as it only needs 300w drawing about 50w itself, its a good buy.

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Sufficiently supprised1/14/2011 10:08:18 PM

Pros: Works well and stable connection speeds. No problems with comcast and is slaughtering downloads vs limited dsl in my area.

Cons: Wish comcast had competent installers. Literally took three techs a total of 6 hours to get me hooked up and still had to add my own ground after investigating highpower output on upstream channel. Adding the ground dropped the needed output by 10dBmV, from 55 to 44 +-1 due to tempurature changes and traffic.

Overall Review: Make sure your connected as directly to the source of the main line as you can plus make sure the line is grounded some how otherwise unstable conditions will occur and not due to the modems fault.

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Awsome10/7/2010 9:14:37 AM

Pros: They work great no problems and will be ordering a second set soon. Timings are decent and the price is just right.

Cons: They do have a lower voltage so my motherboard did not understand this and had to set it manually.

Overall Review: If your having any stability issues make sure the voltage is set correctly and all will be well.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Perfect10/4/2010 8:22:14 PM

Pros: A fine tuned product that does everything it says and supases expextations.

Cons: Bios is a little odd when setting manual speeds and voltages as this disables higher power saving functions.

Overall Review: Although having tri sli would be nice I do not and will not invest that much on cards so a Dual setup is perfect for me although at the moment i am running a gtx470 for graphics and a gt240 for physx with a phenom 945 for cpu so dual 470s is probly out too.

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Nifty6/7/2010 11:07:41 PM

Pros: It has blue leds, and it has a 3pin connector as well as an adaptor for 4pin. Price is not bad.

Cons: The main connector seems short for a main system fan but worked out ok. Shipping charges are rediculous for such a light item.

Overall Review: With system at idle the fan reads 1500rpms and 2150rpms when at full speed, significant difference in noise between the two however with other case fans and graphics cards the noise is negligable.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
So far so good6/7/2010 10:54:35 PM

Pros: Its stylish and black, also i prefer the type of usb connector over the mini usb connecter, tends to be less fragile feeling. Plenty of power to run my external harddrive with no issues.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Replaced a usb 1.1 adapter that was also powered, now devices are detected by windows so much faster and much more responsive.

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Works wonders6/7/2010 10:48:49 PM

Pros: Its usb 2.0 on a pci card, works with 98se up to brand new operating systems, low price and its easy to install.

Cons: yes the internal port shares an external port guess what if your not using a flash memory stick on the inside of ur case you will never know the difference. While it is an annoyance its even displayed in the item name.

Overall Review: I ordered two, one to mess around with dated computers that have no usb at all but still run good ol win98se, it works great with these sytems. The other went to grandparents who needed usb2.0 to have decent access to flash memory and scanner/printer, etc. Point is it's worth the $10 and shipping.

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Awsome6/7/2010 10:34:09 PM

Pros: Its small and cheap, I leave it plugged in at all times and just disable the software when not in use.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Set up is a breeze and syncing my Krzr only takes moments, also data transfer from the phone is smooth and consistant.

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Meets Specifications6/7/2010 10:29:53 PM

Pros: Its inexpensive and meets SDHC class 6 specs. If you have a low res camera 8mega pixels or less you're good to go.

Cons: It does not exceed class 6 specs, tested with atto disk bench reached 5.6mbs-6.2mbs for writes and 11.4mbs for reads.

Overall Review: Tested an adata microSD 4gb(turbo) using the same adapter has read of 16mbs and write of 6.5mbs. The camera this is to be used in is a Nikon CoolPix s570 (12mpxl) so the write speeds are essential when trying to get multiple shots off.

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Awsome!4/28/2010 8:23:11 PM

Pros: Dx11, 1.2Gb of ram and 440 cores. Runs Unigine like a dream tesselation is very cool but you definitaly need a 700plus power supply with at least 40amps on the 12volt rail either combined or total.

Cons: Fan does get very loud at higher speeds, although it replaced two 8800gt's which i could literealy cook eggs with. Also with a $360 price this is no cheap card.

Overall Review: System specs: M2n-Sli Delux AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 4GB ddr2 800 Corsair Samsung 1TB drive Rosewill 750w power supply 4 12v rails with 20A each 1 EVGA Geforce gtx 470

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Great!!4/26/2010 3:57:08 PM

Pros: No dead pixels, 20 inches of bliss, free fast shipping ,plus $10 promo code ontop of the discounted price droping it to $100 makes for an increadible deal.

Cons: really?

Overall Review: Works great and looks good. Ordered for my father who's been using behemoth 19''crt best upgrade i could do for him. just need to install the new video card with the hdmi cable and he'll be set for a while.

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Awsome4/26/2010 3:52:30 PM

Pros: It works in so many ways!! The signal strength is good and the html enterface is a breeze. A must buy.

Cons: It needs an external source of power either the power adapter or a usb port.

Overall Review: Takes a few minutes to configure but works very well once it is set up. Using it as a ethernet adapter for my ps2 and older machines that do not have usb ports or pci slots.

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Meh4/26/2010 3:46:00 PM

Pros: It was on promo for $15 and free shipping. Not a bad package of items plus a small container for screws and jumpers. Already used the ratcheting screwdriver works well and makes a pleasant clicking noise.

Cons: The wrist strap seems kind cheap, and there is no flashlight.

Overall Review: Wasn't expecting a light to be encluded but I have come to know that it is an essential part of any tool arsenal.

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Meh.9/28/2009 10:59:44 PM

Pros: It works and its not overly expensive. Integrated mic is very useful.

Cons: Low qaulity video but thats what you get for the bottom line. The software that comes with the cam is outdated, just download the recent lifecam software from Microsoft's Website and toss the disk.

Overall Review: Spend some extra cash and go with the midrange cams, unless your looking for lowest possible price.("you will get what you pay for")

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Great Deal!!9/28/2009 10:51:18 PM

Pros: Very fast for such a small chip. Inexpensive and versatile. Atto test results show read speeds of 19Mb/s and write speeds above 8Mb/s.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Beware of the device you use as it may be capable of sdhc cards but not able to utilize the speed of a class 6 card. eg.. I puchased for a generic mp4 player and its access was limited to 2Mb/s. So now the card is used as SSD for a Linux box.

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Well worth your cash!9/14/2009 4:19:24 PM

Pros: Its cheap, got it with free shipping(thanks newegg!). Works straight out the box with a pre designed connector for the motherboard. Also has the two different face plates, I used the silver one which is relatively easy to swap out.

Cons: The cable that comes out of the unit seems a little bulkier than it has to be, while the length was just right for my case it could cause issues with larger server style case.

Overall Review: Not so much a con but the data transfer rates are not spectacular, a CF card rated to read at 133x or about 19mb/s is only accessed at about 6mb/s. So long as it reads the wide variety of cards out there. Im happy as all I'm using it for is to move pictures off of memory cards.

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Acceptable9/7/2009 10:21:32 AM

Pros: Cheap and fast.

Cons: Package mentions it is only capable of single channel, didn't test because it was going into a board that doesn't support dual channel anyway.

Overall Review: It's good for a quick pickme up on an older machine.

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Stable and fast5/12/2009 10:42:57 AM

Pros: Runs fast and stable. Max read around 150MB/s Max write around 112MB/s

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Upgraded from a pata 300gb drive, huge improvement in speed and space. Also went from xp x64 to vista prem x64/ ubuntu on a dual boot.

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