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This is a flexible and sturdy Router for small Business.6/7/2018 6:45:07 AM

Pros: It supports a myriad of settings to cover Vlan's in a number of differing environments. It is the closest thing to being there when it comes to professional grade Cisco Routers without the configuration headaches and price normally present with high end Cisco devices. There is still room to grow into these routers. They have been around for about 10 years in various stages with this version supporting POE and 18 ports ... just enough for a busy small office with IP Phones, IP Cameras, and a few other networking devices. Coupled with a sturdy SF-220-24P Cisco POE Switch for future growth creates an unbeatable base system combination of hardware to support you well into the future. Locking down this system is interesting, and the ability to swap config files if something goes awry is extremely easy.

Cons: still a bit difficult to manage some of the settings even though the technology has been dumbed down for not necessarily prime time technophobes.

Overall Review: Hands down, the best non-professional "pocket sized" router for home and office with many of the tools used for upscale connectivity and security. If you are a newbie to Cisco hardware systems, get your hands dirty with this box before moving up the ladder... you will be glad you did.

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