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works great7/1/2013 8:10:11 AM

Pros: Got a couple of these for $60ea, they work great! wireless range worked reliably at just over 20 ft customize scan options is a plus

Cons: they are lightweight and feel kinda cheap, but thats why they are affordable

Overall Review: I stick to the heavier duty symbol units for our warehouse, but for sales counter and office solutions these are a good choice

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BUY IT!2/2/2013 5:49:56 PM

Pros: Is a workhorse, doesn't suck up toner, works well in a dusty warehouse. Price is good

Cons: has had a couple issues where it thought it had a jam but not really a con, probably due to the dusty environment

Overall Review: Story time... We had 4 brand-new Dell 3330dn printers ($500ea) that came in our new warehouse management package. They all sat in storage for 12 months while we prepared for the transition, (which caused the warranty to expire) Than after go-live and literally only 3 months of use, 1 of them, whether from being overworked or not, got too hot and melted some plastic cover on one of the rollers which messed the whole thing up, So I call Dell and get shafted because the warranty is up and they wanted $250 bucks for the new fuser assembly! Found this oki for $250 that same day and bought it, 3 months later I ask the warehouse guys how they like it.... they say it prints faster, uses wayyy less toner, & never bugs out not to mention the toner is around $60 cheaper. This may be sounding like a dell bash so I wont bring up all the other problems Ive been having with the remaining 3. It just makes me mad to think Dell wants $500 for a printer that is supposed to be the same caliber as this one if not better and wont even back it up. I got 2 oki's now (c330dn) and these 2 printers are the only ones out of my mix of Dell, HP, Canon, & Ricohs that have never once given me any issue since I first set them up. Needless to say I'm a dedicated OKI customer from here on out, Keep up the good work and affordable prices OKI!

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Great product12/7/2012 8:54:25 AM

Pros: This is the best mouse/keyboard combo I have run across, very comfortable. Batteries last much longer than other ones that I have used. PRICE is great and occasionally newegg has this on sale for $50...

Cons: none especially considering the price

Overall Review: I have bought close to a dozen of these sets for our office in the last year, out of all of them one keyboard had an issue with spacebar not working 100% of the time. Called Logitech support for the first time and was pleasantly surprised to speak to a very nice guy that asked a couple of simple questions instead of the usual 50 "are you sure your not plugging the battery in backwards" interrogation that one usually gets with support. 6 minute phone call altogether and logitech is sending me a brand-new replacement and I dont even have to send the broken unit back..... Way to go Logitech!! I know this is deep but just had to share my happiness with everyone, will continue to be a loyal logitech customer from here on out!

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works like it should10/19/2012 7:47:04 AM

Pros: Fits the nexus perfectly, doesn't affect screen touch sensitivity that I can tell

Cons: its exactly the same size as the screen so if you dont get it on just right it bubbles a little at the ends from overlapping. Not really a big deal but would be nice if they were scaled down slightly for some wiggle room

Overall Review: Before you apply just cut about a 1/4" off from the bottom will make installation much easier.

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Best bang for your buck6/8/2012 1:36:06 PM

Pros: This is a great mouse, its large (especially nice if you have big hands like myself) also the side buttons are placed perfectly and are quite handy for surfing the web as back and forward buttons. I use it to play CSS and skyrim on a weekly basis, the accuracy of it feels really good dpi button is handy though i never use the high setting

Cons: I wouldn't even consider this a con but after about 8 months of use its starting to wear considerably... also after some time when gaming and i lift it off of the pad my screen gets the shakes. But honestly CONGRATULATIONS gigabyte on creating a cheap mouse that performs like a $100 mouse for the first year of its life.

Overall Review: If you like comfort and are a casual gamer and you dont use the living heck out of your mouse but want something that works awesome for gaming this thing is for YOU. Do yourself a favor and buy a large gaming mouse pad for this thing, at first wasn't wanting to work very well on normal surfaces but once i got the pad it was like night and day...

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Win 7 DOES WORK1/30/2012 8:47:06 PM

Pros: Just wanted to let anyone know, since everywhere i looked said otherwise, that windows 7 64, does work perfectly on this thing.

Cons: none really other than poor customer service, and still miss my old asus board though

Overall Review: been running this thing hard for over 5 years now shes been good to me

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Can't beat the price1/6/2012 11:12:04 AM

Pros: For the price you can't beat these things seems to be sturdy doesn't hurt your head the strap that holds the weight makes it very comfortable Had 3 people different people today walking by my cubicle ask if they were bose lol

Cons: sound isn't bad but you can tell the quality is a little... bleh... (dont get me wrong im not talking about crackling or anything thats obnoxious) obviously considering the price I wouldn't consider this a con just mentioning...

Overall Review: Don't hesitate to buy these you will not be dissapointed (coming from an extremely particular [product quality] shopper)

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Trendnet takes it away again1/6/2012 11:03:43 AM

Pros: it works, its classy, its compact I like the metal casing/sturdiness comes with handy rubber pads for desktop or can be wall-mounted did I mention COMPACT

Cons: doesn't get hot enough to keep my coffee warm :(

Overall Review: Needed a cheap, compact switch for my 2 desktops at the office. I bought the 8-port gigabit version a few months ago and liked it so much I got this one as well... can't beat the price:quality ratio IMO

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Only the best12/14/2011 9:43:38 AM

Pros: Best home router you will ever deal with IMO have owned my own for 6 years now, only have to reboot it once a year if that. remote management, port forwarding, dynamic ip service (ddns) works flawlessly... I have deployed 4 of these to friends and family in the last year and never had a complaint since

Cons: none this thing is a classic and will last many many years

Overall Review: not like other cheap routers with poor connectors that get finicky after a year or 2 this thing is solid

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Works Good12/14/2011 9:36:08 AM

Pros: Works great I bought this unit to transmit wi-fi to my father-in-laws single story shop from his 2nd story apartment (about 150') with a 20' drop in elevation. setup is a breeze and much easier to understand then other repeaters i have dealt with.

Cons: none really... made for an awesome improvement to an older belkin repeater

Overall Review: At first I set it up in the apartment close to their belkin (n) router but trying to connect to the signal from the shop was sub-par... when i moved the unit to the shop it receives the signal from the house about %60 (which amazed me) and provides a very fast, reliable connection.... summary: this device is very good for bridging connections across long distances but not so good for connecting to at a long distance, this is probably due to the limitation of the pc's card to transmit at that distance though..

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12/16/2008 9:56:14 PM

Pros: all i got to say is that it out-did my expectations and runs cod4 on max graphics with 22" lcd on max 32 bit resolution

Cons: none so far....

Overall Review: its massive and covers up two of the pci slots on my micro board

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12/16/2008 9:52:18 PM

Pros: I love this case it rocks.. its huge the fans are huge everything stays very cool and is a good conversation starter lol.. lots of room for everything easy easy installation.. the fans are plenty quiet even when at high speed. The fold out flippers for extra stability are handy you cant go wrong with this unless you have limited space.... its also a heavy mother and not fun to move to lanpartys

Cons: The front fan on mine makes an annoying little knocking noise when at its highest speed.

Overall Review: wish that it had a removable plate for the mobo, and a higher quality latching door

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Good board12/16/2008 9:41:43 PM

Pros: I love this board. was somewhat nervous about buying a micro board but it has everything and more it was more than capable for my setup...

Cons: if you get a big video card there is only enough room to use one of the pci slots.... my geforce 8800gtx covers two of the three

Overall Review: good bargain for the quality

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12/16/2008 9:34:28 PM

Pros: excellent product works great is very quiet plenty of power for my sub high-end machine..

Cons: somehow mine came with green leds

Overall Review: I would say great bargain because i managed to get it when the price was only $90

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