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Great game5/30/2014 9:01:25 AM

Pros: Nice graphics. Young Lara is an uber babe

Cons: PC controls a little challenging for beginners. Short.

Overall Review: I posted a review on this game in part because I disagreed with the existing solo review on here. The controls on the PC are no more challenging then typical PC adventure or first person games. I think most 'gamers' will have no problem doing a few of the dextrous movements required. I played the game through to the end - twice. It took 40 hours total, and the 2nd play-through was with 100% accomplishments (scavenger hunts, really). I really enjoyed this game - and found myself wanting to reinstall it. It has a good story, and like I said in the Pros, Lara is quite the looker. It's sort of a prequel - as Lara has just graduated and this is her first adventure. It's really neat to see her confidence grow. They have a new level-up system, where you get to decide where to allocate points for new skills and weapon abilities. I typically enjoy this genre of game. I like the mix of storyline, some FPS elements, puzzles, stealth, and general sense of adventure. If you like games like Mass Effect (2 & 3), Just Cause 2, Bioshock Infinite... I think you would really enjoy this one. And if it still on sale for six dollars... well... that's just doubly awesome.

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