Very good product! Easy to work with. Surprising quality1/24/2020 11:47:07 AM

Pros: Quick Setup Good Installation Room for improvements Good component lifespan

Cons: Poor cable placement/management GPU Extends over most the SATA ports

Overall Review: Ive had this for over 2 years now and was a bit skeptical of getting a pre-built PC. I can say for certainty that this was a FANTASTIC purchase! It was ready to go as soon as I got it, just turned it on and set up my account. Everything is seated and installed so well I actually shipped it as-is from Japan to the US when I transferred duty stations. Everything is nice and snug but there is still room to install or replace components as you see fit. My one grip is the way the cables were tucked away made it frustrating to dig them out and get enough slack for each new HDD and SSD I installed. Overall I would definitely buy another pre-built like this one.

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Great9/26/2014 11:46:56 AM

Pros: Fast Responsive touch screen Great battery life Lightweight and portable

Cons: Processor lacks somewhat Would prefer a larger HDD

Overall Review: Great for the price, bought it as a gift for my mother and after messing with it myself I plan on purchasing my own soon.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I'm glad that you are satisfied with the laptop for being fast, having a responsive touchscreen, great battery life and being lightweight and portable. Should you need further assistance, please email me at and write down service# N140961835 on the subject line. Thank you for choosing an ASUS product. Regards, Rodel ASUS Customer Loyalty
Great for the price5/18/2014 11:16:11 AM

Pros: Extremely fast boot time Good battery life Good feel to it

Cons: Dual-Core turbo to 2.11GHz which still isnt fast enough for the multitasking I do with no issues.

Overall Review: For the price and considering other specs of the Notebook this is a great deal. I would recommend this for sure.

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Great7/7/2013 12:56:58 PM

Pros: Very quiet Cools well Nice design Variable fan speed On/Off for both fan and blue LED

Cons: Fan could have a higher speed max

Overall Review: Other than wanting the fan to have a higher max speed this is a great deal. It cools very well and can help your laptop when pushing it to its limits

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Fantastic6/27/2013 12:18:08 AM

Pros: SLI Cards with ability to change which does what Battery Life Keyboard Windows 8 Number Pad

Cons: Cards clock way down when not plugged in Graphics driver crashes a little too often when idle Only 3 USB ports Needs more ventilation

Overall Review: Overall this is very good for gaming and anything else you would need, the graphic crashes are nothing more than the screen flickering a few times followed by a notification. I was very, VERY skeptical of the Windows 8 OS but after 5 minutes of use I had gotten very used to it and LOVE IT, I have zero issues with it on anything, I can even play games from early 2000s without any troubles.

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