Excellent MB using it in my wife's system9/6/2020 5:31:43 AM

Pros: Building the system was easy. Muted lighting for a change. Everything worked. This will be my second board, the other is in my system running like a champ.

Cons: Get rid of the CD and add a dongle with the programs in the box. Sheesh most cases these days do not even have a CD case slot anymore. ASUS lighting software needs better instructions to get everything sync'd up including ROG items The video card is still a different color then the rest of the lighting. I finally gave up.

Overall Review: I love this MB and enjoyed building it and seeing it come to life. I think many of you need to research before you buy items such as memory and the like on the MB vender site. ASUS or for that matter all the motherboard sites post a qualified venders lists of parts tested on each motherboard. This will save you so much headache. I post this as once I knew the parts I wanted to use in my builds I check the list. IF YOU ARE NOT USING STOCK MEMORY YOU MUST UPDATE THE MB BIOS OR YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS. SAME FOR ALL MB'S. Even my brother a 20year IT fella failed to do it and had problems as he was used to the mb just checking the mb and running new memory. Not any longer you must do this.

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