Great computer, poor quality control7/6/2015 8:14:41 AM

Pros: -Great processor (best for the money in my opinion) -Multitasks like a boss -Great for video editing -Good feel to keys -Nice looking screen. Lots of colors -Lots of functionality (sleep key, off display key, touch pad off key) -Number pad -Great video card, though I haven't tested it too much. Relying on research here

Cons: This is my second one. First one had a weird battery (shut off randomly around 20%), speakers didn't play right (sounded more to the left than the right, out of the box) Second laptop still has issues: -touch pad doesn't work right (left button is hard to press. You have to press near the center). Also not level, deeper on left end -Keyboard lights are dim even at brightest setting -speakers sound better but still not very good for my taste -power button feels plasticy, while programmable button feels fine. I don't understand this at all. -Screen is quite glarey, but that's my opinion -When lid closes, it feels cheap. Noticed a very slight warp in the body near the DVD tray. Again another small thing...

Overall Review: I know maybe I'm being too critical on a computer, but I really would like to love this. Performance is amazing but there are just lots of small things that add up and when you are paying close to $1400 on a computer, you just expect a higher standard on build quality!

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