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Thermaltake for SOUND!4/29/2011 12:17:06 PM

Pros: I took the plunge for being the first to buy and try these sets out and let me tell you guys. At this price this head set is a monster..Admittedly I don't think Thermaltake when it comes to headsets. What made me realize their stuff is on point was looking at a review on PCgamer for their older eSports shock head sets. A very nice 92% score on them.. These happen to be newer and adds the Big 50mm Driver..What you get is a very Clear BOOMing BASS that has decent balance in tones and will punch your ears with a full sound not too many head sets can do. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Music as well as Gaming, what they were intended for shines on a whole new level with these head sets.While looking Big n heavy, they are light and very comfortable on your head. No pinching or squeezing feeling of any type they just fit very nice around your head and the CANS completely cover your ears..Once plugged into your sound card in your PC. Get ready for some serious sound!!

Cons: Almost had to return these as when I initially got em I thought the left speaker was busted as it would rattle.. After tinkering around a bit the culprit was the Extension volume housing for the headset with the volume nob.. I have to have the volume on full 100% for there to be no rattle but not a big deal as I control the volume in other ways.. The plug n play Microphone has its advantages but the sound quality on em are just ok, they get the job done during in game chats. What was more important to me was how these CANs sounded during game play.

Overall Review: Tested using my Soundcard and BFBC2 and COD Black Ops..I heard things for the first time using these sets and that put a huge smile on my face. The spacial surround recognition in the head set is definately a huge plus. They sound like I have 8 quality speakers around me at all times. The GUN sounds that pound from these head sets NEED to be HEARD.. They give a fuller richer sound than anything I have and I have used head sets that cost 3 times more..I think there is always an element of risk when buying good head sets at any price but these.. With out a doubt on my mind a extremely great value per buck.. Games---5 egg GUNS! Directional spacing! clarity! Music----4 egg Pounding Bass, Tones are clear but not sharp Movies---5 egg Explosions, sound effects PERFECTION Comfort--5 egg Ears might sweat a bit but Very comfortable. Mic-------3 egg It is a stand alone clip style. quality is just ok Value-----5 egg Gamers and BASS heads..This one is for you!

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Worth the COST!!!4/7/2011 8:00:46 PM

Pros: True 120HZ in2D mode, as easy as setting it in Nvidia control panel. Great color and clarity for a big screen..Absolutely floored the first time I booted up BC2 in 2D.. Even more so once I threw on the glasses..I have been waiting for a 120hz 27 inch panel for a year it seems. Once this one came out I had to jump on it. It was well worth the wait.. Games tested in 3D.. BC2, Black Ops, and Borderlands..All 3 in 3D are just CRAZY in 3D...

Cons: I had a previous Nvidia Driver installed before I hooked up the monitor.. If your 3D does not work you have to do a complete uninstall..Recommend using Driver sweeper in safe mode, and then reinstall the driver.. This fixed my issue..This will save you some time trying to figure out why it wont work if you have a previous driver installed before hooking up the monitor.

Overall Review: These 27 inch panels that ACER uses are made from LG and are absolutely flawless.. Everything works out of the box.. I know there will be some competition later on this year for 27inch 3D panels and maybe by then the prices might drop a bit, but I can't possibly see how those will actually be better than this. Very even LED lighting, great response in everything I have tried on it..If you are wondering if this Monitor would be worth spending the money. In all honesty I would have spent more for this quality.. It is not only the best quality monitor I have used but also the best 3D gaming I have seen.. Varified online that PS3 through 1.4aHDMI will play 3D Blueray and 3D games as well. Also varified that newer ATI cards do work in 3D as well..Great design.. Absolutely worth the money spent.. When a product like this works like it should it just puts a huge smile on your face!! Couldn't recommend a better monitor for Gamers!!

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So where is the catch?!2/8/2011 10:19:26 AM

Pros: I am looking at my Idle temp on this card..Hows about a chilly 20degrees C..I took a good hard look as all the cards available here on the egg and I have to admit I had my eye on this card over the others. First there is this rediculous BIG ole honkin Cooler on this thing. NO WAY. This can't be the same Accelero Extreme plus heatsink n fans that is on another card for $80 more. BUT yes it is. IT also has a back plate and BIG custom air grills the more expensive card doesn't.. SO again I kept on asking what is the catch.? Oh wait it didn't come with some old has been game or benchmarking tool. Maybe that is why it is cheaper than the other cards by a lot and still has this awesome cooler on it? I threw on BC2 Vietnam and I am seeing frames of 200/ sec.. Played it for an hour or so and my temp in precision is at 40 Degrees C? NO way!! I had to play some more just to see if i was going to go up and nope it was actually at 39 degrees. The second time I checked...

Cons: No free game? No bench marking tool? No lifetime warranty? Imo I think by 2 years we will have a newer bigger badder card anyhow.. There always will be.. I just like the fact that my card will be quiet, nice n chilly for once.

Overall Review: I cranked up the OC to 830hz on the core clock and what you know, the card didn't go over 43 degrees. UNREAL folks. This has to be THE BEST GTX580..I bought this card on basis of the other reviews and I have to admit I am absolutely floored by how cool this card is from my older GTX480.. Going from 80 plus degrees on full bore to a chill 43 degrees is unreal..Seeing gains in frames in BC2 and Black ops. This was the card my GTX480 should have been. I was happy with the performance of the GTX480 but wasn't so happy with keeping the card fan on at 80 plus % while gaming. This card at 60% fan while gaming is almost half as hot as that card full blast..I honestly believe this card has to be the absolute best value for your money..Please don't spend the extra cash on an OCed card. Anyone that knows anything about fermis in general will know they all OC very well..Just how cool your gonna run it with the OC is the question. Bravo Galaxy. I am now a FAN!Give me the cooler vs lame game anyday!

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Gamers Edge12/1/2010 12:09:13 PM

Pros: Well yes I didn't buy this here. However since I am a fan of all things Newegg I figured I would let others know what this LCD can do for your game. The pros are the following -22inch 1680X1050 Native res.. Allows for higher frame rates and virtually zero input lag vs a 1080Plus monitor..Exe. I gained an average of 50 frames on Black ops by going from 26.5 inch 1920X1200 Res monitor to this one using the same hardware on the PC. If you do any type of online gaming this is very important. This will also allow you to hold off on that expensive card for a bit as this will gain you more frames= smoothness. -True 120hz refresh rate- Able to see bullets coming at you was a first for me in black ops. I hated the good players as they always seem to get the edge on me.. I am now convinced they are using a higher refresh monitor. I almost feel like I am cheating because of this monitor..The smoothness in having 120 frames a second in front of you vs 60 frames..It will WOW you..

Cons: This doesn't make you twice as better than what your abilities as a player was however in certain situations just being able to see better when craziness ensues online make a huge difference. Cons are -no hdmi out but this isn't a big deal -first gen 3D tech on this..If you aren't buying this for the 3D then again not a big deal. Haven't tried this using the 3D capabilities yet. -having to adjust from a bigger to a smaller monitor. If you read 99% of reviews on monitors that might go against what is the norm. To me I would say one of the main selling points for this monitor is because it is a 22inch monitor with the resolution being what it is.. Instead of buying an expensive Higher end card you can get great results just by purchasing this monitor. Or have both to truly have an edge playing online.

Overall Review: This monitor was an easy set up and I now have a 2 monitor set up. This one for the online shooting and my T260HD for the other stuff I need to do.. Believe me, coming from a gamer that has been shooting it up since Unreal Tournaments / Quakes, the first BF games to the newest. I once thought bigger monitor was the answer.. NOPE...I researched ALL the available monitors.. I think all the monitors are similar in quality and what they do..I will eventually test out the 3D on this but for now it serves it's purpose with flying colors and then some.. My friendly advice to fellow gamers.. Get this and replace it with whatever 60hz widescreen you are using..We are all brought up in this gaming trend of the never ending higher end hardware.. I have discovered how important it is to see what your hardware can show you.. What good is having the latest CPU 6 core and GPU when you are bottlenecked by a 60hz refresh rate.. Nuff said..There just simply can't be a better gift for a gamer..

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Helps my online addiction4/29/2010 3:55:48 PM

Pros: Playing BC2 with this card is a treat. Real world performance has to be seen to appreciate the raw power of this card. I was able to run fairly smooth on my older GTX285 but with this card I am able to turn all settings Maxed on my 26 inch samung monitor with AAX16 and AFX8.. My KD ratio has increased quite a bit with this cards performance in the game . Crysis is amazing with this card.. COD games couldn't run any smoother or look better.. I havent been this impressed with a single card since my first 8800GT several years back.

Cons: first gen Fermi, I am shure the respins are gonna be cooler and perform a tad better. I say why wait.. These for now are MONSTERS.. A High end DUO or most QUADS would benefit the card the most..When you get this card you definately will have to check the rest of your configuration to fuel the card properly.. To my surprise, it is exactly the same size as my GTX285. After reading so many reviews I expected the cards to be physically bigger for some reason.

Overall Review: I can understand why enthusiasts would want to get another in SLI.. Especially given how these cards have been reported to Scale to 80% over a single card. However.. IMO not a real necessity..Just one in a proper rig config and it will pump out them graphics and make you smile. It is nice to have an SLI option however. If you been reading these reviews of initial owners of these cards then you are already interested in the card.. I say it is worth it to save up and get one.. These aren't your Rehash cards that Nvidia has done for the last 3 years.. The tech in these cards are an evolution of consumer graphics on the PC and well worth the money...Almost bought a GTX470 instead of this but I am glad I held out for one of these instead.. The GTX470 is a great option if you want to shave off the $150 and still have your performance as well... Overall I applaud Nvidia and ATI for that matter as I have a feeling we wouldn't have these cards if it wasn't for ATI with their 5K series cards.

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Compared picture quality2/6/2010 10:00:10 AM

Pros: I purchased one of these from my local Sms Club and let me tell you folks what this TV is about. It was my father who has been repairing TVs for over 40 years that know a little about TV image that pointed this TV out next to a SHARP Aquos, Sony Bravia, Toshiba, Visio LED and a slew of others next to it.. The great thing about being able to compare actual images, you can clearly tell what is a better image.... Even though You see this being at the price it is.. IT CLEARLY beats out the image from the other sets hands down..The only other set that came close to the image was a 2K LED SHARP and the improvement wasn't worth spending another Grand on.. It just floored my father that this image was SO much better than the other TVs. Once we took this TV home and after the simple intuitive set up we threw on GLADIATOR on blueray.. UNREAL IMAGE.. It was like looking outside your window the image was SO vivid and life like.. " THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST IMAGES FROM A TV I HAVE EVER SEEN!" Pops!!

Cons: No optical out but not a deal breaker.. Heavier than most TVs this size..

Overall Review: It seems to me Philips has gone and extra measure to give the TV buying populace more value for the money.. THIS TV set is proof positive of this.. My father owns an expensive SONY Bravia that he payed a lot more for and he was so impressed with this image quality, He ended up buying one too..We showed this to a friend and they ended up buying one.... This is one of those TVs you have to see to believe...THe other reviews are dead on about the image on this.. It is unbelieveable for the price of purchase..You will absolutely have no buyers remorse on the set..Believe me when a tv of this quality is better than the "TOP " vendors that make TV sets at 30 to 50% less than the competition. You just have to tell folks about it..Don't worry about taking a chance on this set. It will simply put a huge smile on your face.. Oh by the way the sound on TV is very nice for integrated sound. Buying extra sound equipment is not a real necessity that is unless you like your Theatre experience.

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This or a picture frame..2/4/2010 11:06:45 PM

Pros: About the best picture your gonna get in a 7 inch that isn't OLED.. Picture is clean and tv is very cool to watch from this. It picked up 38 digital stations in my house and they come in real clear. Adequate sound from 2 speakers even better using a good head set. An added BONUS.. Watch your favorite AVI movies via usb flash drive or SD card. I haven't seen other tvs this size that does this or most tvs for that matter. Displays digital photos( automatic slide show just like your favorite picture frame), and plays Mp3s as well. I am very IMPRESSED.. I read online about this unit being able to watch avi divx movies and the use of higher pixel ratio vs other tvs in this size + newegg shell shocker deal = I had to whip out the card!!

Cons: The stand is kinda weak design wise. Just a thin piece of 3X1 inch plastic that sticks out in back.. No adjustment on it either. I tried using my 500 gig WD USB exernal.. tried.. It didn't work.. That just means I will have to swap movies I want to watch on this through any of the 2 storage types it uses..It does accept HCSD cards another bonus. IT has a mini to a USB adaptor which makes your flash drive stick out even more but not a deal breaker. It will only play divx avi.. (BUT how cool is that.. ) Convert your movies and you will be fine. No car adapter included but with the 1 hour plus battery life, that might be a good thing to get for this.. If you move this TV a lot you will have to rescan the channels often..

Overall Review: I was just browsing though the egg and this was on sale.. For the price you get this for it is a very cool piece of TV tech. You can mount this on your excersize equip, have it in your kitchen, whip it out during late night working sessions. Take it out camping to entertain the kids. The uses are almost limitless.. $70 bux for this..?? Are you kidding me.?? This would make a fantastic gift for anyone.. Last time I checked I think the only "digital thing" you can get for this price would be a digital frame that is horribly pixelated.. The negative reviews I read online about this was how people were saying they didn't get too many channels from the digital tuner.. The reality is if you live where digital signal is not getting to you well, THIS will not magically give you more channels!!.. Fantastic product for shure! Watching the news while I am typing this.. LOL! 5 egg product.. It can use a better battery life but it really isn't a true portable tv anyhow..

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Great PC monitor, TV is nice too.1/10/2010 3:51:20 PM

Pros: Considering there really aren't too many monitors that have both a TV tuner and is a great PC monitor.. This was an obvious choice for my needs at my place of business.. The guys that say the Monitor has washed out colors are probably using a DVI cable. I first used the DVI hook ups with my PC and the colors are dead set at 50% with no option to adjust, which tends to make the colors a tad drab. My advice is to use a DVI adapter with the VGA cable.. This will allow you to adjust the color settings and add more color to your liking..Once this is done your colors will POP and all things you need a nice BIG monitor for will look just right..!!

Cons: A PIP option.. A monitor that does TV this is a no brainer however this is not an option for this set.. Something SAMSUNG can consider for future models. USE the vga set up for your PC or you will not be able to adjust colors when using this for your PC..

Overall Review: It is very nice to get your moneys worth in an all inclusive monitor. It was important for me that the MONITOR must be a PC monitor first before I watch TV for a break... It is very awesome the monitor is great at BOTH things perfectly..I honestly think this set can be a 5 egg product for being a monitor and separately a 5 egg for a smaller HDTV. Since it does both, the value is there... Games all look great and smooth with a big screen it just might help improve your MP scores.. For your hard earned cash this is definately a 5 egg product.. I see it on sale here once in a while too. Keep checking the egg for lower pricing and free shipping....As an avid PC gamer I prefer the 16:10 ratio vs the slightly squashed 16:9. This monitor does both perfectly an option you cant get with a majority of the 16:9 native monitors.... Great choice for a monitor that allow you to watch HDTV on the side..

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How to turn up your sound10/20/2009 7:08:27 PM

Pros: NA

Cons: NA

Overall Review: IT is true that ASUS has great laptop tech in all their laptops I know as I own 4 of them.. However on every single Laptop I have the SOUND volume is LOW....Well my friends believe it or not the sounds on ALL ASUS laptops are set in the BIOS at 4 out of 8...SO there is the answer to your low sound issue.. Go into your bios and simply turn your sound to 8.. save and exit...BOOM double your sound output just like that.. I thought I would mention that here as many a review say low sound.. The sound is proper once this is done.. I hope someone at ASUS reads this post as they need to have the volume set at 8 instead of 4.... Believe me I know what the sounds sound like on half the sound output.. weak.. Hope this helps fellow laptop owners and buyers..

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Slied but bottlenecking12/22/2008 3:46:21 PM

Pros: These cards are so fast and stable it makes you realize just how old the rest of your set up really is.. I replaced 2 8800GT cards for 2 of these and they make an older system run any game out no problems.. With my first card I got a bench of 15500 3d06 using an OCed E8400 clocked to 3.3ghz..I recently got a 2nd for sli and with a mild OC on the cards to 676Mhz core I got 16700 3d06.. I can clearly see the difference the 2nd card makes in Warhead and others but I am definately hitting a neck here....These cards beg for a I7 quad setup and that is where I am headed next..

Cons: Only getting an extra 1200 3d score using 2nd card I am now forced to upgrade the components.. Not really a con as I hated the limitations of my current 680i lt board anyhow, but just be prepared to hit a wall with these if the rest of your rig can't keep up with these bleeding edge cards. New 180.48 drivers from Nvidia makes BF2142 unplayable.. I don't understand why they can't make new games play better while they keep the integrity of older games.. It makes no sense to me.. Have to revert to older 178.24 drivers in order to play BF2142.. However in doing so I sacrifice performance gains in newer games like Farcry 2 and Warhead...This is definatly a con but is in no way a hardware issue..

Overall Review: These cards are awesome for any enthusiast out there and is a great choice for older systems that might need new life in the gaming department. However installing these cards in SLI I have officially hit a wall.. It has made me realize that even though the old duo cores are still performing well, with the advent of the new i7 quads it just makes sense to upgrade to a newer quad..My single advice to users with older set ups is just go with a single card as I was getting better performance over my old 8800GT Slied set up with just one.... A second card is kinda not needed that is until the rest of your set up can utilize a second card.. Can't wait to upgrade and see how far I can get with 2 of these cards @ full blast..This being said..There is absolutely nothing wrong with running a single solution as I was able to run enthusiast textures in DX9 in warhead using one, with great results on a native 24 inch resolution..The performance of these cards are well worth your money..!!

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Speechless!!12/4/2008 7:16:29 PM

Pros: I was waiting for someone here on the egg to give a definitive review how THIS ONE card would fare against an already good performing SLIed 8800GT set up.. What got me to buy this card was the reviews online about it and the fact that the egg had it for cheaper than anywhere else.. I was very happy with my previous SLIed set up but for some weird reason newer drivers would cause all sorts of issues with the games I have on tap. SO I had to revert to older drivers that worked. With the advent of new tech CUDA/Physx implemented in these cards I figured if this ONE card can keep up with the performance of Dual 8800GT cards I would be happy.. WOW is all I can say I am speechless as Everything and I mean everything I have plays not only better but actaully looks better as well. I did an initial bench mark with 3D06 and I got an astounding 15500 Very close to the 3D06 bench my dual 8800GT gave me 15800 or so ..BUT this bench mark doesn't show real world performance.Continued in other thought

Cons: BEATS up on my older 8800 SLI in real world gaming performance.. Absolutely no cons in getting this card..This card cost EXACTLY the same as one of my 8800GT alpha dog editions when it came out about a year ago.. Love new tech but hate how older tech depreciate in value...LOL!!

Overall Review: This cards performance can be summed up for me in warhead in the frozen paradise level I can play it using enthusiast textures and it plays just STUPID SMOOTH native on a 24inch LCD. COD5 is throwing out frames using extra texture settings that makes the game almost photo real.. I have an older mid range set up using an outdated 680i Lt board with a E8400 duo core and 2 gigs of the old DDR2 ram and to get this kind of graphic performance out of this dated set up IT JUST IMPRESSES and AMAZES to no end.. I can't even imagen 2 of these in SLI.. Or even 3.. overkill is not the word here. That being said. If you are reading this and wondering should you buy a GtX260 or a GTX280.. I think either one will do you just fine BUT just know this black edition cost a hundo less and will do exactly what you want it to do and that is play games unbelievably well..GOOGLE this black edition.. read the reviews it is impressive what this card can do..I couldn't be happier with the upgrade..Well worth it!

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Performance you have to see to believe!!11/27/2008 11:58:22 PM

Pros: After a quick review I thought I needed to revise my review after a month of loading/testing/playing games on this system. First game I loaded was Warhead. For a hardware demanding game like warhead this plays the game unbelievably well on either DX10 mode gamer/mainstream and on DX9 enthusiast textures/gamer/mainstream mix on native res plays the game the way it was meant to be played. COD5 has to be seen on this laptop EXTRA setting all on high. Farcry2 is very playable on DX10 native res and looks and plays amazing.. Fallout 3 when you come out of the vault 101. WOW.. Left 4 DEAD is zombie mauling perfection... pre 2007 games are completely MAXED out and run so smooth the more I load on this lappy the more I am impressed by the performance.. I own several game playing machines and this one is not even the most expensive or the most powerful I have but it has quickly become my favorite to play on. Lan parties just got a whole heck of a lot easier to go to. BF2142 on this!! OH MAN!!

Cons: No CONS whatsoever.. This laptop is about the closest thing to perfection I have ever had the opportunity to play on..Sure everyone always wants more power and performance out of their computers but this one has a real nice balance of POWER/gaming performance for native res that will be hard to beat.. The next ASUS laptop the A1 model is $300 more for .1mhz bump in cpu power that don't justify the cost for the .1mhz gain in performance.. I say keep the $300 and throw that on a T9600 duo core upgrade if you want some real heat.. Using direct console that processor will net you 3.1 ~3.2 Ghz on turbo extreem mode. However even as is OCed to 2.64GHZ with the 1066FSB/4 gig ram combo games just come out smooth!! I gave up a GW 7911FX model to get this one and let me tell you I am so happy I did.. Those models are great and actually score a tad higher in 3D06 BUT it doesn't even compare with the fit n finish/GPU power per native res/warranty or the overall coolness of this laptop..

Overall Review: I am all about getting the most out of my hard earned cash and ASUS out of all other companies have been in the fore front of what you actually get for your money. To prove my point you get this and a T9600 Duo core upgrade (from the egg of course) just for shucks n giggles, and you will match the performance of those UFOWARES and the like for a thousand less. Even as is you are talking 2 to 5 frames less than a comparable 9800GT or GTX card. HOW impressive is this laptop you ask? I was able to convert a PC hater a MAC fan and all I had to do was let him play one round of warhead. LOL!! He now wants to get one of these!!.I know there are a lot of computer guys that aren't sold on laptop gaming. This review is for you guys. Play on this once is all you need. Laptop tech has caught up with desktop performance this laptop is proof..Play it! Love it! Just don't leave any fingerprints on my PERFECT LAPTOP SCREEN.!Get one while the egg still has em, cuz u can't buy them anywhere else.

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An outstanding 4683 3D06!! in a 14inch model!!11/12/2008 4:50:42 PM

Pros: I have owned many a laptops and I can say this one is a unique blend of size/performance and a great laptop for gamers/computer users that don't necessarily want to lug around a big laptop..I was hoping for higher scores but the GPU/RAM/CPU w 1066 mhz FSB/Lower res LCD combo makes for a really smooth gaming experience for any game...Tested COD4 and Gears of war.. Both games on native res high settings and DX10 for GOW plays flawless.. Both games looks and plays as well as any other gaming rig I have.. Which was exactly what I expected from the specs..Definately the most powerful 14incher in the market... It is a treat to play on this little laptop that can.. The sound on this laptop is nice and loud once you go into the bios and turn up the sound to 8..

Cons: This is the DDR2 Vram version of the 9650GT meaning it could be alot faster with a DDR3 version..I suppose ASUS had to cut cost somewhere.. BUT this compared to a much more expensive ASUS F8SV-B1 14 inch Notebook w/8600GT I previously had, this one beats it out in every way and cost a whole heck of alot less spec for spec..I know alot of people think 5400RPM drives are too slow and it will somehow make your games lag or slow down so much games will be unplayable..The truth is your programs might be just a tad slower than loading with a higher RPM drive but as far as gaming goes I simply can't tell the difference between this drive and a 7200RPM. Games are smooth and that is what matters to me..NORTON is CON!

Overall Review: Rating a laptop low because is has no XP drivers is silly IMO..I am an Xp fan for what that OS was all about but sometimes you just gotta accept the fact that Vista is the future.. I also have issues with friends of friends who know a friend that owns this laptop that absolutely know everything there is to know about that laptop.LOL!!I actually own this one and I can safely say to fellow would be laptop buyers.. Yes Your apps games media and programs will run just fine even without XP...I can honestly say I am a laptop fan and I am excited to see ASUS coming out with crazy GPU/CPU combos that are affordable to the average gamer/user.. It will only be a matter of time before we see a Duo core ATOM/GPU combo in a netbook that will play games like this. But untill then you get this model. Any other GPU now in a smaller notebook is weak sauce graphics.. Get this one and watch as your friends gawk in awe that you play Gears of WAR/ Warhead/ Farcry 2 DX10 smoothly in a 14 inch laptop!

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8176 3D06!!11/11/2008 8:10:40 PM

Pros: I just did this benchmark using a new updated driver and OCing the CPu to 2.64Ghz on extreem turbo mode.. I think the laptop is priced right for what you get.. Warhead on native res objects and textures on gamer and rest on mainstream plays fluidly.. This laptop is a newegg exclusive meaning no other shop anywhere will have this X2 model..

Cons: Absolutely NO BAG and MOUSE that is a confirmation from ASUS themselves..I give this laptop and the deal I got for it 5 eggs but I have to admit there are some things about this whole series of laptops that don't mesh right with me..The GPU while any 9800 series card will do the job, I have an issue with this GS.. It is a downclocked 9800GT..WHY? is my question.. Why downclock a GT.? Everything on this laptop is bleeding edge,, minus DDR3 ram that others are using and this "GS" downclocked GT. Confirmed also from ASUS tech.. SO they have an OCing utility that is a first in that you can OC your CPU higher to achieve higher clocks a 2.4GHZ Duo to a 2.64 DUO core..But they DOWNCLOCK an actual 9800GT? It makes absolute no sense to me whatsoever to be honest. The ASUS rep told me is was becuase of HEAT. Shure so why not make a better heat sink and just leave it a GT?

Overall Review: I have a strange feeling this is ASUS answer to what Gateway/ACER is doing with their gaming laptops..Which brings me back to my CONs point.. Why not give us what we want and throw in a upclocking utility for the GPU as well and give us a real GT!! I just have this strange feeling that ASUS is hiding somthing from us...Besides this minor gripe, You can't go wrong with this model will play everything out now no probs..

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8600 3D06!!!!!Smoking performance!!10/21/2008 11:17:47 AM

Pros: That is from a 7811FX model..Basically same with 512Vram version of the 9800GTS and smaller HD.. I can play warhead on Native res Textures and Objects on Gamer and rest on mainstream DX10 with a smoothness that is equivalent to my SLied 8800GT desktop set up.. All other games Like GEARS, COD4 Run better on this laptop than 99% of laptops that are being sold for this price. I would have purchased this one instead if I would have known about this one here on the egg.. Perfect 17inch UXGA display..DDR3 RAM!!4 gigs of it and vista 64 to read and use all of it. This is one unit where the power of the graphics will fully utilize the HD UXGA resolution..

Cons: I initially thought the processor would be the bottleneck on this system BUT once you play Crysis Warhead and others on it.. THERE IS NO BOTTLENECK as far as I can tell. If you are looking for a serious LAN Gaming on the GO LAPPY that can play anything out now and for the next 2 years. This one is a no brainer.. Gateway/ACER has RAISED the BAR and other companies must take note.. THis is how a Gaming LAPTOP should be for this price!

Overall Review: Believe me, when you spend alot of money on another brand laptop and you find one less than several weeks later for alot less, that just Beats the TAR out of it, it leaves you with that not so fresh feeling in your gut..I did something about it and I am in the process of selling my not so older Laptop as this one here from Gateway is just that much better and WAY more powerful....If a portable gaming monster with Grade A graphics unit in a 9800GTS!! Sounds appealing to you.. Well here it is. Play any game on this once and there is NO BUYERS REMORSE.. Unless another company decides to best this one by lets say throwing in a GT or GTX version that gets you maybe 2 to 10 extra frames a sec over this card for the same price.. Ya RIGHT!!..

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Game hang glitch10/7/2008 1:17:36 PM

Pros: It plays warhead just amazingly.. I have the the G50-A2 version and I am writing this to tell fellow ASUS G50 buyers a little issue with the Gamer light display on the lid..See Cons..

Cons: Log onto express gate and turn your light display OFF as it causes issues while playing hardware demanding games.. I noticed minor stuttering in TF2, Warhead, and UT3 and that was when I figured out there was something wrong.. I turned the lighting on the lid completely off as it was annoying anyhow and lo n behold all problems fixed.. Now all my games run smooth..If you experience the same issues this might help quite a bit.

Overall Review: The sound is another issue as Asus for some reason runs stock volume on all their laptops at 4 out of 8 in the bios.. Simple fix.. F2 during power on and crank to 8 in your bios.. It is proper after...After uninstalling NORTON your games will fly.. Amazing laptop.. completely worth your cash.. This particular model got a 84% Excellent rating form PC gamer mag and that is against the alienwares an the like that cost over double what this costs..Definately a proper purchase for gamers..

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Does this Run Warhead??9/26/2008 3:42:37 PM

Pros: The answer is YES!! and very well too running DX10 on a lower 1280X720 res with a mix of mainstream and gamer settings Very playable and stunning on a smaller 15.4 inch screen. I currently own a much more expensive SLI laptop with 2X7950GTX graphic cards and I would say this machine runs about par to that and even out performs it in a few games.. Very impressed with the gaming capabilities of this machine.. GRID, Alone in the Dark, Gears of war and now Crysis Warhead all run awesome on this...

Cons: IT seems ALL ASUS laptops the default volume in the Bios is set at 4 out of 8, which is barely audible in a public area.. I own 3 of em and all of em were set at 4 for some reason.. Everyone that owns an ASUS including this one it is as simple as F2 during start up and cranking your volume to 8... It Fixes this minor issue..The hard drive partitioning..Norton bog your system down antivirus..Gotta get rid of that nonsense ASAP..

Overall Review: I am a PC gaming fan first before I am a tech head and I can honestly say what you get here is an AMAZING piece of hardware for my hobby of choice..I have no doubts it will be able to play anything out gaming wise with flying colors. I spent over $3400 almost 2 years ago to buy a custom XVX SLI laptop and this Laptop is better for half the price.. A Custom Logitec MX518 gaming mouse and a custom Targus Laptop back pack is included.. You look up the values of these and you get a 100 bux worth of free accessories.. When I saw this laptop I had to get one.. If your looking for a great gaming rig on the go the 9700GT performs where it counts.... I don't think you can go wrong with any of the G50 series gaming notebooks..This one had that nice balance in price/ performance. Even without the Blueray capabilities it would have been a good price for this but with it.. Oh geeze. I have to admit it was an impulse buy. LOL!!!Get one it is worthy of your hard earned cash!

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FANTASMIC!!7/3/2008 5:26:46 PM

Pros: The quality on this CHEAP laptop is nowhere near CHEAP.... I am shocked but this laptop is equivalent to my ASUS Laptop I bought over a year ago BUt that one was 2K.!!A duo core that is zippy enough to handle common computing tasks,. I use this to display my wireless internet I sell at my shop..Works perfecty and after 1.5 gig Ram upgrade it is zippy to boot!! Movies, Music, emulated games all work as good as any other laptop out there. Writing this review on it!!

Cons: The the amount you pay are you kidding? YOu need a complete computer that can surf, run programs, Down Load stuff, play some emulated games, Or light 3D gaming, watch videos, Edit your videos/photos.. THIS is a better deal than anything else online for THIS quality.. HOW they get the price this LOW is beyond me..Vista OS alone cost almost a 3rd of this laptop! Lets see throw in a duo core 1.73.. GIG o ram and 120 gig HD and A Perfect LCD screen, ya you read right for this price you figure they might cut corners on the LCD. Believe me this SAME LCD is on Laptops that cost 5 times as much. IT is Perfection, with a tight finish on the housing.. A DEAL? NO my friends it is a STEAL!

Overall Review: I have 4 laptops including this one and it is shocking to me that the CHEAPEST one being this one KEEPs up with the other laptops I have.. NO it isn't a gaming laptop,no it doesnt have the fastest processor or biggest hard drive but I guarontee this will do whatever you want a good computer to do an then some.. Look even here on the egg try n find BETTER for this price.. GOOD luck.. No gadgety smallness with puny 12gig hds or small screens with questionable processors .. This is a REAL 15 inch laptop That can do it all. You need to get one and try it out It will SHOCK you as it did me! You need a good laptop for a GIFT for someone or need one for surfing and light tasks..why get a gadgety computer Get this instead.. I can't recommend a better DEAL on a REAL Laptop..

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Smallest controller I have ever used3/17/2008 2:56:15 PM

Pros: This is one area I can honestly say I have a high understanding as I would consider myself a gaming nut.. I recently purchased a new 14inch laptop and is loaded with all sorts of emulated gaming and I can say this controller is perfect for it. This controller is exactly what I was looking for.. Small portable and functions like it should.. Definately feel I got my moneys worth here. The buttons are responsive and has a very cool gadgety feel to it..

Cons: The D pad is exactly like the analog pad for the PSP. EXACTLY. That being said it is very responsive and that is good enough for what I am using it for..Good for shooters and retro gaming. Like others have said I wish the USB retractable chord was longer.. Oh well easily fixed, I just use my usb cable from my psp..The plastic feels cheap.. If they used a more heavier plastic or metal parts I would easily pay double for the extra sturdiness. As it is, it feels like it can break apart if you aren't careful with it. For the price I got it for I am not gonna complain though.

Overall Review: Fighting games like Samurai Shodown and Streetfighters all work surprisingly well with this controller. Where it really shines is in hectic shooters where you have to do alot of dodging. This was made for 8 and 16bit gaming. Overall I would say this is a good USB controller for your arcade/retro gaming needs. Very small and that is a cool thing in my book..If you have huge hands however I would think twice about getting this..For everyone else.. Very good buy..You will dig it..

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Pros: Replaced the 2 GIGs that came with my ASUS F8SV-B1 with 4 gigs of this RAM.. With updated graphics driver and the NEW RAM I went from 5.1 gaming performance to 5.3 in VISTA gaming index. I am now showing 1.5Gigs of total Vram Vs 1 gig total it had before! Yes 3 gigs of system ram shows because of Vista 32 but I say it is better to get 2X2 gigs matched for dual channel performance and this CAS latency = faster by a hair..But if performance is what you want this will deliver for that extra 20 bux you will spend on this vs the cheaper 4gigs.

Cons: I actually was considering the Heat spreader version of the 5 cas G.Skill until I read forums about issues with heat spreaders in notebook ram..NO CONS what so ever with this purchase..

Overall Review: On stock ASUS Nvidia driver for the 8600GT that came in this lappy GEARS OF WAR LOOKED AWESOME but I was getting some choppiness and had to tone down the resolution. After New Driver and RAM sticks. OH MY..Gears, RUNS BUTTERY SMOOTH on 1440X900 Native rez all on HIGH to MED settings. Stunning on a little 14 inch laptop! Considering getting really GOOD RAM? I can't recommend better RAM for Laptop Gamers.. I was VERY impressed with the performance gain..Everything is faster/smoother and there is not a dang thing wrong with that..Worth every penny I spent..

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Too Good1/5/2008 5:52:20 PM

Pros: This is the BEST antivirus IMO. I have this in my Laptop and my desktop and I barely notice it is on there. It never Interferes with programs and games unlike Norton.. Norton is a virus unto its own..

Cons: You got to pay yearly for the automatic updates.. BUT it is totally worth the piece of mind this gives you.. This is the ONLY antivirus to pick up %100 of the freeborn viruses on the net. THE ONLY ONE..

Overall Review: I do alot of Downloading and my Desktop I use is as clean as a newly made rig...I couldn't recommend a more essential piece of software for anyone surfing the virus riddled WEB.

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16,100 3D06 MARKS!!!!11/17/2007 10:58:00 AM

Pros: All the reviews dont lie and now I have proof.. THESE are the REAL deal. I was lucky enough to get 2 of these bad boys in SLI.. Using XFX680iLT SLI Mobo 4GIG ADATA RAM Q6600 Intel processor OCed 3.0.. Couldnt believe the 3D score this read with this combo. And the Cards are Stock configured as well. I know people getting over 20,000 3D06 scores from overclocking these. SO lets see.. Uses less power, gives you unbelieveable peformance in games. GET em while their HOT!!

Cons: It doesnt surprise me that these are more expensive than MSRP.. For all those people looking for these.. They are definatly worth it to pay a bit more for em..Heck I don't recall EVER a card that gives you this much power for the price..

Overall Review: The way I see it for all you enthusiasts out there, I have been waiting and waiting for the best price for performance ratio I can get my mits on and NOW is the time to upgrade. With PC gaming at it's HOTTEST right now with COD4, CRYSIS, WIC, Ect ect.. Why not splurge and get one of the 8800GTs. IT is worth it. Because of these and the New ATI 3800 series cards you can spend LESS than a Grand and get yourself a kick axx gaming rig.. In SLI FOGETABOUTIT!!DO your self a favor GET one and find out for yourself..Best CASH spent on CARDS EVER for me.!! With 11,000 to 12,000 3D scores per single card prepare to get a good monitor and turn up the graphics.

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CRYSIS MADE ME DO IT!!11/10/2007 6:39:14 PM

Pros: Well this is actually a downgrade in size for me I was using a 30INCH WESTINGHOUSE HDTV as a monitor and while it has done awesome for me I needed a serious Monitor as I am about to build my first QUAD CORE DUAL 8800GT set up..ALL bought here of course..Spending alot of cash on components I CANT forget about one of the MOST important part of a Gaming RIG.. THE MONITOR.. WOW this thing is the BEST monitor I have ever used.. As a tester I threw on my SLI Laptop via DVi<HDMI cable.. WOW!! COD4 on 1920X1200 Resolution is UNREAL!!If you haven't tried the game on this Native REZ. OH MAN!!!Anyhow I got this monitor to complimend my new SLI rig for CRYSIS. and I have no doubt it will bring out every bit of graphics my Newness will push out.. This for the Price CANT BE BEAT!!Hey I dont consider myself an expert by any means but Playing games on this Resolution has to be seen to be believed!! I am amazed at the quality of this monitor and it is DEAD SEXY as well.

Cons: IT doesnt have a TV tuner. That is the ONLY thing I will miss about replaceing my older Westinghouse.Will just have to buy one hahaha!!.TOO bright on default had to tone down the brightness to 90%.. IT IS JUST RIGHT after..

Overall Review: BELIEVE IT guys it is now possible to build a SLI SMOKER RIG for 2Gs complete with THIS monitor.. IF you are looking for a new monitor this one is large and in charge. I know there are better monitors out there but NONE in this price range will give you the quality on this one..I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS MONITOR FOR ANY GAMER!! Tried my Xbox360 as well, stunning..I seriously CAN'T and I have looked to find one better for this price. Bright, crisp, brilliant colors at any angle.. If this monitor aint 5 EGG material I DONT KNOW WHAT IS.. EVERYONE MUST TRY THIS MONITOR.!!!IT has exceeded my expectations in every way!..CAN'T WAIT FOR CRYSIS ON THIS!!!BRING IT!!!

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KILLER HEAD SET!!9/21/2007 7:04:54 PM

Pros: I have a Logitech head set I used for BF 2142 and those are OK but these..WOW!! The sound quality is at another level compared to those. What got me to buy it was the specs.. If you look at the other higher end Headsets they have worse specs and cost more..Music sound awesome!!Akin to a $100 plus head set easily.. BOOMing sound in World in Conflict and BF 2142..Killer for the price!!!

Cons: NONE.. Wish I can return the cheapo logitech ones I recently bought from newegg. OH well The USB version is a bit more than this one. Infact the exact cost of that logitech and This one. HAHAHA!! SO I made out with a 2 for 1.. THanks Newegg for having this at a killer price!!!

Overall Review: THis head set was PC gamer mags Editors top choice for a reason..On that mag it cost more than double what I bought it here for..These heads set actualy help the overall experience of capping fools online..AMAZING.

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DOOM3 on 500mbVram Ultra Mode!!7/18/2007 11:23:54 AM

Pros: This is my 3rd laptop from newegg and it seems there is always a better value for the buck that comes out from one manufactuer to another. For the money nothing compares.. Threw in another gig and performance is better..This laptop is for folks on a budget or just looking for a cheaper toy that can perform.. DOOM3 and Farcry is always my testers for games and both play awesome.. To me it is simple you want a casual laptop that can play games,this is it. Even though rated at 256mb of Vram.. I can run DOOM3 on ULTRA 500mbvram mode and it ran good and that was without the extra gig o ram installed. Now with ram installed it plays like buttah!!Better screen than I expected for the price..

Cons: Vista aint that bad... But I can certainly tell it is a system hog and that doesnt bode so well for gaming.. I wish EVEREX would have a XP version.. I wish Vista wouldn't be such a system hog.. You want eye candy when computing stay with vista. You want eye candy when gaming run XP= 20% increase in performance.. XP version of this laptop would be better for gamers IMO..

Overall Review: You can tell the materials on this laptop is on the cheap but hey what you want for the price? A 7600 nvidia card in another laptop= way more money...This laptop is worth the money.

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