Does not hold even close to specified weight11/4/2020 4:53:27 AM

Pros: Cheap, looks nice, simplish to setup

Cons: These claim to be able to support up to 17.6 lbs but with a monitor at 9.3 lbs, and with the bolt/screw tightened as far as possible, the screen falls every time. Sometimes slowly but without fail. Luckily I had only opened and thrown out one of the boxes meaning i'm stuck with a pretty useless paperweight that will probably get thrown in the trash.

Overall Review: The reason I'm returning one of these is because they do NOT hold the specified weight. I had ordered another one a while ago and it's past return date but had ordered a second to go with two new monitors, both weighing only 9.30 lbs. Extremely disappointed in the quality as I had made sure to buy one that 'should' work.

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Love it10/11/2013 7:18:13 AM

Pros: Amazingly powerful, sleek card. Huge improvement over my previous card which shall not be mentioned. Card temperatures went from 49-62 degrees idling down to 29-35 for a 2 monitor setup. Vast improvement in FPS in WoW, BF3, and my steam catalogue. Also, video editing LOL much better.

Cons: It is long. Look at the specs, do some measurements. Don't buy something that wont fit.

Overall Review: Love it. I really do. This thing probably saved me from having to build a new rig it was that good of an improvement (was using a low tier GPU that didn't hold up to the reviews it was getting)

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Great so far10/11/2013 7:14:21 AM

Pros: Received quickly and safely packaged. Everything included that was needed. Easy setup. Blue LED.

Cons: Screw size. They give you enough screws but some of them did seem like they were slightly too big. Not a huge issue, I left the side panels not screw(ed) {seriously Newegg, you flag Screw-ed as inappropriate} it but slightly annoying. In no way a dealbreaker. Fan is a bit loud but rather have that then overheated HDD.

Overall Review: Got this for an Internal drive I was given at work (after asking for an external from my boss.. le sigh) so I could move video files and projects so I could work from home if need be. Like it so far.

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Good Monitor4/18/2011 8:23:08 PM

Pros: Very good picture quality. Easy to setup.

Cons: The sound quality is extremely bad. Like so bad you will have to get speakers eventually like I am.

Overall Review: For the price its great. Still leaves a lot to be desired audio wise.

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