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Decent until they weren't10/5/2016 6:12:01 PM

Pros: - Seems like a sturdy construction, no issues with physical damage. - Foldable for Portability - Pretty comfy (unless you wear glasses), doesn't hold too tight

Cons: - Audio quality is not the best, but plenty good for the price. - Pinches the ears pretty hard if you wear glasses. Couldn't wear for more than 30 minutes this way. - Stopped powering on within a week.

Overall Review: - Charges over Mini USB, instead of the far more common Micro, but it does come with a cable.

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Poor cable management6/7/2015 6:31:42 PM

Pros: Looks pretty slick. Plenty of fans, all of which are adjustable, and there's space for more. Decently modular.

Cons: Not a lot of free space if you're using a full-size board, and no dedicated cabling space, which means cable management can be pretty awful (was for me) which also means you'll lose the benefit of all those nice fans. Would be slightly better with a fully-modular power supply.

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EVGA FTW6/7/2015 6:25:10 PM

Pros: Running 3+1 screen surround. Still able to run every game I've tried at max settings, with no performance issues. Also, stays well cooled, as long as your case has good airflow.

Cons: Nothing yet.

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Works as advertised6/7/2015 5:59:09 PM

Pros: Both sticks work at full speed. Uhhhh yeah.

Cons: None to speak of yet.

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Mmmmmm......pixels.....6/7/2015 5:40:53 PM

Pros: Excellent picture quality. Nice, small-footprint stand. Reasonably small bezels. No dead pixels on three monitors. Decent price.

Cons: All three of the monitors have a very slight right-hand tilt, so it's impossible to line them up perfectly for a surround setup. But it's subtle enough that it hasn't bothered me since I first set them up.

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Satisfied customer6/7/2015 5:28:27 PM

Pros: Supplies power. Has modular cables. Wasn't DOA.

Cons: The CPU power cable is quite short, at least for any case that mounts the power supply at the bottom. Probably not an issue unique to this product. Don't expect to be able to route this cable neatly without an extension.

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Wow. Such storage. Much tiny.6/7/2015 5:24:01 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. Easy to install. Boots in seconds w/ Windows 8.1. No noticeable load times in games. Yah.

Cons: Nothing yet, anyway.

Overall Review: I kinda got lucky by buying a motherboard that fits this size drive. Not all of them do. Make sure you check before buying.

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Great Value3/28/2012 3:19:06 PM

Pros: A few issues with mouse/keyboard in BIOS/DOS environments. SeaTools in UBCD will not recognize mouse, but keyboard works. Of course, DOS doesn't officially support USB, so I can't blame TrendNET. Every so often (maybe once a week at a full-time computer refurbishing job) I'll have a port "go bad" where any computer you plug into it will never recognize and initialize the USB device. A quick power-cycle fixes things. By far the cheapest 8-port USB KVM available anywhere, even including cable costs.

Cons: As mentioned above, slightly buggy, on occasion, but always easily remedied.

Overall Review: Don't forget to order cables.

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Mmmmmm.... packets3/28/2012 3:11:31 PM

Pros: Exactly what you'd expect from a fully Gigabit Switch, with no issues.

Cons: None

Overall Review: None

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Wheeee graphics3/28/2012 3:07:36 PM

Pros: Everything I expect from EVGA products.... except a lifetime warranty, unfortunately. Very high performacne-to-price ratio, for this chipset. Haven't had to run anything less than high so far, and it still runs quite cool and silent.

Cons: Beware, recertified product did not include mini-HDMI adapter, as I'm pretty sure the fully-boxed version does. (Or at least should)

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Quite Pleased7/6/2010 6:31:40 PM

Pros: It's like VLC in a box. (At least for video). Does everything it says it does, and does it well. Plays pretty much anything. Plays 1080p MKVs that my roommate's desktop has trouble with, and somehow is still extremely low profile and uses about 7 Watts (though, that's without an HDD). It's what a Set-Top Box should be.

Cons: It can play music just fine, but on account of a few key missing items, I doubt I'll be using it as such. There doesn't seem to be a shuffle feature, and it'll see playlist files but doesn't seem to want to play them, at least not directly. Under UPNP mode, it'll recognize playlist files as folders and lists out the contents of the playlist when you open them, but that just gives you all the files, individually, rather than as a playlist. Considering I don't have a hard drive for it, I haven't tried a playlist stored on the HDD, pointing to files on the HDD. Perhaps that would work better. Also, there are no Page Up and Page Down buttons for browsing through large folders of music and video. A tad annoying.

Overall Review: Definitely outshines the Brite-View box we got before this one, and ended up returning, which had an odd power issue and couldn't quite playback some of the more processor-intensive HD stuff.

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Disappointed by a promising product6/28/2010 10:57:33 AM

Pros: Samba share client that works... not hassles, no intermittency, it just works. Nice user interface, with plenty of useful options. Oh, and zero hassle with HDMI on any resolution.

Cons: Some sort of power or overheating that essentially killed the product. The unit was prone to dying in the middle of playback, as if the power had been lost, and then re-booting. Try as we might, we never found a cause for the problem or a set of circumstances that would replicate the problem consistently. (We tried multiple containers, multiple video and audio formats, playing from both LAN and multiple USB devices, multiple different resolutions, etc.) It's just effectively random, and extremely annoying. Also, MKV playback at 1080p fails immediately.

Overall Review: Going to try out the Argosy HV335T instead, once the return processes. I'll post a review for it once we try it out.

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As great as the original... maybe a bit better6/28/2010 10:44:52 AM

Pros: Black gives the Wii (and the peripherals) an extremely slick look in our entertainment center. Wii Motion Plus makes a definite improvement on the Wii's motion sensing capabilities, although they really should have gotten it right the first time.

Cons: The black shows smudges way more than the white did, but it's far outweighed by how great the black looks otherwise, at least in our setup. They should have changed the LEDs to red, though.

Overall Review: Very good value on the purchase of the console, controller and nunchuck, Wii Motion Plus, and both Wii Sports', for only $200.

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Great value3/19/2010 7:55:05 PM

Pros: Nice, simple, sleek, light, sturdy design. Cramped, but not unreasonably so. 6 internal HDD bays. GREAT air flow, if you run all the fans. Sounds a bit loud, at first, but only until you put the lid on. ZERO rivets; case is 100% disassemble-able.

Cons: Mounting brackets for the two external bays have limited holes. I was originally going to mount a laptop drive with an adapter bracket in the 3.5" bay, but that would have required drilling into the bracket. Had a hell of a time squeezing my 5.25" Hot-Swappable Drive Bay in. The bracket was slightly too big, and had to be bend, squeezed, and eventually lightly hammered into place. Not sure whether the failure goes to the bracket or the drive bay... Power switch on the power supply is inside the case and inaccessible when the case is closed. Doesn't really matter for a server setup, though.

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Good stuff3/19/2010 7:46:50 PM

Pros: Haven't had a chance to really overclock it. I kinda need to re-do my cooling system first, but preliminary playing around with the timings was very promising. Nice, sleek, and simple.

Cons: I'll post some if I find any.

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Good, but kinda useless3/19/2010 7:45:01 PM

Pros: Low-profile, no problems with basic drivers. That's about all I can speak to. I'm running this in a FreeBSD/pfSense machine that didn't have on-board.

Cons: Still kinda annoyed this was the cheapest low-profile card Newegg had. Not really the card's fault, I guess.

Overall Review: It seems to have a lot of junk built into it that I'll never use, and I can't imagine anyone who wants to use all those extra features ever buying something like this. It just seems kinda pointless to try and squeeze so much into a low-profile card. Ahh, well.

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Solid as ever from Antec3/19/2010 7:40:08 PM

Pros: Simple, quiet, modular...hasn't failed so far...

Cons: Modular-ness is somewhat degraded by the fact that in addition to primary power being non-modular, the 4-pin CPU, 8-pin CPU, and 8-pin PCIe are also all non-modular, which means you're guaranteed to have to find space to squeeze in at least one unused cable. Annoying for me, who bought modular for a small, cramped case.

Overall Review: Still glad to have bought Antec

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Excellent, excellent, excellent, for the money2/3/2010 1:07:02 PM

Pros: Worked without a hitch. Clocked up to nearly 4 GHz (I think it ended up around 3.7) with little effect to heat output, even with stock cooler.

Cons: ...The silver color is a bit bland...

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Good Media Center Board2/3/2010 1:03:53 PM

Pros: Lots of internal features. I bought this in building an HTPC for a friend and got kinda jealous while running through the BIOS options. Pretty decent overclocking platform in the BIOS, and a very nice little tool to adjust clock speeds from within the OS, while running Prime. Worked well without any problems at all. That's always a plus.

Cons: Low on peripherals: only 4 internal USB (two pairs), 2 memory slots, and no Firewire. Although I bought this for an HTPC and the lack of stuff I don't really need was part of the reason. Overclocking platform (between BIOS and OS) isn't very intuitive and doesn't provide direct access to several things. Still worked great for my purposes.

Overall Review: Very, very happy for what I got.

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Nice and simple2/3/2010 12:53:49 PM

Pros: Simple to install. Looks great. Works okay with provided software.

Cons: Manufacturer software doesn't recognize a lot of things, like Fans Speeds, Voltages, Sound level, etc. Almost half of the features in the menu don't completely work. LCD Smartie it is.

Overall Review: The only way to tell up from down is to look at the text on the circuit board, labeling the resistors and whatnot. Proper orientation of the text is proper orientation of the LCD.

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Twin to the best case in the MicroATX HTPC Market...2/3/2010 12:48:48 PM

Pros: Very sleek, unobtrusive look. Glossiness goes well with a lot of HDTVs. Most extensive front-panel I've ever seen, outdoing many tower-style cases. Great use of space to fit the 4 3.5" bays and a 5.25" bay, and still leave room to keep cables away from the crucial stuff. Sacrifices on cable management anywhere away from the motherboard, though. Case is pretty sturdy when the lid is on. Easily holds a big-screen, although that'll block some air vents. Unless you get a disk drive that doesn't line up right, the flip-open cover for the dvd drive works very nicely. The light plastic puts very little stress on the drive tray. Front panel is easily removable if need be.

Cons: Even with minimal stuff inside, you'll never get the inside neat, but you can keep everything away from the motherboard. Unfortunately, it all gets stuffed under the drives, which inhibits air flow in that area. Back panel is really flimsy when the lid is off, Try not to put pressure on it. As a factory defect, since I didn't have any trouble with the exact same piece in the 1000, all the screw holes for the 5.25" bay and one of the 3.5" bay holes were miss-drilled, by half the screw diameter at the worst hole. I had to re-drill all those. This might be a factory defect, but I think it's a bit of a design flaw. Initially, the power button would not depress after being pressed, at least not enough to release the actual switch. I took the button apart and put in a spring from Lowe's, which I cut in half and bent into shape. Works fine now.

Overall Review: As it happened, I also bought the 1000 model and built a system with it in the same week. The two are exactly the same, save for the front panel, which is steel on the 1000, rather than glossy acrylic. Also, the 1000 had none of the above mentioned defects.

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Best HTPC in the MicroATX Market2/3/2010 12:10:14 PM

Pros: Very sleek, unobtrusive look. One of the most extensive front-panels I've ever seen, outdoing many tower-style cases. Great use of space inside to fit 4 3.5" bays and a 5.25" bay, and still have room to keep cables out of the way of the motherboard, although cable management is still difficult. Pretty sturdy construction when the lid is on. Front panel is easily removable if need be.

Cons: Only so much you can do for cable management. Even with minimal stuff inside, it'll never look neat, and if you fill up the drive slots, cooling them becomes difficult. Modular power supply helps a bit. Back panel is pretty flimsy when the lid is not on. Try not to put pressure on it. The lower two 3.5" slots are nicely grommet mounted, however, the case came with only 4 out of 8 needed. Oddly enough, the 5000 model came with 4 extra. I personally didn't have problems with the DVD drive flap on either this case or the 5000. The plastic version on the 5000 is perhaps a little easier on more delicate drive trays, but both of them are pretty well designed, exerting minimal stress on the tray. Factory assemblers made a slight boo-boo by clamping the front panel on with the HDD LED header cable sticking out the bottom, just enough that I couldn't salvage it and had to get a new one.

Overall Review: As it happened, I also bought and built a system with the 5000 model in the same week, which is the exact same, save for an acrylic front panel, rather than steel. They seem like they should be the same, but the 5000 had several factory defects.

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Highly Satisfied10/8/2009 11:35:17 PM

Pros: Very feature rich board, especially for its size. It does a whole lot, and almost everything it does, it does extremely well. A high quality product from the inside out.

Cons: Be prepared for some major headaches if you plan on using the on-board RAID. I could go into half-a-dozen separate failures I encountered when running the RAID Controller, but in the end, after over 15 hours of trying different drivers and hardware, and running individual component tests, Tech Support informed me that I needed to revert back to an older BIOS, three versions prior. Odd, but the system runs flawlessly now. 90 degree SATA ports are nice, but in a compartmented case like mine, you'll likely need to cut a hole in the divider between compartments. Customer Support is definitely lacking compared to some other companies. Manuals provided with the board are largely useless, although there is a very good extensive version available online. Tech Support consists of e-mail, which took a couple days to bear fruit, and the forums, which were absolutely useless.

Overall Review: The board has a fair few cons, as listed above. It's not perfect, but I still consider it the best overall product within my criteria (processor and memory from old board).

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Regrettable buy10/2/2009 6:06:09 PM

Pros: Excellent data storage for the price. With port multipliers, handles up to 8 disks. Didn't actually buy it for data storage, but the rest of the reviews point to reliable operation for straight-up data RAID usage.

Cons: Bought this card to run a simple two-disk RAID 1 for primary OS, and ran in to a plethora of problems. Trying to enter on-card BIOS caused my system to hang up at the motherboard BIOS screen, no matter what I tried. Had to run the GUI utility on another install to get the card configured. Configuring for a normal RAID Group seemed to work fine, but when running a Legacy RAID Group so I could boot from it, it interfered with a PCIe x16 graphics card on my system, and prevented me from booting on any media. Spent a whole two days trying different configurations. Eventually, I got a solid answer from a Rosewill tech, saying that both cards were trying to use the same IRQ line. Basically, in Legacy mode, the card isn't compatible with most PCIe xN cards.

Overall Review: As I've said, if you just need data storage, this seems like an excellent solution for the price. Wouldn't trust it for anything beyond that.

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