Engineering catastrophe5/21/2020 4:01:11 PM

Pros: Semifunctions for awhile before screwing up

Cons: Asus clearly rushed this out the door strapping an nVidia heatsink to an AMD product and trying to release as fast as possible. The heavy heatsink is held up by a low amount of small screws and sags when mounted in a tower. This was made even worse by using the wrong length screws in places (epecially for the VRMs). Asus will swear up and down that it was AMD's fault for telling them the wrong mounting pressure. They're just covering their butts for a rush job because they were told the MINIMUM mounting pressure and just used that. Even then this doesn't explain the screws for the VRMs. The original BIOS even misconfigured the VRMs to make the situation even worse. Customer support was completely useless. One guy I chatted with didn't seem to get that I was asking for support with a video card (it was clearly on the screen) and asked me motherboard information...even after linking them the Asus article on the problem...twice. I finally got in touch with a service center and their experience was similar calling them with no one understanding the recall and not being able to get me an RMA. Utterly defeated I tried fixing it myself. The offsets for the GPU mounting screws unscrewed before the screws going into them. The screw head became completely stripped trying to hold needle nose plyers on the offset and a screwdriver on the other end. So I got two needle nose plyers for both ends and wound up breaking a tiny surface mount component. So now it's completely useless with a mangled screw still stuck in it.

Overall Review: Asus is a sociopath and will blame anyone else for their problems. Contact customer support for a dead end experience. Try to fix it yourself for even more engineering head scratchers. Expensive garbage.

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Tiny things!9/8/2016 7:26:47 PM

Pros: -What doesn't it do? -Price

Cons: Haven't found anything wrong for the simple machine I built. -Only one USB-C but not widely adopted yet -No HDMI 2.0/DisplayPort but that's on Intel -No DVI-I but VGA is dead

Overall Review: Windows 10 didn't complain about anything (no video driver but at least I could download it right away) and that's a rarity for me to see during a fresh OS install. Just download Classic Shell if you don't like the interface (it's free) and turn off the intrusive stuff (custom install lets you get most of it right away). The kernel is solid unless it thinks it's not genuine...then it throws fits. 7 gave me all kinds of hell over the years and I didn't like that interface either. Don't get me started on 8/8.1...even with Classic Shell. Linux Mint seemed to run most everything (networking, audio, video) from a Live USB stick while I waited for payday to buy storage. I assume pfSense would function as well paired with a cheap processor for a high quality router (stupid consumer routers). The boot logo changer is hiding in @BIOS of the App Center. I wouldn't worry about screwing up since the board has a backup BIOS. The older versions of Face Wizard do not seem to work (full of broken English anyways).

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Low end latest technology that runs cool!9/8/2016 5:51:48 PM

Pros: -Runs just above room temperature at idle with stock cooling -Great for HTPC or getting "serious work done" (yeah right :P) -Price -Integrated graphics can drive 3 displays

Cons: I can't really dock for anything at this price point. If I wanted more computing power/overclockablity, I would have spent more.

Overall Review: Probably the fastest, cheapest processor I've bought in my life. 14nm is here.

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Still great for Skylake!9/8/2016 5:29:33 PM

Pros: -Small -Looks elite -Front panel cables seem well shielded (no USB noise in audio), solid plugs -300 watts for cheap (300 is in the model # for a reason, the features list is wrong) -Reset button

Cons: -Power LED is almost a laser (LightDims coming in the mail, 4.7K ohm resistor would probably have worked too) -System fan too loud over 1000RPM otherwise it's quiet (I assume it's mostly there to vent hard drive heat anyways) -No system speaker (not much use aside from diagnostics anyways, dinky one is $5 if needed)

Overall Review: I didn't install a hard drive (M.2 SSD on motherboard) so I have no idea how that experience is. I saw reviews complaining about wire length and I assume it was just their layout because I didn't notice jack. Although the inclusion of a floppy drive power connector did seem odd. The stand seems like an after thought and fits on loosely. Won't be using it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Keith, Thank you for leaving feedback on our BP655.FH300TB3. We hope it serves you well. Thank you for choosing In Win. Best regards, In Win Development Inc.
These came out of nowhere!9/8/2016 4:30:07 PM

Pros: -Cheap for the speed -Tiny -Fast! (install Windows 10 in under 30 minutes) -Longer life (5 year warranty)

Cons: -Easy to lose when not installed (technological progress!)

Overall Review: I put one of these in a computer I built for my mom so she doesn't need a ton of space or the fastest ever. Apparently the bigger ones are even faster. If you want speed for cheap, start at the 256GB. Keep in mind that depending on motherboard, some PCIe lanes may be diverted from a slot to run this.

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