Great Chair and at a Great Price11/3/2018 9:39:03 AM

Pros: - Nice tall back (I'm 5'9") with ample head support. - Firm supportive foam. - Hardy frame that's well foam damped so it doesn't dig into you. - Wheels have slight rubbery plastic that's great for hard flooring.

Cons: - Nonadjustable arms. - Feel like seat could be a bit deeper.

Overall Review: I feel like this is a great chair, it really gives you all the perks and quality of like a $250 chair just without adjustable arms. The lumbar support is definitely too much for your lower back IMO, but I actually use it for the headrest and that works great for me. My favorite part is that the back is nice and tall, so you can really lay back in it and feel supported. The super lean back is a perk (yes, it can do this) too, but kind of expected for this type of chair. I actually had a problem with mine where one of the wheels had a messed-up pin and the wheel wouldn't stay on, but I contacted the seller about it and they were great and sent me a new part (even with a tracking number!) within a few days with no hassle! Dear customer, Your replacement parts has been sent out,the tracking number is XXXXXXXXXXXX by Fedex,Thanks for your patience. If you have any further questions ,please contact me ,very glad to serve you! Have a nice day ^_^ I'd say if you're looking for this type of chair, like a dxracer or something similar, and you're willing to give up the adjustable arms, this is a great pick. Especially with it only being $100 (at least when I purchased it) with the great customer support, I would definitely recommend it.

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