Be warned...10/14/2021 10:18:18 AM

Pros: none

Cons: -not wifi compatible -not 2K HD, quality is not even 1080p

Overall Review: The title "Mini Camera WiFi Wireless Camera Nanny Cam, 1080p / 2K HD Camera Home Security Camera,Indoor/Outdoor Small Camera Record Dog Pet Camera for Mobile Phone Applications in Real Time" is highly misleading and a flat out lie. I recommend avoiding this product at all costs.

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Worth It8/23/2021 12:44:40 PM

Pros: -Easy to assemble in 6 errr... 5 steps if you don't count the missing step in the instructions -Large, sturdy shelf with a pleasantly textured surface -Easy to adjust, going from sitting to standing and back is a breeze

Cons: -Trim was a bit sloppy, glue on shelf surface around edges -Comes with 2 cable clips that are too small to hold cables

Overall Review: Overall, this a great purchase. The large shelf is big enough to hold a monitor, speakers and more. I've been able to go between sitting and standing multiple times a day by simply squeezing a lever on the right and pulling up or pushing down. This has a much more refined look than the old monitor shelf I was using.

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Fast7/2/2020 9:53:53 AM

Pros: -Fast -Easy to install -No more hard drive noises

Cons: -Does not come close to "up to" speed

Overall Review: Even though it didn't come close to the "up to" speeds, this is still way better than old HHDs.

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Great Price With Fans7/1/2020 10:57:30 AM

Pros: -Comes with 4 fans preinstalled -Tempered glass -Plenty of room

Cons: -some of the case was slightly bent.

Overall Review: Overall, this case is worth the money.

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