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Great price for a very good Item3/1/2014 6:25:11 AM

Pros: 4 HDMI with pass through. Easy Speaker setup with included mic. Great sound fields and Dolby Decoding.

Cons: There is so much packed into this wee little box it takes a bit to get it to do everything you want. The instruction manual is needed to understand it. There is not network hookup. 30 day warranty, not sure if this is a con as most electronic devices fail in the first two weeks.

Overall Review: This is a 5.2 receiver the .2 refers to using two power sub woofers. Not sure if needed but its there. This is a refurbished unit and it works exactly like a new unit without the price. It came with all accessories except batteries for the remote. The box did not have a fancy graphics it was just plain however the unit was packed like it was, same foam padding and same accessories. For maximum enjoyment hook up a TV for the HDMI out so you can see the receiver menus. It would almost be impossible to adjust with out the visual menus. A person sent the receiver back due to this. I think I got his unit. I think I got an awesome receiver for the price.

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Outstanding2/16/2009 5:41:29 AM

Pros: Works perfectly @ 1.8v for DDR2 400Mhz. No problem with system booting @ 400FSB with default voltage.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Works well in Intel P35 systems.

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Great price for good emory2/16/2009 5:35:04 AM

Pros: Made by Crucial. Low Price. Easy install. Works like it should with no issues with memory tests.

Cons: none*

Overall Review: *Not really a con however the FREE shipping is slower then if the egg shipped it via USPS first class or Priority mail. Going through DHL is a waste of time.

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Serial ATA card12/30/2008 9:15:40 PM

Pros: Easy to install with F6 and was able to use a SATA drive of 500 GB with a slightly older system. Works extremely well and is faster then the IDE in the system.

Cons: Does not do SATA2 but thats a limit of the PCI slot not the card.

Overall Review: Its tiny! Is worth its weight in Gold. I told my friend he needed an IDE drive but he came home with an SATA drive. Whats a tech wizard to do? Buy more toys from NewEgg of course!

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