Just installed so far works great!10/8/2018 1:28:33 PM

Pros: Fans are extremely quiet. Looks great, video almost looks real, and no problems.

Cons: The DVD that came with card came from an ancient product, no DirectX 12 (had version 10/11). The programs were for older cards. The manual is very poor; doesn't even mention ICX! Doesn't even suggest if you have to set up the ICX. Hope not, if it does need to be set up then the card will fry and there will be an RMA in its future!

Overall Review: I would recommend the 1070 Ti to anyone who does not have the funds for a 1080/2080 card. I like it!

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Like buying a new computer6/25/2018 2:19:03 PM

Pros: My computer went from a windows 7 score of 5.6 with hard drives in a raid configuration to a 7.6 with HP's 500 GB SSD. Gaming is so much faster and my GTX 670 video card responds much faster with less tearing when panning quickly!

Cons: Took a little thinking to install Windows and get it running correctly but, I figured it out!

Overall Review: SSD's are the future drive replacements and I recommend an SSD to anyone who wants an increase in response without paying for a new system!

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