Great Card!1/15/2019 2:39:13 PM

Pros: -A Serious performance increase from the 10 series cards. -I went from 40-50 FPS at 3440 x 1440 with two 1070s in SLI to 60-80 FPS at the same resolution and max settings. -Quiet unless at full load and the fans have to ramp up which every fan style card suffers from.

Cons: - Price, the biggest drawback to the 20 series cards is the sticker shock, but let's be honest if you are looking at the top tier cards 2080, 2080ti, and now RTX Titan you know you are going to pay out the nose for them. - The card is big so in smaller cases, it may have trouble maintaining cooler temps or even fitting. - The card could look nicer I mean I am not a huge RBG guy but an all black card with a white and black backplate is will boring and for the price, some consideration could have been put into that aspect though that is a minor thing. -Ray Tracing is the future but is a letdown, hopefully, with future driver updates and better software support it will be what NVIDIA envisions, but right now you will get around 30 FPS (assuming your machine can even turn it on CPU requirements). So the concept is cool and it looks great when it works you will notice a performance drop when you turn it on.

Overall Review: I don't know why so many people complain about how hot these cards run mine on normal load ie web browsing stays around 44C and even at full load during a 3DMark benchmark test at full loads it stays below 80C. I have a full ATX tower with three case fans, but I made sure the card has plenty of space nothing is in the PCIe slot below it. All that being said I recommend this card to anyone who wants to game in 4K or is looking for an insane performance increase over older generations. This card isn't perfect and the price is high but should DLSS and Ray Tracing iron out their issues and deliver on the potential the 20 series can be something very special. Even if Ray Tracing never fully takes off you are still getting huge performance increases in every aspect of gaming.

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Great Card5/26/2009 9:09:55 AM

Pros: This card rocks I recently upgraded from 2 NVIDA 7900 GTX SLI with just one of these and it out performs them both. Worth the money will buy another once I upgrade the power supply.

Cons: Big card but most high end Video Cards are.

Overall Review: Make sure your power supply can handle this bad boy.

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Good Update3/15/2007 9:59:42 AM

Pros: This OS is great a big step up from the XP format, which looked the same as ME and 2000! A lot of good add ons, I would recommend backing up your system up prior to install. Also you need at least 2 GB of Ram to Run Vista the way it is intended and if you are planning on playing high end games you my need 3- 4 GB of Ram and a good Processior.

Cons: Had to install Drivers again, and update to 4 GB of Ram

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