Usability review11/26/2014 3:48:08 PM

Pros: Easy and convenient for CMOS and console access to any computer/server remotely. It even works on any traditional PS2 KVM switch for multiple computer. The SCRL+SCRL+NUMBER sequence still works from the GUI. The Virtual Media is the most handy feature and the reason I buy this product. It relieves the need for an attached CD/DVD or portable optical drive.

Cons: CMOS access will not work correctly most of the time if the AUX power is not plugged in. Just as a previous reviewer had mentioned that either plug the AUX power USB into an active USB hub or grab any one of your un-used cell phone charging adapter will work.

Overall Review: For those who used this PS2 version on KVM switch, make sure you change the keyboard/mouse option to PS2 only. For those who need to use the Virtual Media MUST connect the USB connector to the computer/server you want to make this feature available. You can also download FreeNAS USB version and have it available in the same network so that you can load the OS in ISO format to the Virtual Media.

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Experience11/26/2014 3:39:08 PM

Pros: Automatic time zone and clock adjustment including day light saving, also can do so manually in case it doesn't pickup the signal. Easy to operate and works on battery. The AC adapter is used if you want to display the time on ceiling, which is the most convenient way if you ever woke up in the middle of the night.

Cons: The first digit on the ceiling display is very faint to see compare to the other 3 digits. Alarm sound is just a simple continuous electronic beep and the volume is low and unadjustable. Also, the alarm sound is one and only without other choices. Some people may not be able to wake up due to low volume or gotten too used to the tone.

Overall Review: It would be the best if the manufacture can fix the faint first digit and add features like changing the alarm sound and volume.

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False information8/9/2014 10:56:24 PM

Pros: Supports SATA III internally and USB3 to provide fast transfer speed. Great for frequent transfer or fast access, and those who changes internal HD frequently.

Cons: It doesn't fit a REAL 2T 2.5" HD inside the casing. Those 2T HD such as WD20NPVX is already 14.5mm height unless anyone wouldn't mind running the drive without top cover on.

Overall Review: Obviously the maker never tried to fit a 2T HD at all. Always check the supported height of the enclosure before buying.

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Connectivity problem8/9/2014 10:42:42 PM

Pros: It's very lightweight and great sound quality on top of very comfortable ear foam. It offers Bluetooth mode or USB with NANO receiver mode for your convenience and has all the essential media control (especially "mute" button) for quick action without searching for your mouse.

Cons: It does not wake up after the computer return from sleep mode most of the time. The quickest way to pair the headset back is to unplug the USB NANO receiver and connect back, then the headset will pair right away. Forget about the pairing software.

Overall Review: I had owned the Logitech H760 headset for many years until it's totally broken and assumed that the H800 would be even better. It is better in the overall design but lack stability. I would advice anyone using the H800 to use an USB extension cable for the NANO receiver so that you can conveniently unplug and plug when need to.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
BURNED!8/4/2014 3:44:54 PM

Pros: Convenient for those new laptops without an ethernet port. Round and slender design saves room and can sly around the backpack without the rough rectangular edges. The best thing is the protective plastic for both the ethernet port and USB connector without worry about damage, thus voids warranty.

Cons: The network chip is over heated after 5 uses. Newegg don't deal with exchange after 30 days of purchase and I'll have to try Linksys direct. This is a disappointment since I'm on site, just started working, and spent $70+.

Overall Review: It's the best to have the gadget in use for over 30 days before any travel plan.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, We appreciate your feedback regarding the Linksys USB300M. What's the operating system of your computer? Try to install it on a different computer and observe it will still overheat. We'd like to offer our assistance and isolate your case. Please send us the details at together with the link to this review. Regards, Linksys Support