High Quality/Low Price!3/16/2006 3:47:03 PM

Pros: Just got it in. The construction is incredible. This really feels like a well built monitor with professional looking signeage and accents. The swivel base exudes quality and swings a full 359.9 degrees before hitting the internal stopper (why is there a stopper then??). The picture is outstanding for this price range! Bright and clear with no discoloration. The speakers (see Cons) are cleverly hidden under the bottom bezel. Volume is controlled simply by pressing the Left/Right buttons on the front. No need to enter the menu system, a HUGE PLUS! Just a wonderful package! The whole thing looks like it should have cost $100's more!

Cons: Maybe it's just my unit, but my GAWD the speakers are terrible! even beyond terrible!! Tinny sound I can handle and is more than acceptable, but these speakers rattle and crackle vehomently even at the lowest audible volume levels. They are literally, laughably, and absolutely, UNUSEABLE! Even all that aside, they still sound VERY tinny. Tinny even for tinny speakers! Major --'s for the sound. Again, this could just be my particular unit. Otherwise, nothing else to report here.

Overall Review: This is an outstanding monitor when considered for use without the built-in speakers. I think I may return it for an exchange to see if I received a bad unit. If I do, hopefully I will get one that sounds proper. Either way, I will definitely keep it, just since otherwise it's a great monitor! And I haven't even used the DVI yet... !!

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