Everything worked fine9/9/2014 5:14:45 PM

Pros: Everything set up and was detected perfectly fine on the first try. I used an i5 4690K at stock settings at the moment. Carried over my 3 old patriot RAM sticks from my old mobo (also ASRock) and added an additional stick by Team with same settings. New stick worked fine with the older ones but the auto timings weren't optimal. I manually set the RAM timings and everything's been fine.

Cons: Not a big deal. My fourth stick of RAM wasn't the same as the other 3 which might be why the auto timings weren't set to the optimal settings. I changed it in bios and everything's been fine. Haven't OC'd anything yet but stock settings are running without any problems.

Overall Review: i5 4690K Samsung EVO 500gb SSD, 2X MSI GTX 670 Twin Frozr ASUS Xonar STX Sound Card Old DVD burner (Forgot the details)

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I'm still hopeful1/28/2011 7:40:33 AM

Pros: This keyboard performs adequately. When I push a button, a letter (or number) is produced on the viewing screen. With this capability, I am now able to perform quite an array of functions. I can compose an electronic mail, if I so desire. In fact, I recent did just that. Using this keyboard, I was able to write (electronically) an email expressing my feelings of affection to a rather good looking female and ask her if she would let me treat her to dinner at a restaurant of her choice. The mouse is also functional. After I was done putting that which was in my heart into words, I used the mouse to click on the "send" button in the electronic-mail interface. I found that the movement of the mouse in my hand corresponded quite accurately to the movement of the white cursor on the viewing screen. Slight pressure from my index finger on the forward-left button of the physical mouse resulted in a "click." I did this while the white cursor was located above the "send" button to send my mai

Cons: It's been some time now since I sent this message and the intended recipient still hasn't replied. When I do see her around, we simply exchange awkward glances at each other.

Overall Review: Perhaps it was too bold of me to ask her out. Maybe if I would have simply told her that I want to get to know her better she would have replied to my e-mail. In any case, this keyboard and mouse served their intended purpose.

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gr8 :-)10/24/2005 9:46:40 AM

Comments: This keyboard is great. No problems whatsoever. The extra keys up on the top work great, except the browser button doesnt work (because my default is firefox). Also, it would have been nice if there were ff/rw buttons up there also. The play/pause buttons work great. They keyboard itself is awesome...I recommend it to everyone.

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