Flaky card that runs very hot and loud7/1/2012 12:31:34 PM

Pros: The card is fast

Cons: Card produces a lot of heat and noise on dual monitor setup

Overall Review: XFX sent me this card as a replacement after my 5850 was determined to be faulty. I was without a graphics card for weeks while xfx received, tested, and sent a replacement card. Shipping to XFX and duties were at my cost. My 5850 ran cooler and quite - one of the reasons why I purchased it in the first place after much research. The replacement 6870 runs very hot with my dual monitor setup and the fans are always at 50-60% of full RPM when idle which is very loud. Additionally this card has begun to artefact (when not even gaming) the same as my previous xfx 5850. I will eventually just purchase a non-XFX branded video card to replace it once it becomes unusable.

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