ALMOST silent, technically speaking...5/16/2011 7:25:09 PM

Pros: This fan pours a lot of cool air on my CPU, which needs all of the cool air that it can get in order to pick up the slack for its weak stock fan. My idle temps quickly slipped down from the 35-44C range to the 26-33C range, so I'm typically seeing overall CPU temp reductions of 9C. That's $1 per degree reduced! What's crazy is that the reduction improves more when I put the CPU to work! Temps at 100% loads are now ~60C whereas before, they were ~72C. This fan provided me with just enough leeway for me to finally OC my Athlon II X3. The X3 chips are quirky in that the idle temp is nearly ideal when they're running at factory clocks, but temps can abruptly shoot up by as much as 20C with even the most minute amount (like, 1%) of OC'ing. Now, I can bring it up from 3.3ghz to 3.7ghz with idle temperatures sitting at ~45C. Using my stock case fan, I was easily breaking 60C idling at 3.5ghz. So yeah, although my circumstances are slightly abnormal, it did make quite a difference for me

Cons: The term "silent operation" is slightly misleading. I mean, the volume is very reasonable, but it's more the character of the sound that makes it stand out and seem louder than it really is. No matter what speed the fan is running at, there's a high-pitched sort of humming sound. The hum itself isn't actually that loud. The frequency of it just happens to make the sound kinda hard to ignore sometimes. All in all, it's still far from unbearable, though it isn't truly silent. One other problem: getting the mounting screws in is exceedingly difficult. Don't bother trying to mount the fan on your case without threading the holes first because you won't get the screws in halfway before they become impossible to turn. I got around it by first putting the screws in the fan's holes without mounting it to the case. I lined up the screws with a screwdriver, used pliers to tighten them until they were completely in, removed the screws, and THEN mounted the fan on the case's side panel for real

Overall Review: The red LED lights are not very bright at all. They can only serve as side accents--they won't even light up a microATX case on their own, but they do look nice. They may be somewhat dim, but at least they don't look cheap. Personally, I think this fan looks a little more sophisticated than the others with its dim, red lights and black frame, but to each his own. I'll bet that this fan would look great with a brighter LED fan complimenting it on the rear vents. Lights aside, this fan is great for the price. I honestly could not ask for much more for under $10.

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Faster than you would think...5/16/2011 5:27:50 PM

Pros: The 4th core unlocked right away and things seem stable with 4 active cores when the thing is OC'd as high as ~5%. Any more than that and I lose the 4th core after about an hour or two of performing non-intensive tasks. But honestly, that's fine by me. I'm happy with this chip's performance on 4 active cores without any OC'ing. It's already pretty fast this way and idles at a manageable 34C with the stock fan. Even with only 3 cores active, it will suit most of your gaming and graphics needs. Oh, and mine is being recognized as a Phenom X4, so I'm guessing that the 4th core in this particular chip is that of a Phenom instead of an Athlon. If that's the case, then that is a pretty sweet little bonus.

Cons: There's no L3 cache and it's a bit of a gamble as to whether or not you'll get 4 working cores with your chip, though like I said before, it's fairly powerful on 3. It can do pretty much anything that a quad-core can. The idle temperature skyrockets by around 20 degrees just by overclocking it to 5% while running on only 3 of the cores, so if you plan on really testing the limits of this thing, you absolutely need to get a better cpu fan. The one included is the same one that came with my Athlon X2... and it doesn't really cut it when you're OC'ing, though it will perform JUST adequately if all that you want to do is unlock the 4th core.

Overall Review: If you're thinking about buying a quad-core, but don't want to shell out for at least a Phenom and don't mind having no L3 cache, then you might want to check this out as an alternative to an entry-level, Athlon quad. Chances are good that your 4th core will unlock and be stable, thus leaving you with comparable quad-core functionality for just a little less cash.

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The best you can get for the price3/8/2011 10:14:25 AM

Pros: - Low temperatures leave plenty of room for OC. (I've got it up to 3.5ghz @ 32C idle/45C full capacity and I did not even apply thermal paste, which isn't recommended, I know... though the fact that it is at all possible with only the TP on the fan effectively demonstrates the amazing potential this little chip has if you're into testing the limits of your components... lets just say it will more than meet you halfway on such a mission) - 3ghz right out of the box for a 60$ dual-core (this fact alone sells it for me!) - More power/reliability than anything the competition has for twice what this CPU costs. - Can actually hold it's own as a budget gaming/graphics CPU (you can drop this in a cheaper build and then upgrade essentially everything else around it before this chip starts to hold you back noticeably)

Cons: I'm racking my brain for a con but every time I think of something that might be construed as a con, I remember the $60 price tag and all is forgiven. For the price, these Regors are really the ideal CPUs. There are very few situations in which I would advise against using them.

Overall Review: This is a solid piece of equipment and the price is simply spectacular. I do believe I have just found my mainstay CPU for budget builds. The person who's computer I built around this chip could not be happier with the price-to-performance ratio.

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not good, not bad12/17/2010 3:17:08 PM

Pros: I dropped one of these into an 8-year-old box I'm keeping alive until I can finish a new build. It's amazing what upgrading your ram from 512mb to 1.5gb can do! This pile can now do more than it ever could when it was still new and hip. I thought for sure this box was a goner... The heat sinks also look great! They seem to keep things a few degrees cooler too. It's a minor detail really, but for cheap ram, I think this is a classy touch. It gives them a nice solid feel and a little extravagance as a bonus. The look of them is not at all cheap. I'm trying real hard to buy another one of these. The results from just the one have proven more promising than I had initially hoped. It did not provide the speed boost I imagined it would, but overall system stability has shown marked improvement. It doesn't get stuck on tasks and the paging file is no longer suffering from debilitating. This RAM has completely restored the innate functionality of this ancient relic.

Cons: None that I can think of... it does what it's supposed to--nothing more and nothing less. It's great for bringing that obsolete machine you still rely on for certain things back up to speed.

Overall Review: Newegg did a phenomenal job handling my order. It shipped out the day I ordered with egg save shipping and although the tracking data was rarely updated on time (the order was reported to be a 2-hour drive from my location for 3 days, for which there was not one update) it arrived within 5 days, so this was not an issue.

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