Decent card for the price, unless you want to play certain pc games.10/19/2011 12:50:00 AM

Pros: Fanless design is cool and quiet, which is perfect for desktop pc's at home or in the office. Supports many new features and plays some new games.....however. (See cons)

Cons: Nvidia driver support for this card is inadequate. Ran synthetic benchmarks fine for hours, such as Heaven benchmark, and 3d Mark 11 (low temps), but it would not run popular games such as Oblivion, NFS Most wanted, or Mass Effect 1 & 2 without crashing after only minutes of gameplay (low temps). The chance of this card being able to run the game you play is about 50/50, but i was pleasantly surprised to see that it could run UT99 flawlessly, that's a pro actually.

Overall Review: If you play pc games, either try another vendor of this card model, wait for newer drivers (not sure when they'll get the bugs out), or maybe even buy a Radeon HD 6750 for ~$99 like i did. It gives 2x the performance of this card. I've been using ATI cards since 2005 and have had no issues. I will write a review once i receive the new card and test it out....

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Great Value!4/11/2010 6:32:13 AM

Pros: Massive storage space for a low price. Transfer speeds are on par with what you'd expect from a USB HDD. I get between 25-75MB/s transfer rate. Powersaving features, and it does not take very long to resume power from idle mode. So far this drive does everything that it's supposed to do, nothing less!

Cons: Only a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. 3 years would have been given me more piece of mind, so I purchased the extended plan with newegg.

Overall Review: Drive came preformatted as FAT32, and then I formatted to NTFS without any problem. I have not tried defragmenting this drive yet as I do not rely on it for time sensitive apps, only use it for backups of the other primary drives in my home pc.

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low price.....High Performance8/25/2006 7:53:20 PM

Pros: Can currently run ALL the lastest PC games on Med-Max settings. Upgraded from a Radeon 9250 PCI card (No AGP slot). Doom, Half Life and NFS run very smooth at High settings. Very hard to beat considering the price is in the sub $xxx range. ATI and Newegg deliver satisfaction once again :)

Cons: No support for SM 3.0, not meant to be OC'ed

Overall Review: Maybe with new Catalyst drivers, HDR + AA might be possible with this card.

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Not bad at all8/25/2006 7:11:56 PM

Pros: Fast processor, cool features, plenty of storage, and scalability (eg. Vista capable, PCI-Express x16) does guarantee that you will get your money's worth.

Cons: You will have to purchase a montitor and speakers seperately. Mine did not come with a recovery disk, but neither did my Dell, just call Tech support phone # if you need one.

Overall Review: If you buy this computer also consider getting an Acer 19' LCD monitor that might be offered while placing your order. I got free shipping on mine :)

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