Replaces my i7-37702/15/2021 6:17:10 AM

Pros: - No install issues. - Comes with a stock cooler with thermal paste pre-applied. - Seems to run Proxmox and a Redhat Guest without high CPU usage when idle.

Cons: - What cons could there be? It's a processor that suits my needs.

Overall Review: Faster than my previous i7-3770. Runs proxmox fine. I get a sexy Intel i3 sticker.

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No surprises. Was happy with what it can do.2/15/2021 6:13:36 AM

Pros: - Didn't have any problems working with the install of the components on it. - Supports my PCI-e NVMe SSD (Dell Enterprise Drive). - Put XPG Z1 32GB 3000 RAM (running at 2666 due to processor) in and no problems. - I had a new, Gammaxx 300 CPU cooler that I was able to use with the socket. No surprises, no clearance issues. - Running Proxmox on it without any abhorrent CPU usage. - Fits nicely in a cooler master N200 - Good features.

Cons: While not a con because I knew what I was buying, I think all motherboards should start having backup a bios built in case of problems.

Overall Review: I'd buy this again if I was looking for another board, assuming I could not find one in the same price range with the same features that had double-bios.

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