2 Year update12/1/2015 10:04:25 AM

Pros: 3 pin is a big plus moves a ton of air static pressure optimized

Cons: SLEEVE bearing very loud at full speed (1900-2090 rpm)

Overall Review: This fan works fine as long as you DO NOT mount it horizontally. The people complaining about the fan making noise is more than likely attributed to improper mounting orientation. I have owned 5 of these fans for about 2 years and only 2 of them failed as I had 2 exhausting air our the top of the case and that's when I did my research and found out that SLEEVE bearing fans should not be mounted horizontally. I now have 2 as INTAKE in the front of the case and 1 Exhaust at the rear of the case along side the I/O shield. 3 ball bearing fans at the top of case exhausting through 360mm radiator. The 2 intake Sickleflows are running at 60%(1200 rpm atm) through a filter while the others are at 40%. Fairly quiet at UNDER 60%. Anything higher WILL be LOUD!!! Please research fan bearing types before purchasing for you case as you will want best price per buck. Orientation DOES MATTER for SLEEVE bearing fans!!! fx8350 @4.8 gtx980 @ 1450core 7800 mem xfx 750 core PSU sound blaster x-fi xspc 360 water cooling kit w/ primochill atomic UV green tubing (cpu block only) 16 gigs gskill 1866 stock Fractal Design R5 window touch screen 5.25 fan controller custom UV led lighting (self soldered/installed)

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Great speaker but so delicate7/18/2015 7:22:57 AM

Pros: Loud enough for use with tablets\phones etc Small enough to fit in a backpack (warning) No extra wires to get tangled Long charge hold Very clear sound with a bit of bass

Cons: Sooo delicate that if it tips over an "antenna" might break Pretty much my only con at this point is how delicate it is

Overall Review: I bought it sub 20, and I would buy it again at sub 20. Definitely worth it if you are VERY careful with transporting it. Used it with my "work" laptop, lan party gaming pc, tablet and android phone. Worked great for what I put it through.

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Great Deal7/3/2015 1:36:35 PM

Pros: Plenty of amps on 12v rail for beefy graphics cards puts out 750 watts on ACTUAL ambient (36C/97F inside computer case, where I live ambient @ 28C/83F)

Cons: Obviously not modular but not really a con 130mm fan can get loud under load.

Overall Review: I purchased this power supply with a second gtx 660 non ti to run in sli and had plenty of power as I was only using around 630 watts from wall (Killawatt Meter) even with noth 660's overclocked and voltage bumped. Power drop of about .1%. Currently voided warranty as I have replaced the built-in fan with a quieter 120mm high static pressure fan. Still Works like a champ, i would definately reccomend this power supply under 80$. BTW it's Seasonic, look up the power supply background.

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Manufacturer Response:
Eggcellent. We're glad you're happy. Thank you for the great review. If you have any questions or need any help, please let us know. XFX Support neweggsupport@xfxforce.com
Fantastic Performace3/23/2015 7:04:20 AM

Pros: Very Quiet Fantastic Heat dissipation Fits Both my old 660's NON-ti (Evga 2662//Msi GamerOC) Comes with bracket to prevent video card warping!!!!

Cons: Quite Huge (cannot use 2 for sli/crossfire unless you have 4 PCIE slots and put one on slot 1 and the other on slot 4) Quiet Heavy

Overall Review: I bought this to cool a ridiculously hot gtx 660 SC from EVGA. My original temps was 86C for EVGA and 76 for MSI while running in SLI on 95%-100% load. The temps dropped on the EVGA from 86C to 56C which to me is ridiculous considering it only cost me around 60 bucks. As a byproduct of the better heat dissipation the MSI card dropped to 68C under full load. I have nothing but great things to say about this cooler. IT WORKS, and quite well I might add. The users that had bad experiences OBVIOUSLY cannot follow instructions nor understand how to use google or youtube to find instructions. Took me about 5 minutes to install including removal of old heatsink/fan shroud and paste from the card and applying fresh Arctic Silver.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works Perfect10/28/2014 10:49:49 AM

Pros: Compact Both SD and Microsd PLUG & PLAY (no drivers required)

Cons: does not bring me beer

Overall Review: For 6 bucks, by far this has been the best card reader I currently own that still works. I have purchased a few powered multi-card readers that were from Name Brand companies and have had them fail, cause blue screens , and driver issues. This card reader is a MUST BUY.. for 6 bucks you WILL NOT find anything cheaper, lighter or compact as this.BTW did i mention PLUG & PLAY!!!!

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Fantastic6/25/2014 7:32:11 AM

Pros: Palm Rest Adjustable Thumb buttons Adjustable length from keypad Sturdy 20 Keys with Cherry mx Blue

Cons: Long learning curve Does not fit small hands (My girlfriend cant reach top row 1-5) Thumb and "space" button are NOT cherry mx switches, they are mouse button switches

Overall Review: This was a gift from my GF because I kept ripping through keyboards like a dog eating bacon. I had a LOOOONG learning curve experience before I stoped looking down, about 4 hours. The ability to create macros on the fly was a huge bonus for me. I have large hands so I had to extend the base and thumb and it fits like a glove. The "feel" of the click when I press a key is fantastic as well as hearing it. For gaming I highly recommend this fine Piece of hardware, but if money is an issue I would suggest the Tartarus instead. I have this paired with my Deathadder, in unison the experience is remarkable. Gigabyte 990fxa ud3 FX8350-Xigmatek Gaia-Sickleflow Gtx 660 SLI - Evga SC(Arctic Twin Turbo Heatsink only) MSI N660 Gaming (stock) XFX 750 PRO Bronze (Seasonic Parts) ASUS VG248QE Black 24" 144Hz HOUSE- CM Elite 431 Plus

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Decent Price/Performance1/20/2014 6:21:03 AM

Pros: Quite Compact (also con) Quite loud high/lows Exceeded my expectations as far as price goes

Cons: Sound flat out of the box but can be fixed Sounds best when rear of satellites are facing a wall Sub-woofer is not the greatest, maybe make you own box?

Overall Review: I Purchased this set from Big box store (Blue) for 60$ with tax and a 5$ off coupon lol. For 60$ i expected much worse of a sound. on the other hand im not an audiophile so i cant really say much other than for gaming it's quite good. IMPORTANT!! you must configure you sound options/equalizer to fix the flat sounding out of the box otherwise the speakers will sound like 10$ shoeboxes. Most reviews here state that these are bad. i disagree. If you can pick them up for under 70$ go for it. DONT be lazy, make sure you tune you equalizer that's all. Btw I am a gamer and i am quite experienced with an enormous amount of peripherals. Take my word, for gaming these z323's are more than adequate. BTW DO not put max volume on either the satellites or sub-woofer out of the box please. Give it some time like a couple of days of use to create a home burn-in period. Current system Cuz im poor couldnt affor i7 and gtx780 fx-8350 gigabyte Ga-990fxa msi gtx 660 gaming SLI evga gtx 660 SC SLI xfx 750watt core edition Xigmatek Gaia Heatsink w/ 120 mm Sickleflow (CM) Razer Deathadder & Orbweaver ALL bought from NEWEGG over a period of time.

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Rock Stable1/12/2014 5:20:31 AM

Pros: Quite High 12v amperage (62A) Plenty of cables Still have around 80 watts to play with after build Does what is SUPPOSED to do btw Seasonic >= Xfx Black powder coat finish :)

Cons: Not modular, but i knew that going in. VERY, VERY loud when at 80%+ system usage Silver screws, could have at least coated the screws to match the case/power supply.

Overall Review: I bought this to power my new gaming system. Worked flawlessly out the box and handled overclocking very well, as in no power spikes etc. Upgraded from a seasonic 550w as i was going to be building an sli system and required higher amps and more wattage to sustain my system seeing as i was performing a major upgrade. Previous System 550w Seasonic gtx 660 SC evga (non-ti) biostar n68s3+ motherboard Athlon II x4 640 3.0 ghz OC'd to 3.7 4 gigs ripjaws with heat spreaders 2x 120 gig 7200 western digital Hdd. (Old) Xigmatek Gaia Heatsink with cooler master sickleflow fan 120mm/67 cfm Upgraded System as of early December (Still Running) Xfx 750w core power supply gtx 660 SC EVGA SLI gtx 660 Gaming MSI SLI Gigabyte 990 fxa motherboard FX 8350 3.9 blah blah to 4.4 ghz 8 Gigs Kingston Hyper X 300 Gig Velociraptor Xigmatek Gaia with CM fan 3x Sickleflow fans in ,... Coolermaster Elite 431 case BTW both gtx's at 95% load (typical) stay 69-70C System temp 40-45C This power supply powers my system with no hiccups at all and i usually overclock like 99% of the time right before i start playing, but like i said earlier this PS gets really loud if you are pulling a lot of power from it. Extra tidbit to anyone building a system. DO NOT go sli unless you are going to sli a titan/770 or 780. the headaches that come with sli are not worth it. Get the extra 30-50$ from a friend and buy a higher card TRUST me. Yes SLI performs ridiculously well, but that's when it wants to. Wayyy to much configuring just to get it to work at 75% power. P.S.S I bought this power supply at $69.95 in december. O.o

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at neweggsupport@xfxforce.com. Play Hard!
Awsome Card Please Read9/22/2013 9:18:45 AM

Pros: Stable Will run anything on high/max if you have quad core or higher. Has PhysX (im an Nvidia baby) VERY CHEAP PRICE Overclocks like a champ current OC +100 mhz core 200mhz Mem 1200 boost Paired SLI cheaper than equiv. 680 (only during sales i.e. 169 each = 338$ vs gtx 680-450$)

Cons: Big Card not really a con but runs hot if you DO NOT have decent cooling in your case.

Overall Review: People have been commenting that the card runs hot. It only runs hot if don't practice good cable management/cooling options. If you have 1 fan inside the case then what do you expect. Do not take those comments into consideration when purchasing this card. I had this card for about 9 months (2/2/13-9/22/13) and I have never experienced overheating (I OverClocked 100 mhz core/200mhz mem out of the box). I have 3 fans inside my case, 2 sucking air in (front) 1 exhaust+ holes in the back. This card is a beast for it's price range. runs VERY well under any circumstance. I wrote a review on this card before (Great Price/Pwer) and im just stating facts on this review. buy it at under 200$ especially during daily deals with rebate card. Ususally around 169$. Current Games Borderlands 2, Just Cause 2, NFS Most Wanted, Grid 2 all at max except Borderlands 2 physx on low haha and AC3 medium , my proc is low. My Cheap Gaming rig as follows 550 Seasonic gold cert, biostar n68s3+ (old) athlon II x4 640 3.0 ghz OC to 3.9 ghz 46C max (air cooling), Xigmatek Gaia SD1283 Cooling(HUGE heatsink), 8 gig Kingston Hyper X, evga 660 SC 1200 boost OC, 2 sata drives, 1 ide storage

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Superb6/7/2013 4:02:34 PM

Pros: Ridiculously quiet Stable Voltage ( lol it's a Seasonic what do you expect) Black Powdercoat color hides very well inside case

Cons: Motherboard cable is a bit short (24 Pin) Amps on 12v rails a bit low but enough for gtx 6xx series geforce

Overall Review: Bought in 2011, still running 2013 on overclocked system . Bought it because it's Seasonic. I did my research but I wish I would have payed more attention to the amps but i didnt know I was going to upgrade from a gt 440 to a gtx 660 Superclocked. Runs Perfect. biostar n68s3+ Phenom X4 640 3.0ghz ( 3.8ghz) 4 gigs Ripjaws 1600 (1800) gtx 660 SC 1111 (1300)

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Great for price4/22/2013 5:41:51 AM

Pros: Excellent speed vs price Expandable memory Small enough to not be a burden Plays/Installs anything I throw at it

Cons: Proprietary Usb cable THE ONLY REAL CON

Overall Review: People complain about the speed. Listen if you want speed go pay 300+ for a tablet. I bought this tab2 for 170 and it came with a 16gb sd card extra( from newegg). For the price it works excellent. Also, dont listen to those reviews that compare it to the SIII thats like comparing an xbox360 to a Gaming PC. This tablet is perfect for those that want a nice tablet without breaking the bank. Remember it has expandable memory, most (95%) tablets do not.

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Ridiculous for it's price2/14/2013 6:51:00 PM

Pros: Very Low Noise Works Likes a charm No more Flat head screwdrivers Very Sturdy construction

Cons: Uber Huge (lucky i have a thermaltake full tower) um... well i cant think of any really.....

Overall Review: Replacement over stock amd 2 250 Heatsink/fan. Dropped from idle 90F/Load 140F Stock to 55F idle/ 80F Load with overclock from 3 ghz to 4.13 ghz. Bought during a sale. highly recomended.

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