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lasted me almost 4 yrs without issues8/30/2015 1:17:52 AM

Pros: very comfortable, I have big ears and I usually pc game for 3+ hrs at a time and with these my ears never hurt. I bought these for comfort and good quality sound, although Im not a experienced audiophile. I bought these back in September of 2011, and about a week ago I started to notice the sound cutting out or being suppressed in my left earbud. overall these have lasted very long and even the head band padding adhesive held up pretty well. not bad all things considered. its cheaper to buy these here than on the official site at the moment.

Cons: the cord is long, so you have to keep the cord tucked away in a safe place when not in use to avoid tripping up on the dangling cord; which my relatives often did. Another issue is these headphones felt fragile, I take very good care of my stuff so they never suffered anything but scratches, but the casing on the headphones feels like weak plastic that could break if dropped or too much forced applied.

Overall Review: these were my 1st real expensive headphones, which to me is $100+ (at the time they were $125 to be exact) and I bought this brand because my research indicated they had a good rep for headphones and I wanted something solid that would last me several years. id say I got more than my moneys worth.

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10/27/2012 1:17:16 AM

Pros: easy, low fatigue typing/gaming expierence. tenkeyless means i can keep my hands/arms cloers together for a more natural position. windows lock, caps lock and scroll lock have lights so you know when they are enabled. Laser etched keys feel nice and that they will not fade; overall heavy solid keyboard. the usb plug wasnt tricky at all to plug into the keyboard.

Cons: not a con for me: but no backlighting and sometimes i catch myself reaching for the tenkey area for that corner "enter" key, but i remember its not there, lol.

Overall Review: This is my first mechanical keyboard, and it was a hard decision to make to say the least. I must have put in 10-15 hrs of research and changing my mind repeatedly about which switch/keyboard i wanted. My hands were getting fatigued to quick on my aging rubber dome keyboard. I went with red switches because my research indicated that blacks are the stiffest switch, the blue being the loudest, and the brown still feeling like a rubber dom with the tacticle feedback. The reds are linear: no change in resistence all the way down. just try pressing a key on your keyboard slowly down without much force, once you get half way down you feel resistence, requiring more force to "get over the hill" and activate the key. Ive read online that reds are too sensitive leading to consistent repeat keystrokes errors.... Ive got to say, i havent really noticed many mistakes, it rarely happens at all. with my old keyboard i was starting to notice many typing mistakes where keys were NOT registering because i didnt hit them spot on or with enough force. Not a problem with this keyboard, i can glide over the keyboard lightfingered and it registers everything. Hours of gaming later and my hands feel way better. I dont even miss the backlighting anymore. my keyboard didnt come with the logos in the pics though, the coolermaster "windows" keys were instead "win" labeled, but they did have the coolermaster keys in the optional bag of extra keys, not a dissapointment, in fact i like that it lacks labels.

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