Note to Brian M.11/20/2014 1:16:22 PM

Pros: Your math seems to be a bit off. To obtain 256GB total from 32GB drives would require you to purchase eight 32GB drives, not four. Consequently, it is a much better deal than you have stated.

Cons: None

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Big Storage for Little Money4/14/2011 11:10:23 PM

Pros: Packing for shipping was about the best I have seen, double boxed with about four inches of clear space from the case to the box all around and 1 to 2 inches clear top and bottom. There have apparently been some improvements since some of the other reviews. There are now 10 screws that hold the fan plate in place, three per side, and four on the bottom. Each and every LED works and is the same brightness (and they are not blindingly bright). The backplane is not world-class but there were no problems with seating any of the hard drives. This is a big case with loads of room. Norco website now has a replacement 120mm fan plate for about $11.00. 9 Hitachi 2TB drives in RAID 6 plus two other drives working non-stop for a couple of weeks now.

Cons: Some small issues that can be frustrating if you are not prepared. PCI card mounting bracket screw holes may be a non-standard size as none of the screws from any of my other cases (Lian Li) would fit. Had to use some of the Norco case cover screws, which are the same size. As noted by others, the screws are not the best, so some caution is advised during installation. Brackets for video cards etc. difficult to get into bottom of slot at rear of case. One of the motherboard mounting posts was stripped, but Norco provided more than were needed for an ATX motherboard.

Overall Review: Replaced fans prior to install. 4-Scythe KAMA FLOW 2 SP0825FDB12H on the fan plate and 2-Scythe KAMA FLOW 2 SP0825FDB12M on the case. These fans still make noise (like a low pitched hair dryer on low setting), but HDD temps are an average of only 33C across the board, so I may buy a fan controller to quiet it down some more. Note that each hard drive caddy has a sliding metal vent in the front. They are generally shipped with the vent open. Make sure that the vents are open for caddies containing hard drives and closed for those that do not have hard drives. Also, on the rear of the case are integral vented metal covers the PCI card slots. These need to be physically broken off of the case by bending toward the inside, so if you are installing a video card etc. you need to break out the corresponding slot covert that aligns with your cards bracket. Do a trial fit of the motherboard to determine which vent to remove, then remove the motherboard, remove the vent and reinstall

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Does what it says11/20/2009 11:49:35 AM

Pros: Does exactly what it was intended to do. Unit is relatively stylish and the small remote, which reminds me of some earlier B&O audio remotes, fits into a recess in the top of the unit. One of the HDMI connectors is located on the front of the unit which allows easy hookup of portable devices. Remote is powerful for its small size.

Cons: None, it just works

Overall Review: Normal speedy delivery from Newegg.

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