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Easy update

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Bay Hub+Host Kit
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Bay Hub+Host Kit

Pros: Easy to install on my 4-year-old EVGA nforce motherboard. The kit came with everything needed to complete the installation. No issues with installation of the hardware or software. Great sale price and quick, free shipping!

Cons: No issues at all so far.

Overall Review: We needed more easy to access USB ports. This two-piece kit was the best option for adding four USB-3 ports to the front of my PC in a spare drive bay and one to the back.

Most Critical Review

Refurbished Mistake

Apple MA623LL/B
Apple MA623LL/B

Pros: The ipod arrived quickly from Newegg, as is usual.

Cons: The unit arrived with a defective screen. One would think, that if a technician re-certified the product, he or she would have noticed the psychedelic colors on the screen. Maybe the company rehabbing the ipods needs to offer rehab to its employees.

Overall Review: If Newegg is going to re-sell refurbished ipods, they should also allow their customers to return defective units to Newegg. Dealing with the 3rd party sucks!

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Question What is Advertised

The original add posted on the Market Place was for two JVC digital media receivers at what appeared to be a competitive closeout price for two units. I placed an order, but only one receiver arrived. I contacted Newegg and explained what had occurred to a pleasant lady on the phone. She called back later and explained that the add was a mistake, and the so-called closeout price should have been for only one receiver. But, since the add did specify a pair of receivers, a second receiver was being shipped ASAP. I pointed out to the Newegg rep that the advertised price was $1 higher than the MSRP, and in no way was a good deal for only one receiver. I did receive the second receiver promptly, and am quite satisfied with the product. My advice - question everything.

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