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Crazy Fast & Lowered Temps

Scythe DFS123812-3000 "ULTRA KAZE" 120 x 38 mm Case Fan
Scythe DFS123812-3000 "ULTRA KAZE" 120 x 38 mm Case Fan

Pros: Amazing drop in temps. I put on my case door that has built-in vents. This fan is crazy fast and lowered my temps 10c-20c for almost all of my components. My CPU's temps are now 20c lower and my Adaptec 5445 RAID card (that outputs insane heat) is down 20c as well. My motherboard and hard drives also dropped some good temps too.

Cons: Very Loud. Sound really does stand out. I knew this before I bought it so I'm not complaining. Obviously, a fan that has this kinda speed and CFM is going to spin fast and make some noise.

Overall Review: I have other Scythe fans and they are silent so I know Scythe had no choice but to let this fan make some noise. Reminds me of when you walk into a data center. All you hear are noises just like this. After a while you just get used to it like it's part of your environment now. You can't buy expensive CPU's, $1000 dollar RAID cards and expensive hard drives without having cooling them down. So many things can go wrong. From parts going bad quick, dying early and/or reducing their life span. My next build might just be water cooled since I don't want to have 4 of these fans running in the same room. Then it my be annoying. I can tolerate one since I know it's keeping my investment safe.

Most Critical Review

Horriable Support! Not Worth the Risk.

HighPoint RocketRAID 4320 PCI-Express x8 Eight-Port SATA and SAS Hardware RAID Controller Card
HighPoint RocketRAID 4320 PCI-Express x8 Eight-Port SATA and SAS Hardware RAID Controller Card

Pros: Do not buy this card. No Pro's in my opinion. See Cons and Other thoughts below.

Cons: My Experience 1st Call - I called and requested Tech Support. Answer - They do not have any tech support that actually picks up the phone. Went direct to Voicemail. 2nd Call - I called and requested Sales Answer - They do not have any sales staff that picks up the phone to even discuss their products or cards. 3rd Call - I requested once again to speak to tech support. Answer - At this point, the receptionist decided to say she was tech support and of course understood nothing I was talking about. After wasting my time talking to somebody that not only was not qualified, she also spoke extremely bad broken English. I was then told to send an email to tech support. Final Try - I sent an email to tech support AND to sales. Answer - I NEVER to this date got a response from either department and it's been over 2 weeks (10 business days). Note: All communication was done through their California location (HighPoint Corporate Headquarters USA).

Overall Review: I boxed up the card and sent it back to NewEgg . I'm not going to be pursued by a low price into a product if you can't offer any customer service (of any type). For all I know, serious problems could have developed in the future and I would have been stuck with the card with ZERO support. You can't risk a RAID 5 or RAID 6 Array on a company like this. Go with Adaptec, they have sterling support, sales and a track record. Highpoint, if your reading this, get it together! I realize that you manufacturer and sell extremely low end hardware (that you most likely hate supporting), but when selling enterprise hardware and equipment such as high end RAID cards, you might consider offering some type of support, even if not enterprise. I only had one simple but important question that support or quite possibly sales could have answered. But because of the lack of your customer service, not only did you lose a sale, you lost a potentially large customer.

Great Splitter - Works Flawlessly!

Aluratek AVS02 2-Port VGA Video Splitter w/cable
Aluratek AVS02 2-Port VGA Video Splitter w/cable

Pros: Great Product. Flawless Signal. No bad signals. I needed to split off my VGA that is built-in to my Intel Motherboard so not only would it send the signal to my HP 22' Widescreen LCD Monitor but also to my Vizio 46' LCD TV. I was worried because in the past I have even had the smallest issues of even using bad VGA cables (Hint: Belkin) that can caused a grainy or bad signals. Long story short, it sends the signal to both devices at the same time (no switcher or flip switch). I think the device has an amplifier built-in which is what keeps things stabilized. Just an FYI: The cable that's included is being directly plugged into the motherboard, then the original HP Cable goes to the HP 22' LCD Monitor and one amazing Atlona VGA Male-to-Male 23 Foot Cable goes to the 46' Vizio LCD TV.

Cons: None so far and let's hope it stays that way.

Overall Review: Although I didn't want or need a switcher, I think if it had the option of VGA port 1, 2 or both it could come in handy but I'm not complaining. Just a thought. P.S. - This took an extra day to ship because I don't think NewEgg is stocking them directly. I'm pretty sure it got dropped shipped from a distributor or the manufacturer. I have a preferred account (which automatically gives you free rushed shipping) and it didn't include it during checkout or on the invoice. Either way, still only took one day extra to get from NewEgg then normal.

Superior Quality Card. FAST - 1200Mb/sec!

Adaptec RAID 5445 2228800-R SATA/SAS 8-port (4 interal, 4 external)  w/ 512MB cache memory Controller Card, Kit
Adaptec RAID 5445 2228800-R SATA/SAS 8-port (4 interal, 4 external) w/ 512MB cache memory Controller Card, Kit

Pros: Adaptec does a great job at creating a top of the line RAID card. To start, it has the newest Intel IOP348 (Dual 1.2Ghz Processor) and 512MB of cache. You can't get much better then this. I'm running a small SATA II RAID 0 (on the internal SF-8077 port) and getting 1200Mb/sec. I' now working on my external RAID 5 Array. I went from buying bad SSD's trying to get rid of my hard drive bottlenecks (99% of them are bad except the Intel's - and those are overpriced) to buying a good RAID card and sticking with SATA II drives (I'm using Western Digital) and obtaining speeds that are just insane. The features in their BIOS and software (Adaptec Storage Manager) offererd are top of the line. It BLOWS AWAY a brand new Areca and they consistantly update their firmware on a regular basis to ensure that all hard drives (SATA, SAS & SSD), motherboards and SAS backplanes are supported. If your looking for quality, speed, reliability and support, then look no further.

Cons: Zero. None. Buy one for each of your computers.

Overall Review: Adaptec also has the best sales and support that I've dealt with. From sales all the way to support, they know what they're doing. I own and have owned top of the line Areca, LSI and Highpoint (yikes!) cards and out them all them I'm sticking with Adaptec. I'm hoping they update their firmware for more SSD's soon but I have a feeling they haven't because most SSD's either have a bad controller, no support for Trim/Discard and just aren't ready yet for prime time. Putting this card together with some good SATA II drives (SAS if you really want speed) is all you need to get rid of your hard drive bottlenecks. You can have the lastest and greatest Intel Quad CPU's, tons of RAM and a great motherboard, but without removing the bottlenecks on your hard drives (without a good RAID card) then you haven't experienced what true speed is. Buy one, you won't regret it.

Most Reliable & Stable KVM

LINKSYS KVM2KIT Integrated KVM Switch
LINKSYS KVM2KIT Integrated KVM Switch

Pros: Works perfect in all my PS/2 keyboards & Mouses as well as USB to PS/2 (yes, those USB to PS/2 adapters will work with this Linksys). All Logitech (PS/2), Microsoft (USB) & Gateway (USB) Keyboards and Mouses worked perfectly. No one freeze or flicker.

Cons: None really. The monitor cable fits in a bit snug (if you use the USB to PS/2 adapters), but not enough to worry me it about bending any pins. Bought a second as a backup just incase it does eventually go faulty or break. That how rare of a find this is for it to work with all my PS/2 & USB Keyboards & Mouses.

Overall Review: I've tried the newest Belkin and I/O Gear KVM's (both for PS/2 and USB Keyboards & Mouses) and they do not work, period! You call their tech support up (I/O Gear or Belkin), give them the model number and they have no experience using the product so they have no idea how to troubleshoot them. Linksys and of course as always NewEgg, Rocks!

Amazing SSD Speeds for a Good Price

Patriot Warp 2.5" 64GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) PE64GS25SSDR
Patriot Warp 2.5" 64GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) PE64GS25SSDR

Pros: These drives are crazy fast (see benchmark results below). I wanted the Intel X25-E because of how fast they are but I couldn't justify $420 for a 32GB drive no matter how fast it was. So I came up with the idea of buying two of these Patriot drives and running them on RAID 0. What a good choice that was. I was able to archive better write results (and very very close read) to the Intel specs. My total cost? $318.98 and that's for 128GB with a $20 mail in rebate. Benchmark Results using HD Tune 3.50 on RAID 0: (File Benchmark of 512MB) Read: 225 Mb's Write: 175 Mb's That "write" speed is faster then the Intel X25-E claim of 170 Mb's and the "read" just a tad bit below Intel's claim of 250 Mb's. But for the difference in price and the difference in GB's you get, I'm more then pleased. Just an FYI, I did another test with ATTO Disk Benchmark and the results came out the same with a file benchmark so I know those results are accurate.

Cons: Not that this is really a con, but I ran out of space on the pro's. Here is the benchmark I got using ATTO Disk Benchmark when running only 'one' of these SSD drives (non-raid) on a "File Benchmark". Read: 158 Mb's Write: 92 Mb's As you can see, running RAID 0 really makes a difference with these drives. But running even one drive is going to be faster then a standard SATA II drive because the latency is so low. No real cons yet and let's hope it stays that way.

Overall Review: My System Specs (nothing special): Windows Vista Premium (32bit) Intel® G965 Express Chipset (Motherboard) Intel Q6600 (CPU) 4GB RAM (Kingston) 2x Patriot 64GB SSD drives on Matrix Raid 0 (O/S Installed) 1x Seagate 1.5 TB drive - Storage 1x Hitachi 1 TB drive - Storage 1x Lite-On 20x DVD Burner 1x Sony 16X DVD Burner Now that my O/S is running on the SSD Raid, everything flies like a bird. I can only imagine what kind of output I would get if I were to put a batch of these (maybe 8) on a Areca controller card w/ 2GB of cache memory running RAID 0 or RAID 10. I have a feeling it would knock my socks off.