A bit disappointed11/9/2012 6:13:53 AM

Pros: High capacity, small form factor, low price.

Cons: Failed after one month of use. Woke up one morning to hear the alarm on my RAID array, and saw this drive was the culprit. Ejected it and re-inserted it (in case of a false alarm), and seven minutes into the rebuild it failed again. Given that I purchased it on 9 October, and it is now 9 November, it's outside of newegg's return policy. I'm trying now to get in contact with seagate to get a replacement.

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Doesn't play nicely with mice7/30/2010 7:11:09 AM

Pros: Small, compact, good range, high speed

Cons: Does not reconnect with bluetooth devices that go to sleep. Once they sleep, they never return until re-paired. Appears to be a hardware problem... same issue under both windows 7 and linux, and linux uses the same software driver nearly every other USB BT adapter uses. Specifically, have this problem with my MS BT mouse (5000 model).

Overall Review: I tried a few other troubleshooting steps, like replacing the batteries in the mouse, comparing the behavior under both OS's, etc. It seems to be consistent - when the BT device goes to sleep, it must be re-paired with the BT adapter before it will come back again. I also used this same mouse on my old laptop with built-in BT and had no such issues (same config under linux, but it was running vista vs 7). Another thing of note - in Windows 7, the pairing must be removed and re-added before the device will work again (it won't even work after a reboot)... while with linux, restarting X11 causes the mouse to come back (and it also works fine in the console without re-pairing after a sleep, just not X11).

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Good chassis, no expansion slots as-is7/7/2010 5:22:12 PM

Pros: SATA backplane seems rock-solid, has the appropriate alarms and indicators on it. Note that the fans in center hook to the backplane, not to your mobo or the PSU. Has some nice expansion options (note, these do not come with it) (Chassis Management Board (CMB), a 3-slot PCI riser for full-size PCI cards, etc. Testing the dual-redundant power supplies, I get a nice alarm when one is unplugged, with an alarm cutoff switch provided, which is nice when you know it's dead :). Also has an intrusion detection switch not mentioned in the specs... I've never messed with one before, but my mobo supports it so I plugged it in. I also like the wide range of mobo form factors supported. In my case, I was using a mini-ITX intel atom board, which will soon be upgraded... to another mini-ITX Via Nano board (which for some reason the egg doesn't sell any of that type).

Cons: The "expansion slots" on this are designed for the riser, and it does not come with the riser. Nor does it allow you to use the low-profile expansion slots (you need the "standard" rear window for that)... so you get no expansion slots at all as sold. I'm still in the process of looking for either the riser, or the standard rear window... probably go with the standard rear window so I can mount low-profile PCI-E cards, if I can find the thing. The expectation of having expansion slots from the specs listed on newegg caused me to dock 2 eggs. I was kinda interested in the slim CD-ROM/floppy option available in this chassis... but I can't seem to find that assembly sold anywhere. Oh well, it wasn't critical... As I knew ahead of time this was an add-on option, I won't dock the item for this. Documentation is... well... rather sparse. The docs for the backplane are good enough, but you have to go online to find them. Everything else you have to figure out for yourself.

Overall Review: There _is_ a quick-install guide plastered to the inside of the chassis. Note that you need to open the chassis to read the guide on how to open the chassis. Hint: Press the two big blue buttons and slide the top cover back about an inch, then lift. On the other hand, the quick-install guide doesn't really tell you much you probably don't know already. Also, the HDD trays have a plastic insert in them. You need to remove this (by squeezing the tabs) to use them. I wouldn't remove the ones you're not using, it looks like the tabs are there for proper airflow. Oh, also note that this PSU has a 24-pin mobo connector, not a 20+4. Not to worry, though... plug it in so that four pins hang over the side (don't worry, it's keyed so you can't do it backwards) and you can use a 20-pin mobo with this supply (I am). Also, check the backplane docs to have a clue what to do with that unlabeled cable from the front panel. Hint - it goes to the unlabeled connector on the backplane.

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works, but won't break speed records3/12/2010 7:46:54 AM

Pros: I've had it for two months, and it appears to still be operating. It's been plugged in constantly to the power, and off-and-on on the USB connector. I used it briefly to backup a RAID array so I could expand it and restore the data, and it worked well enough for that.

Cons: It's pretty slow. Takes several seconds to mount under linux (I've never seen that before), but it always succeeds. Backing up the RAID array took all night and most of the morning over gigabit ethernet via rsync. The position of the activity indicator LED makes it difficult to tell if it's doing anything unless you have it in front of you with the connectors facing you - not the most aesthetically pleasing way to keep it around.

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No slack3/12/2010 7:40:03 AM

Pros: it works

Cons: the PS/2 cables keep getting popped out whenever the cable flexes - there's not enough slack in the PS/2 cables from the VGA connector. This is highly frustrating

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so-so3/12/2010 7:36:11 AM

Pros: It works

Cons: Only two PCI slots, no RS-232 port, only one PCIe slot. Onboard video is hit-and-miss under linux's radeonhd module - sometimes it's detected, sometimes it's not... and it's always confused as to what its properties are (memory, etc). I dropped an egg because of the video support, but in my case I don't need it at all - it's a mythtv backend that doesn't really even need to run X11, and in the few cases where it might, I can use the vesa driver

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good price, good product3/12/2010 7:27:19 AM

Pros: Seems to be reliable... very low cost

Cons: None

Overall Review: I put this in a new mythtv backend server (AM2 socket with a phenom X3 CPU) and two HD capture cards, and 4 1TB hard drives. I haven't seen so much as a hiccup yet, so it seems to be doing its job well.

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Fits the bill3/12/2010 7:16:27 AM

Pros: Good brand, seems to be reliable. I've ordered several of this kind of stick from Corsair for various mini-itx projects - they've never let me down

Cons: None

Overall Review: It's not a half-height stick (0.75" height) - it may not fit in your case if space is really an issue (really only for mini-itx cases and smaller). For reference, the standard height is 1.5" (which is what this is)

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