Great Product8/8/2009 9:14:17 PM

Pros: This motherboard is a very fine product overall. Great Overclocking, easy set up and best of all it came in working order. Has onboard power and reset buttons for out of case testing. clear cmos jumpers were nice for my overclocking experience. (dont have to hassle with the battery) Came with a wifi kit other brands dont have. Lots of extra cables. precise voltage control and easy FSB/Memory frequency adjusting. THIS BOARD IS REALLy REALLY GOOD FOR OVERCLOCKING

Cons: When i received this motherboard i installed all of my componets and pressed the handy on-board power button. The board would refuse to Post on the first boot unless i used a 500W i had lying around instead of my Ultra 700W. Weird. it was fine after the initial boot up though. Also i was sad to see very few solid state capacitors. i know evga puts them on their boards...

Overall Review: internal IEEE 1394 in weird place on board. if you use the wifi it takes that plug. Northbridge fan sorta weak. temps were about 55 with a 3.2GHz overclock on my Q6600. Keep in mind that if you intend to take something like a Q9550 to 4GHz with a lot of RAM/VRAM your NB/SB will get extremely hot. (i.e. 65-70C)

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